6 Best Webcams for Skype

While most people will go their computer’s whole life only ever using the built-in webcam for fun pictures or to occasionally Skype Grandma, the professional world brings a whole range of uses for the webcam, and sooner or later the built-in one isn’t going to cut it.

Sometimes, the webcam built into your PC or Mac simply doesn’t work, sound familiar?

It’s no secret that a webcam isn’t any laptop’s flagship feature, and many desktops don’t come with one, so you’re going to need an external model with recording and streaming quality that’s up to par.

We’ll show you a few of our top picks, and help you find which webcam is going to be the best fit for you.

Do You Need an External Webcam?

If you’re a businessperson who regularly works with long-distance clients, a high-quality webcam should be a no-brainer.

It will allow you to meet in a face-to-face setting without excessive travel fees and from the comfort of your own office, as well as provide an avenue for better communication and cooperation.

Additionally, having a high-quality camera will be more professional than the low dpi model that comes on most laptops and make for a more enjoyable experience on your client’s side.

On the other hand, if you just plan on Skyping with family occasionally, you probably don’t need a fancier webcam.

If your computer doesn’t already have one, it doesn’t hurt to look through our suggestions, but in most cases, upgrading is fairly unnecessary unless your built-in model is not working, truly awful, or not remotely possible.

The Best HD Webcam for Skype: Our Picks

These HD webcams all come with special traits that make them particularly useful for Skype.

1. Logitech C920S

  • Best For: Overall
  • Key Features: Full HD resolution. Privacy shutter. Excellent recording and uploading software. Fast and accurate.
  • Image Capture Speed: 30 FPS
  • Minimum Focal Length: 0.01 millimeters
  • Video Capture Format: H.264

The Logitech C920S is a fantastic webcam that’s perfect for just about any purpose or use. The 1080p full HD Skype video calling is its standout feature, but it also does a great job on FacetTime and Google Hangouts. The recording and uploading software are strong as well.

The smaller size allows you to easily attach it to any laptop without taking up too much room, while the microphone smoothly collects audio. The lens even automatically adjusts on the fly to ensure you always have access to the best possible lighting.

The only area where this webcam comes up short is the stereo effect. Though it technically comes with two mics, they sit so close together that you aren’t going to experience anything extra in that regard.

2. Logitech C310

  • Best For: Windows
  • Key Features: Compact design. 5 megapixel snapshots. Built-in mic with noise reduction. Automatic lens adjustment.
  • Image Capture Speed: 30 FPS
  • Minimum Focal Length: 12 millimeters
  • Video Capture Format: ASF

If you’re a Windows user, the Logitech C310 is a fantastic Skype webcam that’s small, powerful, and easy to use. It’s incredibly compact and simply clips onto your laptop. That, mixed with the easy USB connection, enables you to stick it wherever you find most comfortable. 

On top of that, the webcam both records and streams in 720p. You get excellent quality, especially considering the automatic adjustment technology that compensates for poort lighting. The mic is noise-canceling as well. It even stays affordable despite its various features.

Of course, as this is a Windows-only Webcam, Mac users won’t be able to get anything from it. The customer service is also a bit lacking. Still, it’s a solid cheaper option for those who use PCs.

3. Uzano 1080P

  • Best For: Usability
  • Key Features: Noise-canceling microphone. Strong quality and resolution. 100-degree wide angle view. Plug-and-play design.
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Image Stabilization: Digital
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080P

If you’re not technologically savvy but want a strong Skype webcam, the Uzano 1080P is a great choice. This model, which plugs through a simple USB cable, is a synch to set up. It only takes a second to plug in and can be placed just about anywhere thanks to its tight design.

Beyond that, it comes with a 100-degree viewing angle and unique manual focus design. Both work perfectly with the CMOS algorithms and strong low-light functionality to ensure all of your recordings come through crisp and clear. The simultaneous streaming is great as well.

This is an incredibly easy-to-use device, which is important because there’s no setup manual or customer support. Be aware of that, and know you’re largely on your own if you have an issue.

4. Logitech HD Pro

  • Best For: Audio
  • Key Features: Fast autofocus. 1080p video calling. Excellent compression. Dual stereo mics with automatic noise reduction. Low light correction.
  • Image Capture Speed: 30 fps
  • Minimum Focal Length: 1 millimeter
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

The Logitech HD Pro is a great Skype webcam for users who want something that both sounds and looks great. The Full HD video calling goes a long way, as do the dual stereo mics that offer automatic noise reduction. Everything comes through exactly how it should.

That quality is then furthered by the fast and accurate autofocus. You also get auto compression if you want to quickly transfer data and there’s a wide compatibility so you’ll never have a problem no matter what brand or computer type you use.

This webcam does cost more than similar models, which is something to note if cost is an issue. However, the slightly higher price point is worth it if you value multi-front reliability.

5. Poly Studio P5

  • Best For: Optics
  • Key Features: 1080p HD resolution. Excellent microphone. Poly Lens Desktop App and Field of View technology. Great security.
  • Image Capture Speed: 30 fps
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Video Capture Format: MP4

The Poly Studio P5 is a powerful HD webcam that excels for video recording and conferencing. 

You can use the field of view to make sure you’re always in the correct frame. The Poly Lens Desktop App also increases functionality and makes everything much more intuitive.

Small and mobile, this cam is easy to set up through the useful tripod mount or mounting clamp. Either option enables you to place this wherever is most convenient. The privacy shutter and directional microphone are simply icing on the cake.

The only downside to note is that this option is not the best in low light situations. It’s still functional in such scenarios, but you want to keep your space well lit when using it.

6. Vitade 960A

  • Best For: Versatility
  • Key Features: Good autofocus. Three-level adjustable ring light fill. Strong correction and compression. Plug and play design.
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Video Capture Format: MPEG

The Vitade 960A is a great HD Skype camera if you’re someone who likes options. Not only do you get access to the full HD video quality, but it comes with great light correction, strong autofocus, as well as a three-level adjustable ring fill light.

All of those aspects work together to ensure your streaming looks professional and exactly as you want. It’s great in both low and bright light. On top of that, the plug-and-play system lends itself to usability. Anyone can get this up and running in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

This is a bulkier model than some of the sleeker choices on this list. However, if you don’t mind some extra heft it’s a great way to add an extra layer to your Skype sessions.

How to Choose a Webcam for Skype

Recording & Streaming Quality

This is perhaps the most important aspect of a webcam because it largely determines how easy on the eyes your image will appear to your audience.

Although their computer and wifi might limit the quality they can view, you should always send the best possible video you can — which means ditching any 480p cameras and definitely going for 1080p (HD).

Also keep in mind that not all webcams stream at the same resolution that they record in, so make sure you read the fine print.

Frames Per Second (FPS)

While this rating can again, be affected by your computer or your client’s computer, the FPS refers to how many times the image updates per second while it is on the screen.

Anything less than 30 FPS becomes increasingly unpleasant to view, as it will appear choppy and not correctly depict motions or other visuals.

Zoom & Additional Features

Just like on a normal camera, zooming in will cause quality to decrease rapidly, so if your webcam of choice offers this feature, make sure it also includes the necessary hardware to account for the inevitable loss of quality.

Some webcams also offer features such as a wider angle of capture (good for if you want to have more than one person in front of the camera) or different mounting systems – make sure to see if you have any specific needs that can be met with a more specialized product.

Helpful Tips & Resources

Unfortunately, most webcams aren’t just plug-and-play pieces of technology. You’ll likely need to install drivers and have administrator rights to the computer, so make sure you can do that before you get started.

Then, if you’re on Windows you can follow this guide on how to get your camera up and running. If you’re using macOS, you can use this helpful guide from Apple on how to get things going.

Once everything is ready to go, make sure you know how to use your webcam effectively before you get started live streaming or video conferencing.

Simple errors such as a poor backdrop can really decrease the quality and professionality of your video, so use this guide from CBS to get all the details on how to make sure your video conference goes as well as possible.

Final Words

You’ve got plenty of things to worry about on your Skype call besides whether your camera is working properly. From the outfit to the backdrop to the proposal you’re presenting, your webcam should be there to help you rather than hinder you.

All of the models described in this article can give you the ease and security you need – but did we miss one you prefer? If so, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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