6 Best Tablets for PUBG Mobile

PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. It isn’t just tactile and incredibly fun, it’s also great on the go.

There are quite a few ways to enjoy PUBG Mobile, but none of them are better than a great, well-rounded tablet. However, how do you know which tablet is best for the game?

Rather than leaving you to blindly surf the bed, this guide will break down some of the top mobile devices for the game and then outline their different characteristics so you can figure out which one is for you.

Who Should Get This

First and foremost, these tablets are for anyone who plays or enjoys PUBG Mobile.

The devices have incredible specs, look great, and allow you to work or relax in other ways when you aren’t playing the game.

If you’re a mobile gamer or someone who likes playing games on the go, you won’t be able to find anything better.

Every tablet in this guide can play games, which means they have strong internal specs. As such, they are good options for those who want to get a lot of use out of their tablet as well.

Anyone who watches movies or shows on their device will have a lot of fun with these.

Best Tablets for PUBG Mobile: Our Picks

This section covers the top PUBG Mobile tablets by looking at their characteristics, unique traits, and individual niches.

1. iPad Pro

  • Best For: Overall
  • Key Features: Retina display. 10-hour battery life and strong refresh rate. Apple M2 Chip. Strong security with Face ID.
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Screen Size: 12.9 inches
  • Storage Capacity: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB

Anytime you look at great tablets, it’s hard to ignore the iPad Pro. This model has long been the cream of the crop, and it continues to shine to this day. That’s mainly due to its M2 chip, Liquid Retina display, and incredibly responsive screen.

When it comes to tablets, this model’s specs are unmatched. You get a ton of power and functionality inside a relatively lightweight and manageable device. There’s also full App Store access, excellent four-speaker audio, as well as great security features.

If you’re buying an Apple product, you’re going to pay for it. The iPad Pro is absolutely worth its larger price tag, but understand that it won’t come cheap. If you have a higher budget, however, there’s nothing better.

2. Galaxy Tab S4

  • Best For: Screen
  • Key Features: Super AMOLED display. Dolby Atmos surround sound. Snapdragon 835 processor. Bluetooth. Great coloration.
  • Weight: 1.06 pounds
  • Screen Size: 10.5 inches
  • Storage Capacity: 64GB

The Tab S4 is a solid product that delivers a ton of premium specs and features without commanding an overwhelming price tag. This model comes with a super AMOLED display, amazing coloration, in addition to a tough shell and wide, colorful screen.

It’s also fully Bluetooth compatible, utilizes responsive voice activation, and comes with one of the brightest displays around. That blend of features goes a long way. The Dolby Atmos surround sound and Snapdragon 835 processor work to further your gaming experience as well.

This option is a bit slower than similar premium models, and the camera is a bit weak overall. However, it will allow you to run PUBG (and perform basic browsing or watching) without any issues.

3. Asus Zenpad 3S 10

  • Best For: Responsiveness
  • Key Features: IPS display. 8M/5M dual camera. SonicMaster 3.0 technology. Responsive touchscreen. High capacity battery.
  • Weight: 0.95 pounds
  • Screen Size: 9.7 inches
  • Storage Capacity: 64GB

The Zenpad 3S 10 is a well-rounded device outfitted with a Hexa-core processor and one of the most responsive screens on the market. Those features, mixed with the 4GB RAM, create a device that can quickly and accurately run PUBG Mobile at a high level.

Beyond that, the 5900mAh battery ensures you can play uninterrupted for long periods of time. The microSD slot allows you to add on more memory if needed and the speakers are powerful. There’s even directional audio, ensuring nobody can sneak up on you as you play.

The controls and interface might take some users a little bit to get used to, which can be a problem for those who want to get going right out of the box. If you put in some practice, however, you’ll be able to get going with it in no time.

4. Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

  • Best For: Speed
  • Key Features: Strong battery. 8MP/5MP front and rear camera. Strong side speakers. Kids mode. Octa-core processor.
  • Weight: 1.41 pounds
  • Screen Size: 10.3 inches
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

A large tablet packed with plenty of processing power, the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus is a solid PUBG device with ample additional features. It comes with a beautiful full HD display, TDDI technology, as well as a fast Octa-Core processor and reliable connectivity.

Despite the bright screen, this tablet never feels too overwhelming. It’s streamlined in a way that makes it easy to bring with you out of the house. The strong battery lasts a long time and the cameras work wonderfully. There’s even a Kids mode.

The only issue here is the included storage capacity isn’t the best. That’s even true for the roomier models. However, you can expand it if you ever find yourself running out of space.

5. Surface Book 2

  • Best For: Versatility
  • Key Features: Large, stunning screen. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060. Vibrant PixelSense display. 17-hour battery. Versatile design.
  • Weight: 15 inches
  • Screen Size: 4.2 pounds
  • Storage Capacity: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB

Those looking for a more gaming-focused tablet will love what the Surface Book 2 brings to the table. This functional device comes with four different modes and, due to the keyboard, can be used as a more traditional laptop. That makes it great for users who value options.

In addition to the design, this laptop has a lot of power. The Vibrant PixelSense display absolutely pops regardless of what you’re running on it and the 16GB of RAM will power all sorts of games. The battery lasts all day as well. 

As this is functionally a laptop with extra versatility, it doesn’t come cheap. It’s also quite heavy compared to similar items on the market. As such, it’s best for those who want something they can use around the house as opposed to a more portable option.

6. Dragon Touch 10

  • Best For: Affordability
  • Key Features: Wide color gamut display. Low blue light eye care and Octa-Core processor. 10.1-inch FHD screen. Excellent viewing angles. 
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Screen Size: 10.1 inches
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB

While it won’t blow the doors off in terms of features, the Dragon Touch 10 is a great way to enjoy PUBG Mobile at a lower price point. This more affordable tablet cuts costs while still delivering a decent amount of storage, vibrant screen, and Octa-core processor.

Another excellent feature is the wide color gamut display, which ties the entire display together beautifully. There’s a decent amount of RAM too. You also get access to a wide range of useful apps in a way that allows you to relax when you’re not busy winning games.

If you lose one aspect when going for a lower price, it’s definitely the connectivity. This tablet is reliable, but you might experience some lag issues every now and then.

How to Choose a Tablet for PUBG Mobile

Here are a few things you should take into account. They will make your decision-making much easier.


The first thing you need to do when getting a tablet for PUBG Mobile is to ensure it can play the game. If you have an Android model, you want 5.1.1. or later with at least 2GB of RAM.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you want iOS 9 or later. From there, look for models that come with strong processors or any internal chips that allow the game to run smoothly at all graphics levels.


Once you have your specs out of the way, you next need a crisp display. A larger screen is good to have, but only if it comes with full HD resolution.

Strive to get a tablet with bright, vivid colors that show every shot or move you make in extreme detail. Responsive displays with high frame rates are important as well. Such features make your tablet much more enjoyable to use.


PUBG Mobile is an intense game that takes quite a bit of battery power to run. As such, it can quickly drain your tablet if you aren’t careful.

To combat that, look to get a model with extended battery life or one that can run a lot of programs without losing steam. 10 hours should be your base, but you want to go far beyond that when possible. That will allow you to play for extended periods of time with little to no interruptions.

Useful Tips and Information

Getting good equipment is the first step towards becoming a PUBG player, but you also need to hone your skills in the game.

If you’re someone who wants to expand their knowledge of the game and get better, this video will help you out.

Good tablets will last a long time, but they will last much longer if you take care of them. While some parts of that are intuitive, there are some parts that aren’t.

The steps broken down here will give you a good idea of how to make it last.

Final Words

PUBG Mobile is a fun game. A good tablet makes it even better.

Each model analyzed in this guide will provide you with an excellent gaming experience both at home and on the go. There’s simply no better way to experience PUBG Mobile in its full glory.

Do you like to play PUBG? What’s the best game you ever had? Let us know in the comments below.

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