7 Best Video Explainer Software

Explainer videos are great. They make mundane topics more interesting and create fun, enticing professional presentations.

However, few people can make a clean, eye-catching video from scratch. Rather, they need professional software to help them bring it to life.

The following guide will analyze the best explainer video software and tools in the market right now. Each helps bring your ideas to life in a unique or interesting way, giving you a plethora of options where you can expand your creativity.

Let’s take a closer look below.

1. PowToon


If you’re looking for a way to bring boring or mundane presentations to life, it’s hard to do better than PowToon.

This affordable software easily helps anyone create interesting or unique animated videos in no time at all. Not only does it have a list of great templates, but the drag-and-drop interface is simple to use. In that way, the operation is easy for both new and more seasoned users alike.

Everything on this software looks extremely clean, cutting back any unnecessary bells and whistles that typically get in the way. It offers a good range of video footage and, while the truly impressive features only come at higher tiers, it does a good job of giving you a lot for a little.

Beyond that, the program lets you put in your own music through the software. You can pick from a wide range of both free and premium options, giving you many different choices.

2. Animaker


Animaker is a great tool for people who want to do a lot of different things with their explainer video software.

While many programs give you choices, this one goes above and beyond thanks to its five different video styles and 120 different animation types.

In addition to that, everything looks clean and professional. The videos you create here are all beautiful as a result of the high-end templates and unique designs.

In fact, the biggest reason to pick Animaker is the quality of their free templates. Where most programs will stick you with something passable and make you pay for more, this one gives you great quality right off the bat. The typography and infographic templates are extremely useful as well.

The prices are quite reasonable here, but if you do want to branch out and spend some extra cash you should check out the advanced premium styles.

3. Wideo

At first glance, Wideo seems like a pretty simple drag-and-drop program. However, it goes far, far beyond that.

This software has more than 1300 images as well as more than 50 different music tracks so you can easily make full HD explainer videos without any hassle.

This is one of the best ways to quickly put together professional presentations. It’s cheap to start, but you will have to pay for the premium eventually.

Wideo comes with a large selection of icons and images for you to choose from, allowing a high level of customization and control. In addition, the interface is clean, modern, and quite easy to use.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time getting used to the features with this one, anyone, regardless of their technological know-how, can jump in straight away.

4. Vyond


If you want something modern, it’s hard to beat Vyond.

The main appeal of this program over other explainer video programs is the cool features coupled with the stylized templates that make everything look sleek and professional.

All the icons are eye-catching and the premium templates give your videos a slick feel. Vyond also enables you to easily animate your characters, which simply raises the bar on what you can do.

Another bonus of this program is that it gives you a wide range of ways to edit your characters. That includes actions, emotions, and characteristics.

Vyond comes with a fun-to-use, high-quality sound gallery too. There are also many effects that enable you to have some extra fun as you put together your video.

5. Renderforest


If you want to create your explainer video in a different way, Renderforest is here for you. This tool uses a combination of AI and machine learning algorithms to bring your vision to life.

While this does require you to use templates, each one can be rated by members of the community. That saves you time when searching and allows you to instantly know if something will work for your needs. The site even shows off its user’s videos, which is a nice touch.

As with any high-end explainer video software, Renderforest comes fully equipped with a range of fun and interesting animations.

This is a bit more sophisticated than similar programs, which is something to be aware of for those who aren’t as tech-savvy, but it’s quite intuitive once you get the hang of everything. It’s also worth mentioning that all of the one-off exports here are much more affordable than similar programs.

6. Moovly


Though it doesn’t quite have as many templates as similar programs, Moovly has a wide graphics and photo library that can take your explainer videos to the next level.

You can also animate in different styles to achieve the exact look you want. Another big bonus of this site over others is that it has a large export limit. That’s perfect if you’re with a small business and want to save some cash.

Moovly also gets high marks for being extremely easy to use. Not only is the interface simple and quick, but the included tutorial also works wonders and enables anyone to get the hang of the program right away.

The prices are quite reasonable too. You don’t need to pay a lot to get quality here.

7. Rawshorts


As with Renderforest above, Rawshorts is a business that uses AI to quickly create a video draft.

Unlike similar sites, all you need to do here is upload a video script and the algorithms will scan the text and identify the main elements.

From there, they figure out what videos will help bring your script to life and generate a voiceover. You can then review the changes, make any alterations, and publish them right away. It’s a simple system that can work wonders.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you don’t like or want to use AI, Rawshorts does give you the option to make your video with one of their pre-made templates. That gives you a few choices without boxing you into a single style or look.

The gallery has a wide range of attractive illustrations as well as a wide selection of useful stock footage. They have a great download limit too.

Final Thoughts

The thought of making your own explainer videos can be daunting at first. However, with the right video explainer software like the ones listed above you’ll be off to the races in no time at all.

Do you have a favorite explainer video tool? What do you use it for? Let us know in the comments below!

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