5 Best Duplicate File Finder Apps for Mac

Every Mac user wants their machine to run well. They also want it to be snappy and responsive. Unfortunately, there are several things that can bog or slow down your Mac’s performance.

One of the culprits you might not expect is duplicate files. Your Mac houses thousands of different files, and many of those are duplicates.

Duplicate files take up storage, use disk space, and can generally hurt your Mac’s ability to perform at its peak. However, finding and dealing with such duplicate files on your Mac isn’t easy.

Thankfully, there are some duplicate file finders that can help. This guide will break down the best ones.

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1. Gemini 2

If you’re talking about duplicate file finders on Mac computers, Gemini 2 needs to be in the conversation.

The app lets you to easily, quickly, and accurately search through their files for duplicates that are wasting space and computational power. It is intelligent and often updated in different ways that boost software performance even further.

The design and incredibly approachable user interface is another thing that makes Gemini 2 so popular. You can easily preview files before you delete them, or let the Smart Select feature do it for you.

While the software isn’t free like some other solutions in the space, it is well worth the price tag ($19.95).

2. dupeGuru

Another option to consider is dupeGuru. This piece of software is easy to use and offers a no-frills solution for finding duplicate files.

Whether you are very tech-savvy or a new user, this option will be easy to pick up and use. You can either search for individual file names or look at the contents of the files themselves.

The scanning engine can also be customized, allowing you to find even more duplicates than you would with other programs.

In addition to being great for Mac computers, dupeGuru is cross-platform and will work on other operating systems. The software is efficient and can search the entirety of your device in minutes thanks to the high-quality algorithm. It can easily find pictures and music as well.

3. Cisdem Duplicate Finder

The Cisdem Duplicate Finder can help you find identical files even if they don’t have the same or a similar name.

The software will then show you a simple report that’s easy to understand so you can make sure you know what was found. You have full control when it comes to scanning preferences. That enables you to always choose where you want to scan and what sorts of files are scanned.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is also great at looking for similar files. Just like duplicate files, files that are similar to another take up a lot of space.

The software will help identify near-identical files and allow you to quickly remove them as well. Duplicate files can be put into categories and sorted to provide the best possible user experience.

Free trial is available, paid version license starts from $19.99 per Mac.

4. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a software best known for its data recovery. However, in addition to recovering deleted files, the program can also help you with duplicate files on your Mac.

That is because it can automatically analyze space on your computer to search for extra files that are taking up space when they don’t need to.

Both internal and external files can be searched, whether they are videos, images, or even documents. The software is easy to use, and the site has a helpful step-by-step guide to ensure everything gets done right.

It allows you to pick and choose which duplicates to delete, and gives you the option to quickly get rid of them all if you so wish.

5. Tidy Up

If you’re somewhat of an advanced user and want something a little more powerful, Tidy Up is a good way to go.

It gives you an unbelievable amount of control and customization when finding and removing duplicate files on your Mac. That is largely thanks to its two modes (simple and advanced) that give you a lot of control over your search.

You can choose the content you want the software to find and also have access to a variety of filtering options. For example, when it comes to songs you can search by name, size of the file, and even the musical genre.

Unfortunately, the software suffers a bit when it comes to intuitiveness. It can be a little complex for some users, but if you want a professional and robust solution, this is it.

Final Words

In conclusion, any of these duplicate finder apps will make your Mac computer experience much better. Whether you are looking for songs, videos, or other documents, these apps will provide you a way to quickly and easily clean things up.

Do you use a different Mac duplicate file finder that you feel we should have mentioned? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know about it in the comment section.

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