Bookends Review: Reference Management App for Mac

In the age of information, the ability to properly cite and reference legitimate sources is of utmost importance. Bookends is a reference management and bibliography software for macOS that helps you accomplish just that.

Whether you are a professional researcher, student, medical writer, or in any other field where writing and references are paramount, this software provides an easy solution to getting things done right.

Correctly referencing and citing your work is essential for any serious scholarly or professional paper but the process for accomplishing this can be time-consuming and difficult.

Bookends takes the trouble out of the process and allows you to quickly and properly build a reference list. This software’s abilities will save you time and add credibility and authority to your writing.

What is Bookends?

Bookends is a software program for macOS that allows you to cite and reference published information sourced for other writings properly.

It helps you streamline the referencing process by completing a fairly intensive but necessary task of the writing process for you.

The software takes the sources used in a research and writing project and effectively organizes them into a properly organized and structured style.

How Does It Work?

Bookends works by handling a number of tasks involved in the referencing process. This can include collecting references from published works, proper annotation within a paper, and building a bibliography at the end of a work.

The software takes the time and trouble involved in this process off of your hands by conducting internet searches to find and retrieve any and all references needed for a paper. These searches will find items to be used for references such as scholarly research articles, PDFs, and web pages.

Once located, these references are imported into the document you are working on and adequately organized and labeled to be used for citations. When you download and open the software, you’ll see a basic window where you can begin to collect and document your resources.

This simple layout gives you access to the software’s multiple referencing functions and allows you to start building your bibliography or citation list. Here you can import any references you already have or attach your paper and then let the program search through it to properly find and reference your sources.

A great feature of the software is a feature that creates group and term lists to aid in organization. These groups can be arranged in a number of ways including static, hierarchical, and smart groups. It also allows you to make Term Lists to search for specific keywords or authors within your work.

A search feature gives you the ability to search different source and reference libraries for your work. You can access libraries such as Google Books, Google Scholars, and several other scholarly and professional sources to help you get everything you need in order for proper and professional reference lists.

Another great feature of the program is the floating citations function that can be worked into your word processor and provide an easy way to search for references within Bookends by clicking a trigger key to initiate the search.

You can also set up Bookends displays in a customizable manner to let you look at all of your reference information in a manner that blends best into your workflow. You can also let the program scan your documents and generate reference lists and citations that will lend the work for full publication.

And if you get the full version of the program, you’ll also have the ability to sync generated references between different Mac computers and even other iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Bookends is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later. It is also compatible with Microsoft Word 2011/2016 and later as well as other word processing programs such as Mellel, Apple Pages, Nisus Writer Pro, and Manuscripts.

The demo version of Bookends is free to use and will allow you access to many of the program’s features. The free version does have a 50 reference limit and will not allow you to sync to other iOS devices.

If you want the full version of Bookends, it will cost $59.99 plus tax. This includes two years of free updates. You can also purchase an upgrade of the program for $39.99 if you have a previous outdated version. This also comes with two years of free updates.

Is Bookends Worth It?

If you have a need for properly cited and referenced works, Bookends is a great option to help you organize and stay on top of all of it.

The importance of referencing published material is extremely important for many professional and scholarly purposes and this program provides a great way to safeguard your work from any issues or discrepancies.

The wide range of features that Bookends provides alongside its affordable price and easy-to-use platform make it a valuable referencing tool. It is definitely worth it if you are looking for an easy and effective way to reference and cite your work.

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