Bg Eraser Review: Remove Image Background Quickly & Smartly

Bg Eraser Review

As the phone camera becomes much more capable than before, taking a photo is just so easy and convenient.

But when it comes to image editing, there may be times that you want to only keep the people or products in an image, thus removing the background is a must.

Photoshop is the industry standard for photo editing. Of course, you can use this program for background removal. But not everyone is a photoshop master, the learning curve can be very deep.

Is there any other quick way to remove the background of a photo? Meet Bg Eraser — a fantastic tool to get the job done efficiently. You don’t need to download Photoshop or any third-party software.

What is Bg Eraser?

Bg Eraser is a utility tool to help you remove image background intelligently using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). You don’t need any skills or knowledge about advanced image editing. Just upload your photos, and Bg Eraser will do all other work behind.

How Does It Work?

Bg Eraser has its online service and app download. If you are a new user, go to its webpage and get a free account. After that, you can start removing the background.

The interface of Bg Eraser is very simple. All you have to do is drop your images to it. One thing to pay your attention to though, is the file limits. Your images should be less than 5MB, also the width and height of images must be less than 2000 x 2000. Also, Bg Eraser can only work with jpg, jpeg, and png.

So before uploading your images, make sure that your image specs are supported by Bg Eraser.

Here, I will show you two images. One is a portrait photo with a clean background. Another one has a more complicated background. Let’s see how good Bg Eraser works to handle both images.

After I uploaded images, the interface looks like this. The next step is to click “Start”.

The web app of Bg Eraser can only process removing background for one image at a time. If you have a bunch of images that need to deal with, you can download the software of Bg Eraser, and do bulk editing.

Based on my observation, it took around 30 seconds for Bg Eraser to complete the processing of one image. While the speed also depends on your image specifications such as background, file size, and internet speed.

After the images are processed, you can download them by clicking the “Download” button next to the images.

Here, I put the original image and the image with the background removed, so you can compare and check the details.

image2_1 Original
image2_1 Background Removed
image1_1 Original
image1_1 Background Removed

image1_2 has such a clean background, so you can see Bg Eraser did quite a good job. Nothing cropped or lost. Even kept the most details of the hair.

From the second one image1_1 with a more complicated background, the main part of the image is good, but when you look carefully, you can find some details lost in the edited one, even a leg of the boy was removed from the image.

So Bg Eraser seems more friendly for the images with clean and simple backgrounds.

Price and Platform Compatibility

Bg Eraser is a free tool to use. As of this writing, there’s no paid plan launched. Bg Eraser offers app downloads for both Mac and Windows, and it’s available as a web tool as well.

There are some limits to the images that you upload though. Your images should be less than 5MB. The width and height should be less than 2000×2000. Besides, Bg Eraser can only handle jpg, jpeg, and png.

Is Bg Eraser Worth It?

When you look at file limits of Bg Eraser, you know it’s designed for professional background removing. Even though AI is smart, it can not make every detail perfect as manually editing. So if you need professional removing or have to use the image for commercial, I still suggest you use professional photo editing tools like Photoshop, Luminar, etc.

But you can not deny Bg Eraser is a wonderful solution for non-designers or for general use. It’s an excellent choice for editing travel photos, simple product shots. It saves time, energy and makes background removing super easy. Bg Eraser is very reliable. Besides, it’s free.


Machine learning and AI technology have been evolving to make a change to our daily life and truly benefited us. With it, removing the background of an image can also be very easy. Bg Eraser is a helpful and smart tool for simple background removal.

The best part? You don’t need to download and learn any third-party photo editing software. Just upload your photos to Bg Eraser, and it will handle them for you quickly.

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