3 Best Long Range WiFi Antennas

Long-range WiFi antennas help with connectivity both in and around your house. The devices are useful for anyone who uses WiFi, but they are especially handy for anyone who works from home (which seems to be a lot of people these days).

When it comes to the internet, you want to be able to connect from anywhere around your property at any time. A good antenna helps you do that.

If you’re one of the many people who rely on the cable company to hook up the wifi and just leave you the password, you may be a bit intimidated by an in-depth purchase that requires a lot of setups.

Don’t worry. This guide will help make that process easier.

Who Should Get This

Due to COVID, I immediately thought of remote workers as the ideal candidates for these antennas. However, people use the internet for lots of reasons, right?

Anyone with a desire for stronger, faster internet connections can benefit from this. Another group of users where this could be helpful are people with outdoor living spaces, like a pool or large deck.

If you’re looking for great WiFi speed to listen to stream movies or music these antennas are a must-have.

How to Choose Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Antennas

For those that rely on a seamless internet connection, the importance of your WiFi cannot be understated. There are some benchmarks that every long-range antenna should meet so that you know you have gotten your money’s worth.


These antennas will sit outside for years, so you must ensure that you’re buying something that won’t break during the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights. Avoiding cheaper plastic built antennas will help you in the long run. Cheaper is always better up front, but this antenna should last for years before having to get a new one and go through the hassle of a new installation.


Antennas’ price range can differ by hundreds of dollars. Depending on your commitment level to the best WiFi performance, you may want something that will guarantee you high performance levels for years or you may be looking for something that will stop lagging movie streams or slow internet speeds. Do your homework and find the right antenna for your needs.


Many antennas boast a high range of WiFi connections, but not all of them deliver on that promise. Always pay attention to reviews, and do your best to pick models from trusted brands.

Best Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Antennas: Our Picks

1. SimpleWiFi Ultra Long-Range Extender

The SimpleWiFi Extender may look like a major league option, but the setup is easy and will have you connected wirelessly for up to 8-miles. It also boasts a 7 degree 24 dBi signal on a 2.4 Ghz frequency, which provides optimal performance. The steel frame is strong and functional. It will also hold up in extreme weather. Even though it may seem bulky, setting it up and connecting to it is a breeze.

What We Like:

  • Sturdy build and grid design protect it from high winds
  • Can be mounted anywhere in and around the house
  • Fast data transfer speeds

What We Dislike:

  • Antenna is big and may not fit well at smaller residences

2. COMFAST AC1200 Wireless Access Point

This high gain antenna extends your WiFi connection to approximately 867 Mbps and provides 360 degree range coverage so you won’t have to make the decision on where to point it. That is also great for people who like to change their layout. This model also supports several different modes – AP, Router, or Bridge – and yields a solid performance in any situation. The quality of this antenna, for its comparatively low price, is staggering.

What We Like:

  • Durable, weatherproof design
  • Simple 5-minute set up
  • Small, unassuming design and not an eyesore in the neighborhood

What We Dislike:

  • Some have issues converting set up language to English from Chinese

3. CC Vector Long Range Extender

The CC Vector is the gold standard of outdoor long-range WiFi antennas, and that’s backed up by the higher price tag. However, if performance is what you need, then this is the model for you. The grid-style antenna build is similar to the SimpleWiFi, but it’s a lot smaller and a whole lot sturdier. Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to the fastest internet you have ever experienced in your home.

What We Like:

  • Highly rated customer service experience
  • Utilizes 15dBi parabolic antenna to increase speed
  • Built well for campers and barn use
  • Travels well

What We Dislike:

  • The price may turn people off who don’t value the performance as much as others

Other Useful Tips

The addition to an outdoor long-range WiFi antenna can boost your entertainment and help your work output tremendously.

However, if your internet isn’t working from the source, you could be using an antenna from NASA and not yield the results you like. Your router is incredibly important. To ensure you’re sending the proper signals to your antenna, try the Nighthawk router from Netgear.

The Nighthawk is compatible with any operating system and can boost your internet to speeds of up to 4600 Mbps. Netgear is a trusted brand in the router world and they have a large loyal customer base for a reason. Their equipment works consistently each and every time.

Final Thoughts

Boosting your Wifi range, speed, and performance is crucial to those looking to transition into working from home. It will also make your whole family happy if they can stream their movies while Mom and Dad cruise the internet.

Always be sure to do your homework on what antenna works best for your location and geographical landscape. That being said, the models we covered above are the perfect places to start when you need a better WiFi connection.

Have you had luck with any of the WiFi antennas we covered in this article? Leave us a comment below.

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