Why Won’t Surface Pro Turn On and How to Fix It

When your Microsoft Surface Pro won’t turn on, you might wonder what could have gone wrong suddenly. There are several possible reasons such as charger issue, faulty charging cable, etc. And most of the time, it should be an easy fix.

I have been using Surface Pro 7 for the past three years. Apart from being a tech enthusiast, I have a keen interest in everything related to computers. 

In this article, I am going to talk about some of the common problems related to Surface Pro, and why it won’t turn on. If you’re facing a similar issue with your Surface Pro, you might want to check out this guide below.

Surface Pro Not Turning On: Possible Causes

Here are a few common reasons behind Surface Pro not turning on.

Charger Issue

Your laptop’s charger has defaulted. In this case, there will be no juice left in your battery. When you have dwindling power in your Surface Pro, the first thing to check is the charger and the charging cable.

Additionally, you must ensure your power cord is plugged in and the laptop is charging successfully. A drained battery can be a common cause for any computer not turning on.

If you have done this basic check and your laptop is still not switching on, move to the next check we’ll introduce below.

Faulty Charging Cable

Another possible cause is a faulty charging cable. Obviously, if the battery is not charging due to a spoilt charger/charging cable, you wouldn’t be able to turn on your laptop.

In fact, recently, I faced a similar issue, when my charging cable stopped working due to an internal fault. As I began to investigate the charging cable, I realized a cut within the wire caused the laptop’s power to buckle.

How to Fix Surface Pro Not Turning On

Here are a few fixes that could work, try them one by one.

1. Charging Cable and Charger Related

If your charger/charging cable is not working, try these:

  • Plug in your charging cable into another electrical socket.
  • Disconnect the charging cable from your Surface Pro and plug it in again. The cable head is magnetic, it should snap into the charging slot with relative ease.
  • Check the cable for internal faults or broken connections.

After performing all these steps, if your charging cable still does not light up when it’s connected to your Surface Pro’s charging slot, you might have a problem with the cable. 

Nonetheless, if your laptop is still in warranty, send a request via Microsoft’s website for a replacement or contact your local computer shop for more information.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a new charging cable from the Microsoft retail outlet.

2. Soft Restart Your Laptop

There are chances that your laptop’s cable might be fine. So now just soft restart your Surface Pro. You probably have purchased a detachable keyboard to use with your laptop. 

If you are using a Type Cover and facing a frozen screen, you can restart the system by pressing the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Shift + B.

Another option is to flick the volume keys up and down to restart your machine.

3. Force Restart Your Surface Pro

If the soft restart doesn’t work for some reason, it’s time to do a force restart. 

Simply keep the power button pressed for 20-30 seconds, until the Windows logo appears.

A force restart should kick your Surface out of limbo and bring it back into action. Force restarting will eliminate all existing processes, including those that defaulted earlier, and should get your laptop’s power back. 

4. Reach Out to a Technical Specialist

Finally, if none of these solutions were able to power up your Surface Pro, it is time to call for specialists for help. 

You can speak to a technical specialist via Microsoft’s website, or you can even head over to the store from where you purchased the laptop.

Hopefully, one of the solutions listed above has helped turn your Surface Pro on. Do let me know if there are some other tips or tricks you used to solve the problem.

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