How to Change Your Phone Number Through T-Mobile

If you’re a new or long-time T-Mobile customer, switching or transferring a phone number is a quick process that can be done online by simply logging into your hub and putting in new information.

I’m a long time tech user with plenty of T-Mobile experience. My own knowledge, alongside additional understanding of T-Mobile’s policies, helped me cover how to quickly and efficiently change your number with the company.

This article goes even further into that topic by studying the different ways you can change or swap your number through T-Mobile, as well as any changes that occur when the switch happens.

Key Takeaways

  • When requesting a number change through T-Mobile, customers can do it online, in-store, or by calling customer service.
  • Transferring your number with T-Mobile is a quick process that only has a few steps.
  • T-Mobile only allows a single number change per line, per year. Always be absolutely certain you want to switch your number before making the change.

The Number Changing Process

When using T-Mobile, there are a few distinct ways anyone can get a new number from the company. First, is by simply changing their existing number. That’s something you can do through the company without too much hassle.

1. Log into T-Mobile’s handy account hub online.

2. If you have multiple accounts, go to the “manage accounts” section and pick the one you want.

3. At the “manage lines” tab, click on the three dots for the line you want to change and select the “change number” option.

4. Once you’re in the change number window, select the reason for the change.

5. Choose your new number by putting in both the zip code and area code.

6. Pick the listed option in the preferred NXX drop-down list that best meets your needs.

7. Check the terms and conditions box.

8. Select submit change to get a transaction number, which can be viewed on the transaction history page.

Contacting T-Mobile and Going into Store

If you don’t want to go online, or have trouble navigating the hub, there are some other paths you can take. Calling the support staff is always a good idea. T-Mobile has a toll-free hotline that customers can freely access at any time. 

Call, follow the voice prompt’s instructions, and connect to an agent. Tell them you want to change your number and, after a quick verification process, you should be able to switch.

In a similar vein, you can also visit a T-Mobile store. That step is similar to going online, but can be much quicker due to the fact that you’re dealing with a live person. Find your nearest store, go in, and then tell any available staff you want to change. They will be happy to help.

How to Transfer A Number

Customers may also want to transfer their number rather than outright change it. That process is quite similar to changing it, with a few small tweaks. Most notably, you’ll need to set up an account and provide a bit of extra information.

1. Log in to the T-Mobile’s account hub.

2. Go to manage accounts. If you have more than one, choose the one you want.

3. At the manage lines tab, select the three dots for the line you want and pick the transfer number.

4. Put in the following information: number to translate, preferred transfer date, account number, and the account password/PIN.

5. After finishing the above steps, you’ll receive a transaction number that can be viewed at the transaction history page.

Timing and Wait Restrictions

Changing your number through T-Mobile is a quick, seamless process with little hiccups. There’s no initial fee (though they do change for extra lines) and it can be done in a myriad of ways. However, the number shift is not instant.

Once you initiate a number change, it can take anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours to complete. That wait isn’t a big deal, but it’s important to note. Once that’s done, you can freely use your new number.

You also need to be aware that you cannot shift your number whenever you want. All customers are limited to one number change per year. That protects the company from being used by scammers, and it also cuts down on suspicious activities.

You also have a small grace period for your old number. It gets put on hold for between 45 and 90 days before going back into general distribution. 


This section goes over some of the most common questions about changing your phone number at T-Mobile.

Does It Cost Money to Change Your Number with T-Mobile?

It depends. The company allows all of its customers one free mobile number change per year, per line. However, if someone wants to go over that mark they need to pay $15 for each change.

Do You Lose Anything When You Change Your Phone Number?

Though most of your information stays with your phone when you change your number, it is possible to lose some call data or stored text messages. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to back up your data before making the switch.

Does Changing Phones Change Your Phone Number?

No. Though you can switch numbers when you change phones if you so wish, T-Mobile will allow you to keep your number no matter how many times you get or move to new devices.

Final Words

Changing your number with T-Mobile is a relatively quick process for any customer. There are several ways to do it, and they’re all simple. No matter how you want to change or transfer your number, or why, you can get it done in just over an hour or so without any issues.

Have you ever changed your number? Why did you do it, and how tough was the process? Let us know in the below comments!

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