7 Best Refurbished Gaming Laptops

Having a quality laptop is a great way to enjoy all of your favorite games. In addition to providing quality graphics, laptops give you more options by allowing you to take your gaming on the go.

As fun as laptops are, sometimes a brand new model is out of the question due to the cost. You may think you have to save up a bunch of cash in order to get a good quality gaming laptop, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many refurbished options out there. These laptops are a great way to save some money and not lose any quality. We’ll show you the best ones to get this year.

Who Should Get This

If you’re a gamer, you want the best possible equipment. Sometimes you need even more than you think you do. E

ven if you already have a sweet console and full gaming setup at home, what are you going to do when you’re out of the house?

Simply forget about all your favorite games and take a break? I think not. A gaming laptop will give you access to all of your favorite titles no matter where you travel.

Refurbished laptops are also a great way to save some money while still giving you all of the capabilities and power of a full-priced computer.

If you’re in school, on a budget, or simply don’t want to dish out the cash for a brand new computer, refurbished options are well worth looking into.

Best Refurbished Gaming Laptop: Our Picks

Each of the following refurbished models does a great job for any and all of your gaming needs.

1. Acer Nitro 5

  • Best For: Overall
  • Key Features: Great responsiveness and resolution. Large screen. AMD Radeon RX 560X graphics. 4GB RAM.
  • Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Weight: 5.59 pounds

This Nitro 5 is a quality laptop with a ton of gaming power. That mostly comes from its strong internal processor, as well as its ample memory and stellar graphics. The AMD Radeon RX 560X graphics are beautiful here and absolutely pop on the amazing 15.6-inch display.

This entire package looks great and still manages to stay sleek despite the sturdy construction. Another bonus in that regard when it comes to being refurbished is that it has a 90-day Amazon renewed warranty. There’s nothing wrong with some extra peace of mind.

Though this laptop comes with plenty of great characteristics, it does have a drawback in that it’s tough to upgrade. When purchasing this model, be sure you enjoy its current specs and features.

2. HP 15-bs234wm

  • Best For: Functionality
  • Key Features: Large screen and strong Intel N5000 quad-core processor. Sturdy build. Modern look. Lower price point.
  • Hard Disk Size: 500 GB
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

This HP model is a strong model outfitted with a great look and killer specs. First, it comes with 500GB of memory. That gives you plenty of space to store whatever games you want to play. On top of that, the Intel N5000 processor is fantastic at powering your favorite titles.

You also get plenty of ports with this one and unmatched connectivity. Those that like playing online will get a lot of use from the Bluetooth and WiFi functionality. Everything also comes at an affordable price, which is a big bonus for those gaming on a budget.

The biggest downside this model has is the shell. Though it’s easily sturdy enough to take some bumps and scrapes, it’s much bulkier than similar laptops. This works much better as a more stationary option.

3. Acer Predator Helios 300

  • Best For: Processing Power
  • Key Features: Strong operating system. Powerful internal processor. Bright display with excellent graphics. AeroBlade 3D fan.
  • Hard Disk Size: 256 GB
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

Few laptops, renewed or otherwise, are better suited for gaming than the Helios 300. Acer knows how to make great machines, and this one comes with a powerful mix of specs. It has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics as well as 6GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM.

On top of that, you get a fully backlit keyboard, bright 15.6-inch screen (can be upgraded to 17.3 inches) as well as a fast Intel i7 6-core processor. The audio is rock solid, there are plenty of external connectivity features, and the metal Aeroblade 3D fan works well.

Even renewed, know that this is an expensive gaming option. You get a ton of specs inside the shell, but you’ll still have to shell out a good amount of money for the privilege. 

4. ASUS Vivobook 15

  • Best For: Lightweight
  • Key Features: Portable and light. NanoEdge bezel display. AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics. Backlit keyboard with fingerprint sensor.
  • Hard Disk Size: 256GB
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds

The Vivobook 15 is a lighter gaming option from one of the most recognized brands on Earth. The model comes with a beautiful 15.6-inch screen that’s fully powered by the extremely impressive AMD Quad-Core R5-3500U processor and Radeon Vega 8 discrete graphics.

On top of that, it manages to keep everything rather lightweight for its size. It’s still not the best choice for those who want a truly portable machine, but it’s easy to bring around when you need. Add on the ergonomic backlit keyboard and you get a well-rounded computer.

This doesn’t have the best RAM, which is something to note about players who want peak performance. However, it still delivers for just about everything else.

5. HP Pavilion

  • Best For: Versatility
  • Key Features: Intel Core i5 processor. Anti-glare and micro-edge screen. Nvidia GeForce.
  • Hard Disk Size: 256 GB
  • Screen Size: 16.1 inches
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds

The HP Pavilion gaming laptop is a computer with a large focus on the screen. The 16.1-inch display absolutely pops through the stellar colors and crisp resolution. The Nvidia GeForce graphics, anti-glare materials, and micro-edge screen also do wonders on that front.

This has strong wireless connectivity, which is a must for online gamers, as well as a full range of different ports. That combines with the fully upgradeable storage and memory to give you plenty of options in terms of exactly how you want to shape your gaming experience.

The only area where this laptop comes up short is the audio. While the speakers do a decent job, they aren’t fully immersive. Those who truly care about sound will likely want an additional accessory to round everything out.

6. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S

  • Best For: Display
  • Key Features: Responsive touch pad. Large virtual memory. 8th generation Intel Core processor. RGB backlit keyboard.
  • Hard Disk Size: 512GB
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Weight: 4.63 pounds

Outfitted with a beautiful 15.6-inch display as well as stunning graphics, the ASUS Zephyrus S is a solid, well-rounded gaming laptop. The 144 Hz refresh rate helps everything run smoothly, while the slim 6.5mm bezel allows much more room for screen space.

The internal processor is strong, while the outer shell is plenty tough. You also get an RGB backlit keyboard for when playing at night or in low light conditions. The ample memory and reasonably manageable shell both further that already impressive list of features.

As with so many gaming laptops, this model doesn’t have a great battery. Know that, and understand you’re going to want to have an outlet handy anytime you sit down for a long session.

7. Dell XPS 15

  • Best For: Speed
  • Key Features: InfinityEdge display. Powerful Intel Core i7 processor. 4K UHD touchscreen. Nvidia graphics and 1TB SSD.
  • Hard Disk Size: 1TB 
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds

If you want a smooth gaming experience, it’s hard to beat the Dell XPS 15. This model, which is both fast and responsive, is all about the specs. It comes with top-of-the-line graphics, a tough Intel Core i7 processor, a 1TB solid-state drive, as well as 32GB DDR4 memory.

In addition, everything you play on it looks amazing thanks to the 4K UHD touch screen with InfinityEdge display. The entire package is large enough to bring your games to life, but it never gets too large or unwieldy. It’s slick, attractive, and incredibly fast.

As it comes with so much, this is an expensive laptop. Even getting a renewed model, you’re going to pay quite a bit here. If you want high quality, however, it’s worth the extra cash.

How to Choose a Refurbished Gaming Laptop

Taking the following factors into account, your decision-making will be much easier.

Graphics Processor

One of the best aspects of modern-day video games is that they feature realistic graphics.

As such, if you don’t have a quality computer that can properly harness excellent resolution, your experience will suffer and you most likely won’t be very happy with your purchase.

That’s why you should pay attention to the graphics processor that comes with any computer you want to purchase.


It’s also important to consider your laptop’s display. Similar to the graphics processor, a high-quality screen goes a long way toward enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Size is a key consideration here. You might want one that’s bigger for a better viewing experience, or you might want something a bit more portable. It’s also important to get an HD model that has a high refresh rate.


If you’re looking at a refurbished computer, chances are you want to save some money.

The main reason to get one of these laptops is that you can save at least a few hundred dollars off what you would pay for something new.

You still get all of the capabilities, functions, and features you love, but you won’t have to spend quite as much money. If you’re on a budget, refurbished laptops are well worth it.


You might have to sacrifice certain traits when you buy refurbished, and that includes a warranty. The extra protection is one thing that may or may not be available with a refurbished purchase.

If it’s possible, you should definitely get the warranty just in case something happens. Just know that you won’t get as long of a warranty on a used or refurbished product as you would on something brand new.

Useful Tips & Resources

All of the computers on this list are high-quality, refurbished gaming options. Depending on your needs and budget, they will surely provide you with everything you need to have a good time.

However, there are other options out there and it’s good to know some key things to look out for when searching for a gaming laptop.

Check out this video for a good buying guide:

Final Words

When it comes to gaming experience, nothing is more important than your computer. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a new model, you can still find something that will let you enjoy gaming at high levels.

The refurbished gaming laptops you see on this list are all intended to do just that – provide quality gameplay while saving you some money.

What is your ultimate gaming laptop setup? Have you ever purchased a refurbished computer before? Let us know in the comments below!

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