FileWhopper Review: Big File Transfer Made Easy

There are many ways to transfer files online. You might have tried email, cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or other third-party services.

But when it comes to transferring big files, there are not many good choices because most services have limitations on file sizes. You might also encounter slow transfer, file not supported, transfer failure, etc.

Enter FileWhopper, a web tool specifically designed to overcome the above issues and allows you to transfer big files of any size. The best part? Your first transfer of up to 5GB is free!

Let’s see how it can make your big file transfer much easier.

What is FileWhopper?

FileWhopper is a safe solution for transferring files of any size online.

With FileWhopper, there’s no need to worry about the size of the file. It supports simultaneous upload and download, which means the recipient can download the file while when you are still uploading it. This is a real time-saver.

Also, when you use FileWhopper for transferring, you only need to pay for each transfer, there’s no need to pay monthly or yearly.

How Does It Work?

FileWhopper is super easy to use as you see from its main website here.

Easy Upload and Download Files of Any Size

One key feature of FileWhopper is that there’s no limit on file sizes for the transfer. No matter it’s an HD movie or your family albums, FileWhopper can bring them to your friends easily. The file size can be up to 10 TB.

Another thing I really like about FileWhopper is that it allows uploading and downloading to go at the same time. That means when you are uploading a holiday album to your family, at the same time, they can download the album when they get the download link from you. So they don’t need to wait until you finish the upload. This can be a big time-saver.

Pay for Each Transfer

FileWhopper comes with no subscription payment plan, you can just pay for each transfer as you go. The cost is based on the file size. Your first transfer is free (up to 5GB), a one-time price for transferring file size below 10GB is only $0.99.

Once you uploaded files, FileWhopper will check the size and show you the quote. The cost includes 14 days of storage on their server and 1-time download.

If you need more extended time storage or more download times, FileWhopper can also get your back.

On the page reviewing order details, you can find there are some options for additional services and costs. Adding extra storage time, adding other downloads, and getting file insurance (extend the storage time to 90 days and downloads to 3 times), all of these are available to make sure that FileWhopper meets your need.

Secure Your Files

Security is one of the main concerns for online file transfer. To address this, FileWhopper allows you to encrypt the file with a password. So it grants only you and others you shared the password can access your folder.

Besides, once the file is downloaded, it will be deleted from the server of FileWhopper. When you need to keep the files for downloading for more than 14 days, remember to get the additional time to extend service or have file insurance.

Price and Platform Compatibility

FileWhopper is not a free tool. But the first transfer of up to 5GB is free for new users. There’s no payment plan, and you pay for each transfer. Once you upload the file, FileWhopper will give you a price quote based on the size of the file. $0.99 for up to 10GB.

The website of FileWhopper can be accessed on any platform, while the FileWhopper app can only be downloaded on Windows. If you are a Mac user, you will get a notification like the screenshot below.

FileWhopper currently doesn’t support file uploads or downloads on Mac or Linux. It’s only available for Windows users.

Is FileWhopper Worth It?

FileWhopper is an excellent choice for big file transfers. It’s fast, stable, and cheap. If you need to transfer small-size files, you have many more free choices – by email, cloud storage services, etc.

Personally, I think FileWhopper is worth it considering the efforts/time you’ll need to get that important file to the recipient. There’s no monthly or yearly payment plan with FileWhopper, only pay for each transfer. I don’t have the need to transfer big files that frequently. So the payment plan is super friendly and fair. And it’s not expensive at all.

The only thing that might stop me from using it is that my recipient is not a Windows user, because the FileWhopper app only works with Windows for upload and download. I hope the developers of FileWhopper can make it compatible with macOS and Linux.

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