4 Best Kodi Alternatives for Free Streaming

There are plenty of home entertainment apps out there, ranging from common mainstream platforms to open-source options that allow for a bit more flexibility.

Kodi is one such popular entertainment app that allows you to watch a wide range of content and stream movies, shows, or live sports all from the comfort of your home.

kodi alternatives

Even though Kodi is a favorite among many users, it has run into some hot water in regard to legal issues concerning some of the content the program allows you to watch. It’s legal to use, but depending on what sort of streaming you do, you can run into issues with copyright infringement and more.

That’s why we are going to provide you with some of the best Kodi alternatives here. Let’s get into it.

1. Plex


Plex is one of my personal favorite home entertainment platforms due to how it’s set up. Rather than functioning as a straight streaming service, Plex allows you to use a personal server-based system to watch movies and shows across all of your different devices.

That differs from other services like Kodi where you use other people’s servers to stream content, and it creates a reliable way to watch all of your favorite programs.

Plex is available worldwide and works with many common streaming devices such as your computer, iOS devices, and Amazon Fire.

The program functions by having you set up your computer or other devices as a server, and then with that, you choose a server to stream your chosen media. You can also download Plex Channels, which gives you access to even more streaming options like live sports.

The basic Plex is free to use and has an easy and intuitive interface that’s pretty straightforward. If you want additional features like the ability to download media and sync to your mobile device, you’ll have to download a Plex Pass for an extra fee.

Overall, it’s a great streaming program that’s great if or when you can’t use Kodi.

2. Stremio


Another awesome alternative to Kodi is Stremio. In fact, some people have a better experience using this app over Kodi because it can be much more stable.

I personally still prefer Kodi and have had better performance overall with it, but I’d consider Stremio a close second place in the performance category. This program will give you the ability to watch anything and everything you want by using open-source software that’s both stable and reliable.

This program can work on all of your devices and can be downloaded onto a computer, phone, tablet, or streaming device that allows open-source software.

Another great feature of Stremio is that it makes it easy to organize all of your media for easy access. If you love to have things personalized and customized to your liking, this option is well worth looking into.

Once downloaded, all you have to do is go to the Discover or Board sections within the app to access movies, shows, and sports. Stremio also supports over 50 add-ons to give you a user experience that meets your needs and provides a great way to access all of your favorite content.

3. MediaPortal


Another great open-source Kodi alternative is MediaPortal. This option is actually a bit similar to Kodi in appearance, which makes for an easy-to-use experience if you’re used to Kodi’s many features.

The downside here is that MediaPortal only works on Windows PCs, so you won’t have as much flexibility with what devices you can use. However, on the upside, it’s not a demanding program that will work well on even outdated PCs.

MediaPortal also makes for a good option to watch live TV and it even has a feature that will allow you to record live programs and watch them later. That, combined with the ability to watch other media as well, makes it a great one-stop media hub to store and watch all of your favorites whenever you want.

If your goal is to play music, podcasts, store pictures, or make a slideshow, this option will meet and exceed your needs.

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

If you mainly watch movies and shows and don’t want to use Kodi, Popcorn Time has you covered. In fact, this program is set up in a way that’s meant to rival Netflix in both function and features.

Once you have the open-source software installed, you’ll actually have a larger library at your fingertips than Netflix. That wide range makes it a popular choice for those who love to have movie nights with the family or binge their favorite shows all day long.

Popcorn Time functions as a third-party streaming service and is compatible with iOS, Linux, and Android devices. It’s also available for both Mac and PC computers, which means you’ll have a range of options in how you choose to enjoy the service. It has one of the best user interfaces on the list as well.

If you’re looking for something that’s simple to set up and similar to more traditional subscription services you might be used to, this is a good option.

Final Words

If you’re used to Kodi, then you’re already familiar with how a third-party streaming service functions.

However, if you’re using one of these programs for the first time, you’ll want to use a VPN service to make the most of the features and functions these apps and software options have to offer.

Though Kodi is still used by many, the other options you’ll find here will still give you similar performance.

What alternative do you use instead of Kodi? What traits do they have that make them enjoyable to use?

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