5 Best Free File Managers for iPhone

iPhones are full of important information, and they go a long way in terms of work, relaxation, and school. We need to have quick and simple access to those files at all times.

Unfortunately, keeping track of all of your important documents on your iPhone isn’t as easy as
doing it on your computer. Thankfully, file management apps have become popular and can make things much more streamlined. However, which file manager should you choose?

Read on to learn more about some of the best file managers for the iPhone.

1. Documents: File Manager & Web

Documents by Readdle is one of the leaders in the iPhone file-sharing space. It is completely free to use and checks off just about everything you want to see out of a file management app. This makes it easy to import, share, move, tag, and manage.

You can read books, annotate PDFs, listen to music, and do so much more. The app works with nearly every text, audio, and video format.

It is incredibly popular around the world. It can even help you take your iPhone to the next level when it comes to productivity and managing files.

2. File Manager & Browser

If you like a simple, no-frills design that gets the job done, File Manager & Browser is a good way to go.

This has a built-in PDF reader, music player, and a robust search function so you can always find what you need. Everything in the app is laid out simply and effectively, and sorting, sharing, or organizing the files can be done in seconds.

This app helps keep you organized without all of the extra bells and whistles. Editing and viewing a wide range of file types is possible and files can easily be copied and zipped as well. There’s even a feature that allows you to open up files in other apps as well.

3. Owlfiles File Explorer

Owlfiles File Explorer makes it easy to access your files on both your iPhone and other non-Apple devices.

The app allows you to directly manage and move files from all of your devices to one place. Being able to connect in that manner means you can control everything right from your device. This includes transferring, sorting, and syncing files.

The app essentially supports every format under the sun. It’s incredibly robust and the control it gives you over your files on every device is incredible.

It can take a bit to completely set up the app, but once you do it becomes easy to manage your files and documents.

4. FileMaster

If you’re concerned about keeping your files safe while you manage them, FileMaster is the way to go.

This app is all about security and protecting your information. You can set app passwords, put passwords on documents, hide certain files, and generally keep everything safe. Creating and managing various folders in the app is also quite simple.

In addition to securely and privately storing your files and documents, FileMasters also wears many other hats. The app helps you play video and audio, can edit text, and do a variety of other important things. It can be used as a reader, and it makes transferring files between different devices quick and easy.

5. Files

If you’d rather not use a third-party file manager, consider the built-in Files app on the iPhone.

While this is a very new inclusion to the device, it’s a decent option to consider. That is because it’s simple, streamlined, and perfect for those who want simplicity. That combination makes it quick and easy to find what you’re looking for.

Files can be moved, organized, and even tagged to ensure they are easy to find in seconds. You can easily share files or entire folders with others, and Files will even allow you to use and access certain third-party services like Dropbox or Google Drive. The app can be used on other devices as well.

Final Words

In conclusion, having the right file manager on your iPhone can make it much easier to find a photo, document, or any other file you might need. Any of the mentioned file managers above will be able to help you improve your device’s user experience.

Do you use a different file manager that you feel should have been included? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comment section!

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