Best Tablets with SD Card Slot

tablets with sd slot

Many tablets on the current market come with ample storage. Even so, with so many great apps and programs out there, it’s easy to run out of space.

That’s especially true for people who work with or store a lot of data on their device.

If you fall into those categories, or you always find yourself running out of room, a tablet with an SD card slot is the way to go.

There are more than a few SD devices on the market, and trying to narrow your search down to a select few is no easy task.

If you want to look for a device without worrying about getting overwhelmed, this guide is for you.

The following sections break down the best SD tablet options and explain why they’re so great.

Quick Summary

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a fantastic, well-rounded tablet for users who like features. Beyond the included SD card slot, it has Dolby Atmos surround sound and a vibrant screen.
  • The Lenovo Tab M10 is an SD card tablet for the whole family. Kids and teens will love the strong specs and excellent screen, while parents will appreciate the optional Kid’s Pack.
  • The Android Tablet from Winsing is the best SD tablet for people who don’t want to break the bank. This affordable model provides excellent storage options and has a fast processor.

Who Should Get This?

All of the tablets in this guide are for users who need storage. SD cards are a big help when it comes to getting some extra use out of your tablet.

While you might not need one right away, you never know when you will need one down the line. That goes double if you’re someone who uses their tablet quite a bit.

SD card slots come in handy for users who take a lot of photos or videos as well. If you take a lot of vacations or just love capturing important moments in your life, it’s easy to quickly fill up a tablet.

Having the option to add on an SD card ensures you can record or photograph to your heart’s content.

Best Tablets with SD Card Slot: Our Picks in 2021

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

If you want a lot of cool upgrades packed into one device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is the way to go.

Samsung has long been known as one of the best tablet makers on the market, and this option lives up to that reputation.

The SD card slot can add an extra 512GB of memory, while the Exynos eight-core processor and 2GB of RAM ensure you can run all of your favorite apps or watch your favorite shows with no issues.

This is a tablet for entertainment lovers. Beyond the excellent specs, it has one of the clearest and most enjoyable screens on the market. Everything comes through in true color.

To add to that, Samsung equipped the Tab A with a sleek design and built-in Dolby Atmos surround sound. That addition makes this great for music lovers as well.

What We Like:

  • Bright display
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB flash storage
  • 10.1-inch screen
  • Colorful and vibrant
  • 13-hour battery life
  • Two cameras
  • USB-C Port

What We Don’t Like:

  • Includes bloatware
  • Could charge faster

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2. Lenovo Tab M10

The Lenovo Tab M10 is a tablet that people of all ages can enjoy, making it one of the premier family devices on today’s market.

This model comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 processor, a stunning 10.1-inch screen, and dual front speakers that sound great no matter what you’re listening to.

On top of that, this has a lightweight, thin design that makes it easy to both carry around and use.

Another big selling point of this SD card tablet is the Kid’s Pack. This Lenovo-only feature allows children to safely use the tablet. There are great parental control features, as well as a unique eye-protection technology to cut down on annoying eye strain.

Add on the face recognition technology and internal security features and you have a tablet for everyone.

What We Like:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 processor
  • 10.1-inch HD screen
  • Dual front speakers offer great sound
  • Thin, sleek profile
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Holds up to 256 micro SD
  • Optional kids pack
  • Face recognition technology

What We Don’t Like:

  • No USB-C connection
  • Could be more durable

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3. Winsing Android Tablet

The Winsing Android Tablet may not be the most recognizable model out there, but with a SD slot that lets you add up to 128GB of memory to the device, this easily gets onto this list.

This option is best for people who are looking for a good budget tablet. It may only come with around five hours of battery life, but it charges up quickly thanks to the UL charger, and the 2.4GHz WiFi ensures you can easily work on the internet with ease.

This handy tablet has a 10.1-inch screen, perfect for both movies and television, and it is powered by a strong 1.3GHz quad-core processor.

The HD resolution is great for when you need to kick back and catch up on your favorite shows, while the 2MP front camera is more than enough to get some quick snapshots.

What We Like:

  • Supports Bluetooth
  • 10.1-inch screen
  • 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • 1280 x 800 HD resolution
  • 2MP front camera
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Short battery life

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Best Tablets with SD Card Slot: What to Consider?

Battery Life

Your tablet needs to be able to last a long time. While that doesn’t directly correlate to memory, it is still quite important.

No matter what you use your device for, you never want it to die at the wrong time. You also don’t want to spend the time you should be relaxing or working searching for an outlet.

It’s best to get something that has an all-day battery.


Of course, you also need to consider your tablet’s size. Options with SD slots tend to be bigger, which is always something to take into account. A wider screen is much easier to see and use, but it can also be a bit more unruly than some may like.

When considering the below models, make sure you get something that you can easily handle or take with you out of the house.


Your screen also matters. While some tablets skimp on their display to cut costs, the options in this guide look great from every angle. Always shoot for bright screens with high definition resolution, as well as vivid colors.

This is especially important if you’re someone who watches a lot of media on their tablet.

Useful Tips and Information

An SD card is a wonderful thing, but just because your tablet can hold one doesn’t mean you’ll be able to take full advantage of it.

There are many types of SD cards out there. If you don’t know much about the devices, this handy video breaks them down in great detail.

Managing storage is also another key part of properly utilizing your tablet. There are several popular operating systems out there, but if you’re someone with an Android, this guide outlines some great tips.

Final Words

SD cards may not seem like much, but they go a long way. That’s why having a tablet with a slot for one is so important.

The models covered in this article all give you extra functionality and the ability to customize your user experience as you see fit.

That makes them great for any use, be it work, research, or play.

Do you have a tablet with an SD card? What do you use it for? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hello,
    What device would you recommend for an elderly person with NO digital experience, no device, computer and no internet connection to be gifted to be able to use as a photo
    album that can be held, (battery power source), and accommodate a flash drive, sd card etc for family to be able to send pictures for her to use with this device?

  2. I have several trail cameras that are in use most of the year. They store still and video images on SD cards. I am out in the field a week or more at times and want to use a tablet to store images and clear the cards. Because I have had problems with micro SD cards and adapters I mostly use the normal/standard size SD cards. I am looking for a tablet that will accept these cards but in your reviews only a micro card slot is mentioned or the size is not mentioned. Does anyone make a tablet with a standard SD card slot? Can I connect a multi card reader to the USB connector to upload and download images that way?


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