5 Best Tablets for DJI Phantom 4 Pro

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is one of the best drones money can buy. It is a durable, well-made device perfect for both casual and more serious users.

However, controlling it is no simple task. While you can use your smartphone to pilot, getting something a little bit heftier with a larger screen does wonders. That is why so many people use tablets.

When picking up a tablet for your DJI Phantom 4 Pro, there are several aspects you must consider.

Rather than forcing you to discover those on your own, this guide will cover each one and explain why they’re so important. Let’s take an in-depth look below.

Who Should Get This

The following tablets are obviously geared for owners of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Anyone who uses the drone on a regular basis will greatly enjoy the functionality of the following devices. They are extremely useful and bring another level of enjoyment to your drone.

Do note that, while the tablets here work with the DJI Phantom, they are great on their own as well. Each model has great audio, clear screens, and a plethora of additional features that make them perfect for both work and play.

If you want a new device in addition to drone usage, these are perfect.

Best Tablet for DJI Phantom 4 Pro: Our Picks

If you have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, these tablets are the best way to operate it.

1. iPad Mini

  • Best For: Overall
  • Key Features: Beautiful Retina DIsplay. 8MP back camera, 7MP front. Lightweight. Touch ID and full App Store access.
  • Screen Size: 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 0.65 pounds
  • Battery Life: 10 hours

If you want a lighter tablet with a ton of premium features, the iPad Mini is the way to go. The sleek device gives you all of the features you’d expect in an Apple product without as much bulk. It’s lightweight and slimmed down, but still features a crisp screen and stellar audio.

The 10-hour battery life gives you plenty of time to play without charging, while the A12 Bionic chip powers everything at high speeds. The full Retina Display looks great in any lighting environment, while the Touch ID offers some of the best security around. 

Of course, anytime you go with a smaller tablet there are going to be some drawbacks. Some users may want a larger screen, while others may seek out better durability. If you don’t mind those issues, however, it’s the complete package.

2. Lenovo Tab 4

  • Best For: Display
  • Key Features: Bright display. Dolby Atmos Audio and large screen. Powerful processor. Great wireless connectivity. Kids mode.
  • Screen Size: 10.1 inches
  • Weight: 0.63 pounds
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 32 GB

If you want a slightly larger tablet that still works wonderfully with the Phantom 4, the Lenovo Tab 4 is worth your time. This option has a strong Qualcomm Snapdragon processor alongside the 10.1-inch full HD screen. Even so, it manages to stay relatively lightweight and usable.

Backing that up is the strong Dolby Atmos Audio and built-in dual front-facing speakers. The Bluetooth and WiFi are both extremely reliable as well. There’s even an optional Kids mode if you want to let your young one use the tablet every now and then.

The only area where this falls short is the power. It’s a great choice for both basic tasks and the DJI Phantom 4, but don’t expect to use this with heavy programs. 

3. HTC Nexus

  • Best For: Battery Life
  • Key Features: Soft grip back. Sleek-but-durable. 64-bit processor and clear sound. Multitasking capabilities. Micro USB 2.0.
  • Screen Size: 8.9 inches
  • Weight: 0.96 pounds
  • Battery Life: 15 hours

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to use your drone and having your tablet run out of juice. If that’s a concern of yours, the HTC Nexus provides peace of mind. Outfitted with a 15-hour battery life, the sleek tablet will stay on all day no matter how much you use it.

This item also comes with a soft grip back that makes it easy to hold for long periods of time, and it’s equipped with a strong processor. The nearly 9-inch screen is comfortable to use, but still looks beautiful in a wide array of different lighting conditions.

The only hiccup here is that, while the battery lasts a long time, it does take a while to charge. If you plan on using it outside, you should plan to charge it ahead of time.

4. Nexus 7

  • Best For: Android
  • Key Features: Simple UI. LED backlit display. Responsive touch screen and powerful battery. Good camera. Quad-core processor.
  • Screen Size: 7 inches
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Battery Life: 10 hours

The Nexus 7 is a smaller tablet whose features make it excellent to use with your Phantom 4. Despite the lightweight design, it comes with a strong 10-hour battery, a fully responsive LED-backlit touchscreen, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

In addition, the device looks great in a range of lighting conditions. The display is bright and crisp regardless of what’s on it. Both cameras are serviceable, even if they aren’t the best around, and you get full wireless charging support.

The biggest drawback with this tablet arises if you have an issue. For all of its great features, it doesn’t have the best customer support. If something does come up, it might be a bit of an uphill battle to get it resolved.

5. Samsung A7

  • Best For: Versatility
  • Key Features: Fast charging. Modern design. Large display and strong battery. Comfortable grip. Strong audio.
  • Screen Size: 10.4 inches
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds
  • Battery Life: 13 hours

The Samsung A7 is a well-rounded tablet that can do just about anything you need it to. The powerful battery helps it stay on all day, while the powerful processor and internal specs work together to make the vivid display come to life. The quad speakers sound great too.

Backing that up is the high RAM, which ensures better overall performance, and durable construction. This is a well-made tablet that can withstand a lot of use without ever breaking down. Add on the solid camera capabilities and you get the complete package. 

That being said, the screen can be reflective in extremely bright light. Try to always use this model in the shade when the sun is high, especially when you’re piloting your Phantom 4.

How to Choose a Tablet for DJI Phantom 4 Pro


The first aspect to consider when looking for a new tablet is size. There are many devices on the market, and they range from small to quite large.

When getting one for your drone, you want to shoot for the middle. Something too small won’t let you properly pilot, while one that’s too big won’t be easy to use. Do your best to find a model that you can see and operate with ease.

Battery Life

Drones don’t run that long on one charge, but your tablet should. Having your tablet die while you’re flying can lead to disastrous consequences.

Even if it doesn’t, it’s quite annoying. Rather than struggling with such issues, look for an eight-plus hour battery life. That won’t just make your life easier, it will allow you to fly your drone everywhere and anywhere without interruption.

Additional Features

Remember, while piloting your DJI Phantom 4 is priority number one, you’re still getting a tablet at the end of the day.

For that reason, you want to make sure it can be used on its own when you’re not out flying. Always do your best to get an operating system that you like, and look for features like a good app store, strong specs, and a bright display.

Other Useful Tips

No matter how you control your drone, you need to know how to fly it. Even if you’re familiar with some of the basics, it always helps to get some more in-depth tips to better enhance your flying experience.

Even if you get a tablet for your DJI Phantom 4 Pro, you may not necessarily know how to properly use all of the features. If you’re curious about how to set it up, it’s best to watch this video when getting started.

Final Words

Few drones work better than the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. While there are several ways to control the device, few of the methods work better than a tablet.

If you want a big, bright screen, strong specs, and a slew of fun features, you won’t be able to do better than the devices outlined above.

Do you own a Phantom 4 Pro? If so, what do you use to control it? Let us know below!

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