Does Verizon Pay You to Switch?

Though they don’t technically pay you money, Verizon offers both credits and a wide range of trade-in deals in order to switch over to their service.

I have plenty of experience with Verizon, their policies, and their services. That combination, backed up by plenty of additional research on the company, enabled me to answer the questions laid out in the following article.

All of the below paragraphs take a deep look at Verizon by studying the company, how they get people to switch, and the ways you can take advantage of that process.

Key Takeaways

  • Switching to Verizon is a straightforward process that they make easier by helping you out of your current contract.
  • Verizon doesn’t always offer cash in hand, but they will give you money to switch by helping you pay off any change fees or outstanding phone bills.
  • Verizon offers a wide range of change deals and trade-in promotions, which can save you a lot of money on their service and any new phone.

Picking a New Carrier

Switching phone companies is typically not a smooth or easy process. The rules are convoluted, and most customers don’t understand why they should stay with or leave their current carrier. However, in today’s crowded market, there are often good reasons to switch.

If you’re someone looking to get a new phone company, there are several options you can take. The choices may be overwhelming at first, but they get much easier once you realize that many brands will pay you to move to their service. Verizon is no exception.

The phone giant doesn’t just encourage customers to ditch their current contract, they incentivize it by offering discounts or other cash reliefs. You just need to figure out what you want from them, and then go down that path.

If you know where to look, there are many ways to get out of your current contract without paying an exorbitant fee.

Verizon’s Switching Process

Verizon offers several movement incentives, and they all add up to some sort of payment. The first, while not cash in hand, is that the company will pay off your phone when you move to their service. That’s typically done with a prepaid card, and takes almost no time at all.

You can use the money they give you on the card to settle any outstanding bill you have on your previous device. That’s a great way to save some cash when moving over, and takes the sting out of any extra fees you may have to pay on your current contract.

Besides that, Verizon will also cover early termination fees up to $350. That’s a lot of money, especially if you’re on the back end of your current deal. However, there are some restrictions to that service as well.

The amount Verizon will pay towards early termination fees depends on the promotion period as well as the time of the year. There are plenty of black Friday deals during the holidays, but peak seasons like summer often come with amazing savings too. Be patient when you can.

Verizon Various Promotions

When looking at the individual ways Verizon will try to get you to move to their service, there are several methods they use. The first is their pay-to-switch play which can range from $500 to $700 depending on your individual situation.

Not only that, but there are certain promotions that push those numbers up near $1000. Always be on the lookout for deals when going over to Verizon. The company offers plenty of promotions for switching customers, especially during peak times of the year.

That being said, there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind when checking for eligibility. For many promotions, you need to trade in your device. To do that, go to Verizon’s website and notify them that’s the deal you want.

Once that’s done, you will get a box to send in your phone. Then, gather the final bill from your old carrier and email your order confirmation/promo code. 

That will allow Verizon to help you settle any outstanding balance with your old carrier. You get up to $650 as a return or $350 to pay early termination.

Something else to watch out for is the latest releases. When big phones, like iPhones and Androids, come out Verizon will offer a lot of money for you to turn in your old phone. The devices are limited, but it’s a great way to get even more money off (usually up to $1000).


This section covers some of the most asked questions about Verizon’s switching policy.

Can I Switch to Verizon If I Still Owe on My Phone?

Yes. It does not matter if you have an outstanding balance on your current phone or still owe some money on the device, you can still switch. You just need to settle up on that balance before making the change.

Can I Keep My Number If I Switch to Verizon?

You can absolutely keep your number when moving over. Just be sure to make the change before terminating your contract with your previous carrier.

Does Verizon Have an Early Termination Fee?

Yes. While it’s not always the case, the company does have an early termination policy in place that will come into effect if you try to move on from them while under contract. However, the fee does decrease each month you have your phone.

Final Words

Verizon is a great service, but their promotional deals really take them over the top. You can always pay the normal price to move to their service. However, waiting it out and doing your research on their different deals can go a long way towards saving you money.

Have you ever switched over to Verizon? Did their payment system convince you to make the change or was it something else? Let us know below!

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