4 Best Software for Drawing Tablets

While many people still choose to work with paper and pencil, digital drawing has become much more popular in the past few years. In fact, many digital artists now use tablets in order to have more control and portability with their drawings.

software for drawing tablet

However, as great as newer models are, having a solid drawing tablet might not be enough. If you truly want to be the best digital artist you can be, you also need great drawing software.

This guide will take you through some of the best. Let’s dive in.

1. Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a phenomenal program for digital artists. It can handle everything from quick and casual sketches to complete and finished pieces.

It’s fast, incredibly responsive, and comes with quite a bit of power. The interface is incredibly clean and simple. It also knows when to get out of your way.

The drawing within the software is also nice. It allows for incredible precision to ensure you can create exactly what you want and the software comes with things like rulers and ellipse guides to ensure all of your lines are spot on.

Also, this software is available on all of your devices, which means you can take your drawing on the go. Better yet, Sketchbook is free for individuals, so there’s no reason to not give it a try.

2. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is the best choice for graphic designers and artists who want a “no-bloat” approach.

It’s a fully stripped-back piece of software that includes all of the tools you want and need without crowding you with unnecessary add-ons. The software is fluid, allows for real-time blend mode previews, and includes live adjustments.

The software offers great color control, an incredible list of professional vector tools, and a near-unlimited amount of options when it comes to grids and other guides.

Also, if you want, you can zoom up to 1,000,000 percent to ensure every last detail of your drawing or artwork is perfect. With unlimited artboards, it’s easy to lay out all of your work into a single project for easier viewing, switching, and editing.

3. Krita


If you’re looking for a 100 percent free and open-source option, look no further than Krita.

Krita is made by artists who are all about providing great digital art tools for everyone. The interface is flexible and can be customized to your liking, while shortcuts can be created for an easy and more personalized workflow.

The software comes with over 100 different brushes to choose from and they all have stabilizers to ensure every stroke is smooth. There are even nine different brush engines to give you more control over how your final project looks.

Another great feature here is that you can import texture packs and unique brushes from other artists to expand your tool set and take your art to the next level. The community that supports and uses this software is also extremely helpful should you have any questions.

4. Artweaver


Whether you simply want to work on some concepts or need something fully-featured to bring your big idea to life, Artweaver can help.

It’s a drawing and painting tool that’s perfect for both beginners and experts. That’s because it has a massive collection of realistic brushes to choose from on top of a fully configurable and user-friendly interface.

Another big benefit of Artweaver is that it lets you work as a team over the Internet. With it, collaborating on a large-scale drawing or piece of art has never been easier.

It provides a lot of powerful options for users and isn’t too complicated to use. The extensive editing capabilities within the software also ensure you have several useful brush configurations.

Final Words

While a great drawing tablet is crucial for digital artists, the machines don’t do much without strong software.

Any of the aforementioned pieces of software can help you explore your creativity and make some beautiful pieces of art. Just be sure to do your research and figure out which ones are best for your individual needs.

Are you aware of any other great software programs for your drawing tablet? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know about them in the comments below.

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