Does Burlington Take Apple Pay?

Burlington does take Apple Pay in most of its stores. This popular discount retailer was late to adopt digital payments but now accepts them at most locations. You can also use Apple Pay to shop online from the Burlington website. 

This post will look at if Burlington takes Apple Pay. I’ll provide you with some vital information related to using Apple Pay and highlight some other related details to help you have a smooth and easy shopping experience at Burlington. 

Let’s get rolling. 

Key Takeaways

  • Burlington accepts Apple Pay at most of its store locations. 
  • You can use Apple Pay at checkout in any Burlington store set up to accept digital payments. 
  • You can also use Apple Pay when shopping online at the Burlington website but you should make your order from the same device you have set up with Apple Pay. 

Does Burlington Take Apple Pay? 

Burlington accepts Apple Pay at most of its locations. This store, formerly called Burlington Coat Factory, has contactless readers installed at most locations, allowing you to use Apple Pay and several other digital wallets here. 

Burlington also allows you to use Apple Pay when shopping online, but this is best done from the same device you have Apple Pay set up on. I’ll walk you through some of the details on how to do this shortly. 

Apple Pay is widely used at many familiar retail stores and has been for years. But Burlington only recently began accepting digital payments, meaning that using Apple Pay is relatively new here. 

That said, a handful of Burlington locations still don’t accept Apple Pay because they don’t have the hardware installed at the registers to make this happen. You should call the store near you to find out for sure if it takes Apple Pay. 

If the Burlington location near you takes Apple Pay, you can use it at the checkout register. All you need to do is tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the reader, confirm your purchase, and complete the transaction. 

If you’ve never used Apple Pay before, doing so is very easy and convenient. But you need to set up your Apple Pay account before you can use it at Burlington or any other location that accepts this form of digital payment. 

All you need to do to set up Apple Pay is open the Wallet app on your iPhone. From there, add a valid payment method by tapping the + icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen. You’ll need a valid debit or credit card or another accepted payment. 

With your Apple Pay account set up, you can use your iOS device to pay inside Burlington stores or online quickly. To pay online, select Apple Pay as your payment method when you checkout. 

Make sure you use the same device to order from Burlington that you have your Apple Pay account set up on. So, if you have an iPhone, use that to visit the Burlington website to shop and then choose Apple Pay at the end to complete the transaction. 

What Type of Payments Does Burlington Accept? 

Burlington accepts numerous forms of payment, making it easy to get clothing or other products from this retailer. Knowing which payments are accepted can help you have a quick shopping experience in the store or online. 

Burlington takes several digital payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can also use valid debit or credit cards here, including all major cards like Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. 

Burlington also offers its own credit card, but you’ll need to apply for that before using it. And you can also use Burlington gift cards or prepaid cards from the companies mentioned above. 

Cash and checks are also accepted at all Burlington locations. But you’ll need to have a valid ID to use a personal check. Layaway, or buy now pay later, is another option to explore.  


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to if Burlington takes Apple Pay. 

Does Burlington take Google Pay? 

Many Burlington stores do take Google Pay and other digital wallets. Some stores might not have the digital readers to accept contactless payments, so you should inquire with the Burlington store near you to find out for sure. 

Does Burlington take buy now pay later? 

Burlington does have a pretty good layaway program, allowing you to purchase items from this retailer and pay in installments. This can be an excellent way to make the affordable prices here even more approachable. You’ll need to have good credit to take advantage of the offer. 

Does Burlington use Afterpay? 

Burlington has its own buy now pay later program and doesn’t use Afterpay directly. But you can purchase Burlington gift cards with Afterpay, allowing you to split up the cost over time while still being able to shop at the retail discount store.

Does Burlington take EBT? 

Some Burlington locations take EBT, but it depends on which state you are shopping in. Only some locations will accept EBT payments for clothes and other soft goods. You should contact the Burlington store near you to find out its policy on this. 

Does Burlington Coat Factory take Apple Pay? 

Burlington Coat Factory, which now is just called Burlington, does take Apple Pay at most locations. Only some stores are set up to accept contactless payment methods, so you should contact the locations near you to find out for sure. 

Final Thoughts 

Burlington accepts Apple Pay at most of its stores. Since the retail chain only recently started accepting Apple Pay, it’s not yet available at every store. Contact the location near you to know if you can use Apple Pay there. 

Using Apple Pay is a very convenient way to shop at Burlington for coats, clothes, or anything else you need. And with the convenience and security Apple Pay offers, it can help you quickly get through the checkout line. 

Have you ever used Apple Pay at Burlington? Let me know in the comments below.

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