Flip PDF Plus Review: Awesome Digital Flipbook Maker

In the modern world of digital publishing, it pays to have the best tools easily within reach. Publishing digital content for customers and readers is an essential aspect for many businesses within the online space.

Whether in advertising, news, or any other service that demands effective communication across channels, sharing your publications in various ways is critical in getting branding and messaging across properly.

Flip PDF Plus is a handy tool that allows you to create digital flipbooks with ease while giving you the ability to share and convert these to the platform of your choice.

What is Flip PDF Plus?

Flip PDF Plus is a digital flipbook maker intended to help you share and create a number of different digital publications. It also allows you to convert static PDF and image files into HTML5 flipbooks for better engagement and effectiveness in messaging and branding.

The program provides many different business owners and content creators to create professional-looking flipbooks that can then be transferred across many other digital platforms, including the most common social media outlets.

How Does It Work?

Flip PDF Plus can be found on the FlipBuilder website, where you can purchase and download the software for use. The Plus version gives you many helpful features that are easy and intuitive to use.

After downloading the program, you can get to work quickly by importing PDFs and images from your computer.

You can begin to assemble a high-quality flipbook quickly and easily by following the on-screen prompts. Drag and drop controls allow for simple digital creation and give you a hands-on approach to the layout and look of the content.

Getting started is a breeze, and Flip PDF Plus gives you an easy-to-follow process that doesn’t require in-depth technical skills to work through.

Once you have the images and files you want in the flipbook uploaded, you can begin to customize its look and layout.

The Design Interface gives you the option to choose from a number of included templates, themes, and backgrounds to create a unique and personalized publication. You can also include animated scenes in this feature.

A virtual assistant feature creates popups over the various buttons and controls within the program, which is helpful for first-time users and speeds up the creation process considerably.

Once you have a template and theme worked out, you can add further customization to the flipbook by using the Settings tab to adjust elements such as the cover, a company logo, or share buttons to various social media accounts.

The Settings tab is easy to navigate and gives you the ability to adjust certain sounds within the flipbook, such as page flip sounds and background sound or music. You can also change the volume of these.

Visual cues and the virtual assistant help guide you through the flipbook creation process while creating a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It’s a definite plus side of the program.

You can tweak nearly every feature from minor to major within the design interface and settings tab, giving you in-depth control over the creative process and finished product.

Once you have a flipbook created, Flip PDF Plus allows you to publish the work across various platforms and formats easily. The Publish button in the toolbar brings up a pop-up menu where you can finalize these publishing settings.

Available formats for publishing include ZIP, HTML, EXE, Mac App, and WordPress plug-in. This gives you plenty of options to choose from and highlights the simplicity and effectiveness of the program for reaching multiple platforms.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Flip PDF Plus is currently only available for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. A more basic version of the program, Flip PDF, is available for macOS.

The program is available for a one-time download fee of $129. You can choose to download a 64-bit or 32-bit version. Both come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which can be seen as somewhat of a free trial period if you want to try out the program.

The Plus version of Flip PDF is $30 more expensive than the basic version, but the additional functions and features make it well worth the added cost.

Is Flip PDF Plus Worth It?

If you need flipbooks or similar types of digitally published content for your business or creative endeavors, Flip PDF Plus is a great tool. The program makes the creative process straightforward and accessible while also providing a lot of customization.

The ability to quickly share and publish the flipbooks you create in various formats is also extremely useful. Not only is Flip PDF easy to use, it’s also easy to share, making it a valuable piece of software that can help any business or brand expand.

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