How to Change the Opacity of a Layer in Procreate

Changing the opacity of your layers in Procreate is simple and easy! All you need to begin these steps is to have your device ready with Procreate installed. 

As an illustrator and designer with 10+ years of creative experience in a variety of design programs, I have learned these tips and tricks through my own trial and error so that you don’t have to. 

In this article, I will walk you through each step of being able to adjust the opacity of your layers in Procreate so you can keep on creating with new skills.

How to Change Layer Opacity in Procreate

Let’s get started together! Get comfortable with your device and workspace. Plus it’s always good to hydrate so have your beverage of choice nearby. 

I will be working on an iPad Pro (12.9 in 4th Gen) with an Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) for ease of selecting, tapping, and creating, but you are able to do these steps by simply tapping your finger on the screen as well. 

Step 1: Tap on your Procreate app icon to open it. Here you will see your entire portfolio of work.

Step 2: Tap the canvas you would like to work on in order to open it. 

Step 3: From here you can tap on the layers button in the top right to show all layers on this canvas.

Step 4: Now that your layers tab is open, you can select the layer you would like to adjust the opacity on by tapping it. Then tap the letter next to the layers visibility check box on the right side to open up more options.

Be advised the letter shown here is representative of the layers blend mode. The letter shown may be different for you but no need to worry, we will cover blend modes in another tutorial. 

Step 5: Now that your chosen layers tab is open you can see the opacity slider bar at the top. This is where you can tap and slide to adjust the opacity or transparency of the layer. 

Go ahead and slide your opacity bar down to your preferred percentage. 

Keep in mind this is making the layer more transparent. If there is anything behind the layer you are adjusting you will now be able to see through it. As you can see in the example, when my opacity is at 100% or Max it is fully opaque and not see-through. 

Below the opacity slider bar, you can now see all those bend mode options as well. Here is where that letter next to your layers visibility checkbox comes into play. The letter shows the selected blend mode, mine is currently showing “normal” but you may slide this menu up and down to select any blend you like. It will change your layers’ look instantly for a new effect.


Adjusting the opacity of your layers in Procreate is as simple as that. With this newfound skill, you can create even more dynamic artwork. Experiment with this tool, have fun, and show us your new creations in the comments! 

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