Can You Bring a Power Bank on a Plane?

You can bring a power bank on a plane if it’s in your carry-on and not in your checked luggage. All lithium batteries must be in a carry-on because of safety precautions. You should check your airline’s rules on the size of power banks allowed.

This post will explore if you can bring a power bank on a plane. I’ll show you how to do this and what rules you will probably need to follow if you want to travel with a power bank. I’ll also highlight some other important information.

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can bring a power bank on a plane in most situations. 
  • Power banks and other electronic devices with lithium batteries must be placed in your carry-on bags rather than your checked luggage. 
  • Some airlines have rules regarding the power bank size allowed in a carry-on, so you should check before packing it. 
  • Power banks are not allowed in checked bags because of the potential risk of fire they cause. This is true for other electronic devices as well. 

Can You Bring a Power Bank on a Plane? 

Power banks are allowed on planes, and you can bring them with you regardless of what you need to use the power bank for. You need to be aware of a few rules and restrictions related to taking one on a plane. 

First, there is a limit on the size of the power bank you can take with you on a plane. The TSA establishes this limit, so it’s pretty strict and applies to power banks and other electronic devices that use lithium-ion batteries. 

You can take a power bank that is 100 watt-hours or less on a plane. You can’t bring anything larger than that. 100 watt-hours translate to about 27000mah, so you can’t bring a 50000mah or 30000mah power bank on a plane. 

If you have a power bank of 27000mah or less, you can bring it on a plane. But it must be packed in your carry-on bag, not your checked baggage. This is a crucial safety restriction that needs to be followed. 

Any device with a lithium-ion battery must be packed in a carry-on because it has the potential to catch fire. That’s why they are prohibited from being in checked bags. A battery fire is a rare event, but it can happen. 

You can bring several batteries for a power bank if you need more charging capability than what 27000mah provides. You just need to ensure that those batteries also don’t exceed the capacity the airlines allow. 

You should be prepared to take your power bank out of your carry-on during security screening. And if you leave it in your checked bag, there’s a good chance it will be confiscated, and you might not get it back. 

You should also check with the airline you are flying with about any restrictions they might have on traveling with power banks. Even though the TSA establishes the 100-watt-hour, some airlines might have different rules. 

If you want to use your power bank while in flight, you should keep it easily accessible in your bag, so you don’t have to dig through it without your seatbelt. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if you can bring a power bank on a plane. 

Can you take a 20000mah power bank on a plane? 

A 20000mah power bank is typically allowed on a plane, as this falls under the 100-watt-hour rule limiting the size of the power bank allowed. You should always check with the specific airline you are flying to make sure. 

What power banks can you take on a plane? 

As long the power bank is no larger than 100 watt-hours, you can take it on most planes. This is the limit for TSA relating to power banks with lithium-ion batteries. You can also bring two spare batteries for the power bank. 

Are power banks TSA approved? 

All power banks that are 100 watt-hours or less are approved by TSA as long as they are packed in carry-on bags and not checked luggage. You still might need to take the power bank out for security screening. 

What is the largest power bank you can bring on a plane? 

You can take power banks as large as 27000mah or 100 watt-hours on a plane as long as it’s packed in your carry-on luggage. This covers most commercially available power banks and is the TSA rule. 

Can I carry a 30000mah power bank in flight? 

A 30000mah power bank exceeds the limit for power to take on flights. The TSA limit is 27000mah, which applies to most airlines you are likely to fly. You should always check the specific rules of the airline you are flying relating to power banks. 

How to Choose a Power Bank for Air Travel

Here are a few key things that you should consider:

Physical Size

When you’re traveling, unnecessary weight has to go. That’s why it’s important that the power bank you choose fits easily into your bag and doesn’t weigh you down. The devices are supposed to be convenient. Nobody wants to lug around a brick.

Power Capacity

Do you only need to charge your phone? What about an iPad, or your laptop? All these devices have different battery needs, so it’s important to check that you’ll be able to keep them all powered.

In addition, note how often you expect to charge your devices before you have to recharge the power bank itself.

Ports and Features

Most modern power banks feature at least one USB-C port, but it isn’t just about variety. The amount of ports matters as well, especially if you’re charging devices for a friend or family member at the same time as yours.

You should also look for features like power indicator lights so you know how much charge is left in the bank, as well as fast-charging support on various devices.

Travel Restrictions

Also note if you can take your power bank with you on planes, trains, or any other popular mode of transportation. In the US, a power bank can’t provide more than 100Wh (watt-hours) of charge in order to bring it on a flight. You should always check such regulations before you travel.

Final Thoughts

You can bring a power bank on a plane as long as it doesn’t exceed the power rating allowed by the TSA or the airline you are flying with. This means you can take power banks up to 100 watt-hours or 27000mah on a flight. 

Always remember to put the power bank you are traveling with in your carry-on baggage. This is a rule established by the TSA to help reduce the risk of fires in checked bags. Your power bank will be confiscated if you keep it in your checked luggage. 

Have you ever traveled with a power bank? Did you run into any issues? Let me know in the comments below.

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