Dropshare Review: Fastest File Sharing App for Mac

Are you struggling with transferring Mac files to another person on a different device? Are you looking for an easier and simpler way to share files?

File-sharing means you need to upload to your cloud provider’s site, then share the document with your colleagues in what could be a very inconvenient process. Not all services have the features you need, or the process of uploading and sharing the file might be tedious and time-consuming.

Dropshare is a tool that streamlines the process of uploading and sharing your documents while offering extra features that allow you to protect your files and work more efficiently.

What is Dropshare?

Dropshare is a small application that allows you to upload and share your cloud files.

You drag your files through the simple Dropshare panel in your Mac’s menu bar, instead of on your cloud provider’s site, and Dropshare automatically uploads them for you.

It also adds a few tools for automatically uploading screenshots and screen recordings and creating special protected links for your files.

How Does Dropshare Work?

Once you have installed Dropshare on your Mac, you’ll find a “Water Drop” icon in your menu bar. When you click it, you’ll see the following menu:

From here, you’ll need to link your storage service provider to Dropshare.

Flexible For Different Storage Providers

Before using Dropshare, you’ll need to connect it to your existing cloud storage service. Dropshare supports many of the most common providers. At the time of writing, these include:

  • Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Drive
  • SCP Over SSH
  • Backblaze
  • Dropbox

It offers its own cloud service as well, called Dropshare Cloud.

Once you choose which service to link, you’ll need to go through the connection process, which will vary depending on which platform you chose.

After setting up the connection, all the files you drag into Dropshare will go straight to your cloud, as well as appear in the main panel.

Drag, Upload, and Share Everything

Dropshare is incredibly easy to use. You can just throw your files into the uploader, and it takes care of all the legwork.

The sharing function is also very easy to use. For every file in the main panel, Dropshare creates a unique URL, which you can copy by right-clicking.

This feature also includes the ability to restrict access to the link for added security. You can set a password for the file, create a lifetime/expiration date, and track the file downloads.

Besides uploading files through Dropshare, you can also use the application to remove them directly, without going through your host. This is super convenient and allows you to manage everything from just one panel.

Capture And Annotate Screenshots

One of Dropshare’s other main features is screenshot manipulation. Rather than using your Mac’s hotkeys, you can use Dropshare’s easy button and automatically upload it to your cloud storage.

If you were using Mac’s built-in features, you would need to manually name, save, and upload the screenshot file. With Dropshare, the process is streamlined so that all you need to do is capture the screen. It is automatically sent to the cloud, and you can find it in the Dropshare main panel easily.

Aside from making the process of taking a screenshot easier, Dropshare also allows you to edit and annotate the image through their platform, eliminating the need for a secondary tool.

Record Screen and Upload

Dropshare also supports screen recording, in addition to regular screenshots. You can find the screen recording icon in the main panel.

Once you finish recording, the video will be automatically uploaded in the Dropshare main panel.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Dropshare is available for Mac and iPhone. You can download it from its official website or the App Store.

Dropshare is free if you are a paid subscriber to Dropshare Cloud or to Setapp. If you only want Dropshare though, you can buy it for a one-time fee of $6.99.

You must supply your own cloud storage service to link (such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc), which may be free or paid depending on the provider you choose and how much storage you need.

If you want to use the DropCloud service, there are three plans, Tiny ($10/year), Basic ($50/year) and Power ($100/year). You can check out the details of the different plans here.

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Is Dropshare Worth It?

If you are a heavy cloud storage user, have lots of files to back up, or share many files for work, Dropshare is a robust productivity tool that will help significantly streamline the process.

It offers a lot of conveniences and allows you to seamlessly upload files without a thought. You don’t have to worry about any intermediate steps – Dropshare just does it for you.

Setapp subscribers should try the app since it’s included in your subscription and could become a great everyday tool. For non-subscribers, the Dropshare free trial lasts 7 days and should help you get a feel for if it really is the productivity tool for you.

Wrapping Up

Dropshare is a powerful file-sharing tool. It allows you to focus on sharing your file, rather than worrying about when, where, and how it’s being uploaded.

The advanced features for editing screenshots, screen recording, and protecting your links are well-integrated and allow you to deal with your work more efficiently.

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