Does Chili’s Accept Apple Pay?

Chili’s accepts Apple Pay at all of its locations. You can pay in the store using Apple Pay right at your table when you get the check. You cannot use Apple Pay directly with the Chili’s app unless you select the pay-in-store option. 

This post will explore if Chili’s accepts Apple Pay. I’ll highlight all you need to know about using Apple Pay here and touch on some other important and related details. I want to help you have a nice and easy dining experience here. 

Let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Apple Pay is accepted at all Chili’s locations. 
  • You can use Apple Pay when you pay your check at the table or when picking up Chili’s to go. 
  • Apple Pay does not currently work with the Chili’s app directly. But you can order with the app and then pay in the store with Apple Pay. 

Does Chili’s Accept Apple Pay?

If you are a fan of Chili’s restaurants, you’ll be happy to know that you can now use Apple Pay at all of them. This form of payment is accepted all every Chili’s location, whether you want to dine in or grab your food to-go. 

You can’t use Apple Pay with the Chili’s app directly, but there is a slight workaround to this. You can place a pick-up order in the app and then choose to pay in the store. When you get to the store, you can use Apple Pay at the register or self-service kiosk. 

Most Chili’s locations will have a few ways to use Apple Pay. If you are eating at the restaurant, you can pay right at your table when you are done. The server will bring a digital reader, and you can tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to use Apple Pay. 

You can also call in an order by phone for pickup and then pay with Apple Pay when you arrive. This can be a good way to save some time because you don’t need to sit down or deal with cash or a credit card payment at the register. 

Some Chili’s locations also have self-service kiosks that can speed up your experience even more. You can call in an order or use the app for takeout. And then when you get to the store, you don’t need to deal with anyone at all. 

Just complete your transaction at the self-service kiosk by following the directions. You can tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the readers at the kiosk, just like when paying with the server or at the register. 

You must ensure you set up your Apple Pay account before using it at Chili’s or any other restaurant or store that accepts it. It only takes a few minutes to do this, but you should take care of it ahead of time, so you don’t need to do it at the restaurant. 

Using Apple Pay at Chili’s is a great way to simplify the payment process and add another level of security to your transaction. Apple Pay is a very secure payment method, and it can help prevent some issues related to fraud and identity theft. 

If you have never used Apple Pay, you can get everything set up in the Wallet app on your iPhone. You’ll need to link a valid payment method to your account. Using a major debit or credit card is the most common way to do this. 

Chili’s Payment Options

Chili’s accepts many forms of payment, and knowing what these are can help you be ready to pay for your food and be on your way quickly. 

Most digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, are now accepted in the store. But you can’t use these directly with the app for delivery and need to pay in-store for take-out orders. 

All major credit and debit cards will also work. These include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Cards work for in-store dining, pick-up orders, and with the Chili’s app. 

Cash is accepted in-store at all Chili’s locations. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if Chili’s accepts Apple Pay. 

Can I pay with my phone at Chili’s? 

You can pay with your phone at Chili’s in several ways. You can use your phone to pay with Apple Pay or another digital wallet at your table or when picking up to-go orders. You can also order with the Chili’s app for delivery or takeout. 

Does Chili’s have tap-to-pay? 

Chili’s does offer tap-to-pay at all of its locations. You can tap your phone or tap-enabled card when paying your check from the server at your table. You can also use tap pay for pick-up orders or from the self-service kiosks. 

Does Chili’s take Google Pay? 

Chili’s does accept Google Pay at all of its restaurants. You can use Google Pay here for pick-up orders or when dining in. Just scan your Google Pay device when you pay for your check at your table or the pickup counter. 

Does Chili’s take the Cash app? 

Chili’s does not accept the Cash app directly. But you can set up Apple Pay using the Cash app card, which will allow you to use Cash app payments at the restaurant. You can make changes to your payment method for Apple Pay in the Wallet app on your iPhone. 

Final Thoughts

Apple Pay is accepted at all Chili’s restaurants. You can use this for in-store dining by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on the digital reader provided to you by your server when you want to pay your bill. 

You can also use Apple Pay for take-out orders by walking to the register or self-service kiosks. You can’t use Apple Pay directly in the Chili’s app, but you can choose to pick up your order and pay for take-out in person as a workaround. 

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