DeskRule Review

Have you ever tried Windows Search to find specific files? That might be a painful experience, isn’t it? When you search for a file, you want to find it fast. Windows Search is almost instant, but the search results are mostly not workable.

Enter DeskRule, a tool specifically designed for making file search on Windows easy. It works with all types of files in your system, and you can easily set up the search rules to find what you want.

What is DeskRule?

DeskRule is a powerful desktop search engine for finding all your files in Windows. With more than 300 system properties, you can customize your way to find files fast and easily. Besides advanced search, you can also manage files and preview them in DeskRule.

Simply put, with DeskRule you don’t need any other tools (including the default Windows Search) to search for files on your PC.

How Does It Work?

Once you install DeskRule, you can see its interface as above. On the top area, there are different search boxes and settings. Following the search area, that’s the place for showing search results. You can also find “Preview” on the right side. This makes it easy to view your files without opening them.

At first glance, those search boxes might look a bit busy. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it.

Advanced Search

Since DeskRule is designed for searching files. We’ll first introduce the search boxes and what they are used for.

1. Search everywhere on your Windows PC.

In DeskRule, you can choose folders to search in the folder box. If you are not sure where the file is, leave the file box empty, and the search will be run across all files. This means DeskRule could search for everything you stored on your computer.

You can search not only documents but also audio tracks, videos, pictures, code, etc. No matter what kind of file you are looking for, use DeskRule to find out.

2. Customize your search queries and settings.

With more than 300 system properties, DeskRule allows you to customize searches for the file name, date modified, file contents, etc.

You can easily set them up in the search boxes. Besides, the information on ratings, tags, authors, and even GPS, and longitude, can be set up in the search boxes. When you set up a new searching rule, you can see and choose which property in order to quickly find your files.

This is exactly why DeskRule is so powerful. You are allowed to set more search rules to find out the file fast and accurately. This can’t be done in Windows research.

After you tried different search properties, you might find the best way to search efficiently and save that for your next search. Keep those search boxes that are most necessary and delete those you don’t need. This way you can keep your DeskRule clean and sleek, which will improve your search efficiency.

File Management

In the search result area, you can also manage your files. Set tag, open, preview, rename, filter, delete, copy, send, and export information as text. All of these can be found by right-clicking the mouse on a file.

Automatic Preview

As we mentioned before, you can find the “Preview” button on the right side of DeskRule. DeskRule allows you to preview PDF, PDF, office documents, media, images, etc.

Without opening files, you can check the content inside. This will bring immense convenience and save you time when you are looking for duplicate or similar files.

Price and Platform Compatibility

As of this writing, DeskRule is only available in Windows. You can download the software on its website.

DeskRule is not a free tool. Before you decide to pay it, you can get the free trial first. Try and see how it works for you.

DeakRule has two editions, one is Lite, and another is Full edition. DeskRule claimed that the difference between them is “lite edition has everything except for the advanced search panels, that many users don’t need anyway.”

So which one you should get really depends on you, how you use it and what you want to get from it. If you are using it in the usual searching way, the Lite version is enough.

The cost of DeskRule Lite is $19.95, and DeskRule Full is $39.95.

Is DeskRule Worth It?

Windows Search allows you to set up advanced searches, but honestly, it does not work that well. Many times, you can’t find the files you are looking for.

DeskRule might be a little bit complicated for the first time, but after you get to know the features and the way to set up the search rules, searching files in Windows will become very easy and fast.

If you are managing many files and have to find out some files from your vast database, DeskRule could hugely save you time and decrease your workload. The Lite edition works well for most people. For efficiency, I think $20 is worth it.

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