Why is My Toshiba Laptop So Slow?

Toshiba laptop slow

A slow computer can be a really annoying problem. We live in an age where we are accustomed to our electronic devices cooperating with us.

Unfortunately, it sometimes seems as though they are actually working against us and if you have ever had a computer start to act up and run really slowly, you know exactly what I am talking about.

If you have a Toshiba laptop and it starts to run slowly, it can make even a calm person angry in no time. But don’t panic.

There are a few different reasons that this could be happening and we will look at a few ways you can attempt to fix the problem in the article here.

Oftentimes, a slow laptop can be improved but sometimes, if the issue causing the slowdown is severe, you will need to get expert help or possibly upgrade your computer.

Reasons Your Toshiba Laptop is So Slow

A slow laptop can be caused by a variety of reasons. A common problem that will result in slow performance on your Toshiba laptop is that you don’t have a lot of free space on your hard drive.

A full memory can lead to a loss in speed and performance and can be the result of having a lot of apps, videos, photos, or any other data on the computer that is taking up a lot of free space.

Another common reason that can affect the speed of your computer is a virus or malware.

This sort of problem can easily happen without you knowing about it. A computer virus or malware can infect your computer when you download a program or application off of the internet or is a common occurrence.

If you have a lot of applications running at one time, this can also affect the speed of your Toshiba laptop.

Running multiple applications at the same time uses operating memory and once you get towards the limit of this memory, your computer will start to run slowly.

This is another really common reason and also one that can be fixed.

There are also less common reasons that might cause your laptop to run slowly. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes, your computer could be faulty right out of the box.

If you just purchased your laptop and are having issues, this could be your problem.

A slow internet connection can also be confused for a slow computer so it is good to check your network connection before assuming your computer is slow.

How to Make Toshiba Laptop Faster

Now that we have taken a look at the reasons for any potential speed issues with your Toshiba laptop computer, we can examine a few different methods to try and fix the issues.

Remember that not every speed problem is caused by the same reason so if one of these methods listed below does not work, attempt the others before giving up.

1. Fix System Errors and Issues

System errors and other junk on your computer, whether you know about the source or it is hidden somewhere on your computer can easily slow down your computer.

These types of slowdowns can occur because the errors can directly affect your operating system or they can also take up room on your memory and storage space.

The easiest way to find and fix any of these errors is to use a third-party app like CCleaner that can help you locate them and get them off of your system.

2. Get Rid of Any Unwanted or Unused Files and Programs

Another way to try and speed up your Toshiba laptop is to get rid of any unwanted or unused files and programs.

If your speed issue is a result of disk space or operating memory, getting rid of these unused programs and files can help free up space and speed things up.

Look through your hard drive and desktop for any files that are unused or unwanted and delete them from your computer.

This is a quick way to speed things up.

If you prefer to use tools to help, check our best PC cleaner review for more options.

3. Scan for Viruses and Malware

If your speed problems are caused by viruses or software, you will need to get an anti-virus program to try and get rid of these.

This may seem like a big deal but with a good anti-virus program like Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, you can easily clean up your computer and get rid of anything that might be affecting performance and speed.

Once you have downloaded and installed the anti-virus program, you can easily run a check for these issues and get them off of your computer.

4. Defragment the Hard Disk

You can also defragment the files on your hard disk to try and get your computer to run faster.

This is an easy option that works by organizing random files that are scattered throughout your system into more centralized locations that are easier to access, which can then increase speed.

To defragment hard disk, here’s a quick step-by-step guide if your Toshiba is running Windows 10:

  • On the desktop, select the search bar on the taskbar and enter defrag.
  • Select Defragment and then Optimize Drives.
  • Select the disk drive you want to optimize.
  • Click the Optimize button.

5. Upgrade Your Hardware

Another option you can do to increase the speed of your Toshiba laptop is to upgrade the hardware on your computer.

You can increase the memory/RAM of your computer and this will increase its performance and therefore its overall speed.

These types of upgrades will cost a little bit of money but can be well worth it and far cheaper than purchasing a new computer outright.

You will need to replace or insert a physical component into your computer to upgrade your hardware so you need to be comfortable with some small DIY type of repairs to make this happen.

If you are not comfortable with this sort of thing, you can take your computer to a reputable repair shop for an upgrade.

This again will cost some money but will increase performance and is cheaper than a new computer.

Final Thoughts

A slow computer is an annoying but common problem.

If your Toshiba laptop is running slowly, try any of the steps listed here to try and fix the problem.

Remember that just as there are several different reasons why your computer might be running slowly, there are also different solutions that can quickly and easily boost performance and get things up and running fast again.

Has your Toshiba laptop ever been slow before? Were you able to fix the issue? How did you do it, if so? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Ctay

    HI ! My name is Ctay I came from the philippines.. my toshiba laptop was always stuck in the “Welcome” screen and can’t go through the desktop screen, Some people suggested me that I Reformat my laptop but the thing is there is such an important files and pictures that I need to get before I reformat my laptop but the problem is I can’t Go through the desktop. Can you help me please?🥺😊 thank you so much

  • Tony

    My computer (Toshiba laptop – Satellite Pro) is slow – very slow, in fact it will take ten minutes to log into my emails. I have run my Avast Premium clean-up (which I keep up to date) have Malware Protection on – what else can I do? Suddenly, my other email account (Hotmail) is blank – I have lost all may previous emails. I continually reboot/restart, but I don’t seem to have any joy.

  • Joe

    my keyboard on my Toshiba is unresponsive. I can pull up the password window, but cannot type.

  • Pratibha Srivastava

    My Toshiba dynabook is one year old and it just keep getting hanged whenever I login. I feel it takes more than the average time to open up the system and also I need to wait for a longer time for any function to choose or give commands. For the first few months, I didn’t face any of such problems but recently it is growing bigger. I do not play any games or buffer. I am a researcher so just I have to use MS office and literature survey for my studies. Also, the drive is 1TB unfragmented and antivirus is installed as university recommended. Please help me with this.

  • patricia

    My laptop is now 7 years old but not used often and have had it in to be repaired several times but they dont tell me what they have done.The problem atm is that it takes a long time to connect to the internet but it starts up ok. It has been suggested I put a solid state hardrive in but not sure if this is viable or a waste of money. Can you suggest please. Ithas plenty of ram as only 50gb used of 931gb. I also have a virus protection and is regularly defragged

    • Ed

      50gb cannot be ram you are talking about your hard drive m8

  • John

    This is not a fix the truth is toshiba should give people there money back to people who have had the misfortune of buying one of there not fit for purpose machines the c50D-A-10m model is that slow it take over two minutes to start up google or opera these machines are total junk and customers should be fully refunded

    • John

      Hi John, you are correct. These Toshiba machines are utter junk. I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am at having been scammed into buying one. It may be they are simply not suited to running Microsoft software which is notoriously crap and badly written and inefficient and if that is the case why do they sell it with Microsoft installed? It as if the machines are constantly doing things in the background rather than doing what you want to work on. I have AVIRA speed up etc and still makes no difference. My crappy little ACER runs 10 times faster and the sound is also infintely better. Why are there no dates on these comments? Very unprofessional. Today is 8th November 2020.

  • Toshiba Laptop support

    That’s a really helpful post for Toshiba customers no doubt who have a problem how to fix it.

  • Ben Oakes

    Toshiba laptops are not intrinsically slow computers and more often than not a slow computer is caused by a software rather than a hardware problem. A dusty, dirty fan will cause speed issues on your Toshiba laptop.

    • Mr. Maybin

      Like how slow are we talking about like it takes 5 minutes to boot up completely that slow?

  • rebecca

    I bought a Toshiba satellite touch screen laptop at a pawn shop. It runs so slow. There was nothing on it when I got it. Maybe it has a virus> I don’t understand these computers. ANy help.

  • Kim

    Hey My name is kim From Philippines. When i’m watching videos or movie. My laptop toshiba tecra m5 getting choppy when i’? Watching? How can i fix it? Thank you. Hoping your help.

  • Steven Ziegenbein

    My Toshiba satellite w/xp just quit right in the middle of my project … Drat… Any clues on what happened and/or reboot options ??? Thank you.