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monitor for trading

When it comes to trading stocks, experience, skill, and luck are all part of the equation. There are no exact recipes for success, but the more you learn and educate yourself, the better you’ll do and the more money you can make. In addition to the skills needed and luck involved, you also want the best tools at your disposal.

A quality monitor is one such tool, and it can help with your trading on a daily basis. Here, we will take a look at the best monitors for trading in order to assist and aid you with every transaction. These monitors won’t guarantee success, but they can sure help you out.

Quick Summary

  • A top trading monitor is the Samsung CJ791 Ultrawide Monitor. This has an extra-wide 34-inch screen with crystal clear definition that will allow you to monitor multiple stocks at once and trade with ease.
  • For a more budget-friendly option that will still get the job done, check out the Acer KG271U 27” WQHD Monitor. This is a great medium-sized model that will easily fit on a desk or other workspace.
  • The Dell P4317Q 43-inch 4K LED Backlit Multi-Client Monitor is another amazing option perfect for professional traders who want a large screen, amazing image quality, and other useful features.

Who Should Get This?

If you’re a professional trader, you need a high-quality monitor to assist you in your endeavors. Even if you’re not a professional but someone who still trades stocks in any capacity, the monitors you’ll find on this list will allow you to quickly and clearly track changes in the market so you can make informed decisions. Having a larger screen that’s dedicated to trading can help you in many ways.

If you’re just getting into trading or only do it as a hobby, you might not want to get a monitor that’s specific to this purpose. You can still make trades on your laptop or even your smartphone. While these monitors can help you out, they aren’t absolutely essential for trading at any level.

Best Monitor for Trading: What to Consider in 2020

Screen Size

One of the main advantages of getting a good, high-quality monitor for trading is that it will allow you to monitor multiple accounts, for multiple clients or markets, at the same time. Larger screen size is an obvious advantage here, as it will give you a better look at everything that’s happening with whatever stocks you have pulled up on the screen. A larger display will easily allow you to have multiple windows open at the same time as well.

Curved Monitor or Regular

Another consideration when getting a trading monitor is whether you want a curved or regular design. This is mostly a matter of personal preference, but they both come with their advantages and disadvantages.

A curved monitor is going to be larger overall. That means you can have more windows displayed at once. Most curved monitors will have an excellent resolution for amazing image quality, but they will also be more expensive. A regular monitor will be cheaper but oftentimes smaller in size. You can pair multiple regular monitors together for an improved trading setup as well. That’s the most common approach.

Additional Features

The above considerations are the most important, but there are plenty of other features to look out for depending on any other needs you might have. Screen resolution and contrast ratio will impact image quality. An adjustable stand is a great way to keep your desk organized. Low blue light output is an excellent feature if you look at your display for hours on end. The type and quantity of inputs built-in to the monitor are important to connect with other devices as well.

Best Monitor for Trading: Our Picks in 2020

1. Samsung CJ791 Ultrawide Monitor

One great option for any trader is the Samsung CJ791 Ultrawide Monitor. This monitor is marketed as a gaming monitor, but it meets and exceeds all of the demands you will have for trading purposes as well. The 34-inch ultrawide screen means you’ll be able to easily have many windows open at once, while the curved screen brings everything to life.

This monitor also has an exceptional 3440 X 1440p resolution so all images are displayed with crystal clarity. It also comes equipped with two Thunderbolt 3 ports to easily connect your Mac or PC computer for fast data transfer speeds that are far superior to USB. The picture-by-picture mode is great for trading as well because it allows you to display two sources at once. You can also adjust them anywhere on the screen you would like.


  • Ultrawide 34-inch screen
  • Excellent resolution
  • Curved design
  • Picture-by-picture mode
  • Multiple inputs for connecting various devices
  • 100Hz refresh rate


  • Expensive
  • Hard to repair

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2. Acer KG271U 27” WQHD Monitor

The Acer KG271U 27” WQHD is another quality trading monitor. This is an affordable choice that will allow you to be efficient and effective with all of your day tradings. A 27-inch WQHD display provides excellent image quality, and that’s further enhanced by a 16:9 aspect ratio and zero frame design. Such traits make this a great choice if you want to pair multiple monitors together or are simply looking for a high-quality budget-friendly option.


  • Affordable
  • Zero frame design
  • Excellent image quality
  • Blue light filter
  • Great option for paired monitor setups


  • Screen is on the smaller side
  • Reflective bezel causes slight image distortion around edges

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3. Dell P4317Q 43-inch 4K LED Backlit Multi-Client Monitor

The Dell P4317Q is another amazing monitor that will provide you with an amazing trading experience. The 43-inch screen is quite large. It gives you plenty of room to set up multiple windows to stay productive and on top of your trading. A key feature here is the ability to set up different windows with bezel brakes so you can easily watch multiple accounts at the same time. The image quality is phenomenal as well.


  • Large screen
  • Great for working on multiple accounts/clients
  • 4K UHD LED Backlit for amazing clarity
  • Adjustable stand with mounting options
  • Picture-in-picture mode


  • Expensive

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Useful Tips & Resources

Many traders like to connect multiple monitors together to further increase their abilities to track and watch different stocks. While a larger monitor may decrease the need for this, it’s always good to know how to connect monitors to work together and help you with any or all of your trading. This video offers some good advice and direction on how to connect multiple monitors to a single computer.

Final Words

A good trading monitor can help you succeed and become a better trader. While it’s not essential to have a monitor specifically for trading, getting one of the options found here will only make your life easier in the long run. No matter if you want the highest quality and largest option or are looking for something less expensive to get started, the monitors on this list are some of the best for trading that you can find.

Do you have a monitor dedicated to trading? What model is it and would you recommend it to others? Let us know in the comments below!

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