3 Best Tablets for Video Editing

Video editing is a common career and hobby for millions of people around the world. While you may use your standard computer for video editing, sometimes, you will want to do it on the go.

Thankfully, there are several great tablets that can make editing easy, wherever you are. They are more portable, often easier to use, and often quite powerful.

Read on to find out!

Who Should Get This

If you want to edit videos on the go and away from your computer, getting a tablet for video editing makes sense.

Also, if you’re very busy and never know where you will be, having a tablet capable of editing video could help you stay on track with your work.

Whether you want to work on the bus, at the coffee shop, or even on a bench at the park, a tablet can make doing so incredibly easy. Of course, if you do all of your editing on a laptop or desktop, you likely won’t need a tablet for video editing.

Also, if you edit incredibly larger or very high-quality videos, editing them on many tablets could be difficult due to potential storage restrictions.

However, many tablets also offer the option for expandable storage for users to take advantage of, as well.

Best Tablet for Video Editing: Top Picks

Here’s a list of our recommendations, along with a quick review of each tablet so you get to know its pros and cons before making a decision on which one to buy.

1. Microsoft 13-inch Surface Pro 9

The Microsoft Surface Pro is an incredibly versatile tablet that can also be used as a laptop with its innovative cover and keyboard.

It is incredibly lightweight and portable without sacrificing performance, features all-day battery life, and enough storage for almost any video editor with up to 1TB available.

It comes in a variety of different options, so no matter your needs, there is likely a Surface for you.


  • Can run a variety of desktop software
  • Available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB of RAM
  • Incredibly portable and can last up to 15.5 hours


  • Some have reported problems with the charger

2. Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro

If you’re familiar with the Apple line of products, the iPad Pro makes a great option for video editing.

In addition to its beautiful screen and design, the iPad Pro also features a very robust and impressive list of features.

Its processor is super powerful (M2 chip), the storage options available are plentiful and it includes four-speaker audio. It is one of the most powerful and capable products Apple has ever released.

Bottom line: it looks, sounds, performs very well, and is capable of multitasking.


  • Inclusion of the powerful M2 chip
  • Great visuals and screen
  • Very secure with the use of Face ID
  • 12.9-inch size is great for video editing


  • Strong battery life, but not as strong as some other tablets
  • Many feel the device is too heavy

3. SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 11-inch Android Tablet

The fastest and best-performing Android tablet on the market is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.

In addition to a strong resolution, the S8 includes many features that make it a great video editor tablet.

It has an Octa Core processor, 128/256/512 GB flash memory, and looks fantastic. It also features the option to expand its usability with the S pen and keyboard cover.


  • A gorgeous display (2560 x 1600)
  • Can control the tablet with your voice due to far-field mics
  • A strong and responsive performance with Octa Core


  • Relatively low internal storage space options, but you’re able to add expandable storage
  • The software and app options can be limited to some

Best Tablet for Video Editing: What to Consider

When you are about to purchase a tablet like this, make sure to take these factors into consideration. They’ll help you narrow down the choices without spending too much time.


When editing videos, you may need a lot of storage for raw footage and editing apps and software. As a result, the best tablet for video editing is one with a lot of storage.

Storage in tablets ranges from around 64 GB up to around 1 TB. Some tablets also allow for additional storage, if you need more than the available internal storage.


Next, you want to consider the processor and RAM of the tablet you’re going to purchase. The more powerful the specs of a tablet, the better it will be at editing video.

Without powerful specs, editing on a tablet can be a laggy and difficult experience for some. Be aware of your needs, and find a tablet with the specs to match those needs.


Of course, when editing videos, the resolution and graphics of the screen you’re working on are important.

A higher resolution means there are more pixels on the screen, which can allow for a more clear and more vibrant experience.

Also, the graphics card inside the tablet can have an impact on the quality of the content you see and work on.

Battery Life

If you are using a tablet for video editing, having a good battery life is all but required. You will often be working on the go, and don’t want to be constantly tied to a wall outlet or charger.

Video editing can also eat through the battery quickly, so having strong battery life will ensure you can at least have a solid editing session before having to charge.

Useful Tips and Resources

Before using a tablet for video editing, be sure you are comfortable using a tablet. There can be a bit of a learning curve if you have never used one before.

First of all, watch this video to learn how to get the most out of your tablet:

Using a standard keyboard is often much different than using a virtual one. Thankfully, there are keyboard attachments or stylus attachments that can make editing easier on a tablet.

Also, if you’re looking to protect and get the most out of your tablet, there are a large number of accessories that you could look into. These range from protective cases, stands, portable chargers, and more.

All have benefits for a wide range of users and can better your experience. For example, a tablet stand lets you securely mount your tablet and even smartphone to on-stage microphone stands.

If treated right, these tablets can last you years as they are constantly receiving updates and many feature great specs.

As a result, be careful with it. Try not to drop it, try not to scratch or scrape the screen, and generally try to keep it in good shape.

Final Words

Tablets can provide a great and easy way to edit your videos on the go. Many modern tablets are very powerful and capable of working with common photo editing software or apps.

Sure, some editing jobs might require a computer with more space than a tablet, but the aforementioned tablets can certainly help you edit reasonably at home or on the go.

Do you know of another great tablet for video editing? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  • Mobile Filmmaking

    Thanks for this. I’m constantly seeing videos of people on Youtube editing with an iPad Pro and I was wondering if there was an Android equivalent to the iPad Pro. Now that I’ve found a comparable tablet, the real problem is that there’s no real Android equivalent to Lumafusion.

    • Avatar photo
      AnySoftwareTools Team

      Yes, that’s another factor that video editors should consider. Some video editing apps are for iOS or Android only.