3 Best Waterproof Cases for Kindle in 2022

Unsurprisingly, books are extremely vulnerable to water damage, and their digital counterparts are equally susceptible to the whims of the weather or a spilled drink. Your Kindle can hold thousands of novels, but it can also be ruined by an accidental dunk, and that’s pretty frustrating.

It makes reading in the bath or on a rainy day a dangerous game, when both of those activities should be perfectly enjoyable. That’s why a waterproof or water-resistant case is an important accessory for your e-reader, and we’re going to show you the best of what’s available.

Quick Summary

  • Best for Universal Waterproofing: WALNEW Protective Case — Since many models of Kindle don’t offer a waterproof or even water-resistant case, this sleeve is a good compromise. You can use it for almost any model of Kindle, it’s easy to pop your device in and out, and you can feel secure in the bath or by the pool.
  • Best for Fire HD 8: Fintie Shockproof Case for Fire HD 8 — With true waterproofing hard to come by, water resistance is the next best thing. This durable case will protect your device from splashes and drops without breaking a sweat, and you can always use the universal sleeve mentioned above if you need it completely protected.
  • Best for Fire HD 10: MoKo Case for All-New Fire HD 10 — With a similar design to the Fire 8 case, this sturdy Fire 10 cover will prevent scratches and scrapes while protecting you from the occasional spill or rainy weather. While it is not waterproof due to the cutouts for the camera and speakers, the thick plastic cover will prevent liquids from infiltrating your screen.
  • Best for new Paperwhite or new Oasis: None needed! These Kindle models are waterproof the moment you take them out of the box.

Who Should Get This

A waterproof or water-resistant case is a great choice for anyone with a kindle- whether you have kids who might spill something on it, just want to take the device with you for a relaxing bath, or don’t want to worry about rainy weather while it’s in your backpack.

However, if you have the newest Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Oasis, you actually don’t need a waterproof case! Both these devices arrive waterproof already, rated to survive for up to an hour in 2 meters of water. Other models, however, can benefit from a waterproof sleeve or a water-resistant cover that will help you feel a little more secure.

Best Waterproof Case for Kindle: What to Consider in 2022


The most important part of a case is that it doesn’t hinder your experience of using the ereader. A big bulky case may offer more protection, but if you struggle to wrap your hands around the ereader because of the added thickness, it could be a poor choice. A case should do the job without interfering with your enjoyment.


For many people, a case is a fashion statement as much as it is for functionality. Thankfully, there’s plenty of choices to pick from, whether you’re looking for a sleek solid color or a bold pattern. There’s also the basic elements of design you should look for too, like if the case has raised edges to protect the screen or if the cutouts are clean and well-positioned.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

It turns out that there are actually very few completely waterproof cases on the market for most Kindle models, and you’re more likely to find water-resistant cases. The difference is key- a waterproof case will have an IP rating that tells you how long and how far it can be safely submerged, while a water-resistant case simply protects from splashes or small spills.

Best Waterproof Case for Kindle: Top Picks for 2022

1. WALNEW Universal eReader Protective Case

For a waterproof case that doesn’t care what model of Kindle you have, this is a great choice. You don’t need to keep your device in the sleeve all the time- just slip it in when you’re headed to the pool or bath and remove it when you’re back on dry land. You can operate your device through the clear plastic with ease, even if your hands are dripping wet.


  • Fits any size Kindle or other eReader.
  • Available in four different colors.
  • Inexpensive and completely waterproof.


  • Not meant for long term use, you’ll want to only use it when you know you’ll be near water.

2. Fintie Shockproof Case for Fire HD 8

If you need water resistance and drop resistance, then this is a great choice for anyone with a Kindle Fire HD 8 (2017 or 2018 model). Although not completely waterproof due to an opening for the camera & speakers, the plastic screen cover means that spills won’t be the immediate death of your Kindle, and the handy o-ring on the back makes for easy carrying or propping up of the device.


  • Ring on the back of the case is multipurpose, good for standing the device up, carrying it, or hanging it.
  • Durable three-part case will protect the kindle from unexpected falls.
  • Plastic screen cover means you’ll be protected from splashes and spills.


  • Opening for speakers and camera means this case isn’t submersible.
  • Adds a lot of bulk to a small e-reader.

3. MoKo Case for All-New Fire HD 10

For Fire HD 10 users, there’s a rugged case for you too! The MoKo case offers durability and water resistance, a kickstand, and three different color options to protect your Kindle. It fits the 2017 and 2019 models, includes a built-in screen protector, and is ready for whatever you can throw at it!


  • Very sturdy and durable, three-part protective case.
  • Will protect you from splashes and spills.
  • Includes kickstand for hands-free viewing.


  • Not completely waterproof, as there are cutouts for the camera and speakers.

Additional Tips & Tricks

If you ever damage your Kindle, don’t worry! Any book you bought from Amazon can easily be redownloaded onto a new device (or the same device once repaired) since they’re stored in the cloud. Library books can usually be recovered from the library’s app (Overdrive, Libby, etc) as well.

You should also know that a Kindle is more than just an eReader, especially depending on the model you have. You can listen to audiobooks, take screenshots, and get word definitions on the spot among other little tricks- here’s a great article from CNET that will get you started if you’re a new Kindle user.

If you don’t have a physical Kindle device of your own, or if you want to access your Kindle content from other devices, you can do that too! There’s a Kindle app for iOS and Android that will allow you to read through your personal library on any number of other devices, even your laptop! You can download it here: Kindle App for ios/Android/Windows/Mac.


Whether you’re dealing with unpredictable children or a relaxing candlelit bath, waterproof or water-resistant cases are important. They help you feel more secure and protect your device from a clumsy dip in the water. While it may be difficult to waterproof a paperback book, it is thankfully much easier to waterproof your Kindle.

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