5 Free Snipping Tools for Windows 10

We have all, at one point or another, needed to take and share a screenshot on our PC. It could be sending an error to a website developer, sending an online receipt to a friend, or even keeping a tweet that you want to save.

However, you don’t always want to send the whole webpage. Sometimes, you just want to crop a specific portion or make some minor edits (like arrows and circles) to the page. To do that, you’ll need a solid snipping tool.

There are many out there, but not are all created equally. This guide will break down the best snipping tools for Windows 10 and give extra insight into what makes them special.

1. Snipping Tool by Microsoft

snip sketch_1

The Snipping Tool is created and provided by Microsoft itself.

The app lets you not only quickly take a screenshot, but also provides you with a plethora of different ways to edit. That includes resizing, drawing, and annotating. If you want to change something, this program can make it happen.

Snip & Sketch is incredibly simple to use, and it works seamlessly within Windows 10. The app also features a very useful delay feature that makes it easier to screenshot menus or other visuals that are hard to capture in real time.

2. Greenshot


If you’re after a simple and free snipping tool, it’s hard to do better than Greenshot.

You can capture whole web pages, just capture a small part of the page, add visuals, and even export and upload the files right in the app. It’s a light snipping tool and one that doesn’t come with a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles.

This free tool is so easy to use that anyone can pick it up in no time at all. That simplicity makes the program a popular choice for those who aren’t super well-versed in the space.

As an added bonus, Greenshot is open-source and has a dedicated community interested in making it better and better.

3. Snagit


Snagit is a handy program that gives you a great way to capture your screen.

It makes it easy to choose the right format, has a helpful preview window, and features a number of diverse editing tools for your screenshots. The interface is clean and crisp, and you can even capture video if you need.

This software also makes it easy to create technical documents and perform other more professional tasks. As such, it’s extremely popular with organizations, businesses, and individual users. However, you have to be willing to pay for the large number of features that this comes with.

Note: while there is a 15-day free trial, you will eventually have to pay to use Snagit.

4. PicPick


PicPick is a versatile tool that’s completely free for personal use.

It has many useful editing features for still screenshots, including the ability to add shapes, blur, pixelate, rotate, and even freehand draw if you’re able. Many of those features simply aren’t offered on other free options.

That list is only a taste of the many different features you can find to help perfect your screenshot. Also, any time you capture a screenshot using this program, the editor will instantly open, making the process much more streamlined.

5. ScreenRec


ScreenRec is a great tool for those who want to remain as productive as possible while screen capturing. You can instantly capture your desktop and send it as a shareable link.

In addition, the 1-click screen capturing works extremely fast with little to no lag at all. The screenshots can also be annotated, whether you want to add comments or highlight important parts of the screenshot.

The software also offers you a ton of privacy because all of your content is encrypted, and it’s up to you to control who’s able to see it and who isn’t. You can even see analytics related to your screenshot such as who looked at it and for how long.

This is truly a unique offering in the space and one that’s great for individuals or teams who plan to share their screenshots.

Final Thoughts

No matter which of the aforementioned snipping tools you decide to use, rest assured that they will make it incredibly easy to create and edit screenshots.

Each one has unique traits, but they are all extremely reliable and push you toward your goal. Pick the one that makes the most sense for you.

Do you use a different Windows snipping tool that you feel should have been mentioned in this guide? If so, don’t hesitate to tell us about it in the comments below.

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