6 Best Color Label Printers for Small Business

A label printer is a very useful device. Not only does it help at a personal level, allowing you to create fun labels at home, but it’s great for businesses or more professional settings as well.

There are many great color label printers on the market, and each comes with its own traits and specifications.

If you’re looking for a specific model, you want something that matches your specific needs and the options found here are all great choices.

Who Should Get This

As mentioned above, color label printers are great for both personal and professional use.

Printing bright, vibrant labels at home is perfect if you’re someone who needs to decorate or mark certain items around your house, while stunning colors can help bring your business to life.

If you need any labels at all, it’s best to consider a color printer because it will increase your options. The only exception is for those who are on a tight budget and don’t want to pay extra.

Best Color Label Printer for Small Business: Our Picks

Every color printer in this section has premium traits that help them create high-quality labels.

1. Brother VC-500W

  • Best For: Overall
  • Key Features: Zero Ink technology. Label Editor app and compact design. Bright colors. Great customer support.
  • Connectivity Technology: WiFi
  • Sheet Size: 17 inches
  • Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.8 x 4.3 inches

The Brother VC-500W is a strong color label printer that kicks off the list due to its unique Zero Ink Technology. With many printers, the ink tends to be the biggest cost or nuisance. This model completely circumvents that by allowing you to print without it.

In addition, the entire device is quite small. It can fit just about anywhere, which allows you to work without needing a ton of space. The WiFi connection works seamlessly with a smartphone or tablet, while the editor app creates a lot of extra versatility. 

This is a smaller printer. While that’s great when it comes to space-saving purposes, it also means you only can get smaller labels. If that’s what you want, however, there’s nothing better for the job. 

2. HP LaserJet Pro

  • Best For: Power
  • Key Features: High-quality images and documents. 250-sheet input tray. Fast printing speed. Strong connectivity.
  • Connectivity Technology: USB, Ethernet
  • Sheet Size: 3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14, Letter, Legal, Envelope
  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 16.2 x 18.5 inches

Outfitted with strong connectivity, high volume capacity, a 250-sheet input tray, and an incredibly impressive 28 pages-per-minute printing speed, the HP LaserJet Pro is a high-quality device that can create excellent labels whenever you need it.

Another feature worth noting is usability. This printer enables you to quickly and efficiently manage all of your tasks. The compact size allows it to be stored anywhere, while the one-year warranty works alongside the customer service to help you with any issues that might arise.

This does come with the downside that it’s not compatible with 5ghz networks. It’s great everywhere else, but if you have such a network you need to go with another model.

3. Epson TM-C3500

  • Best For: Speed
  • Key Features: 4-cartridge system. Strong connectivity. Compact and quick printing speed. Amazing customer service.
  • Connectivity Technology: USB, Ethernet
  • Scanner Type: Sheetfed
  • Dimensions: ‎12.2 x 11.1 x 10.3 inches

The Epson TM-C3500 is a fast printer that allows you to pump out labels, tickets, or tags as you see fit. Everything comes out quickly and in beautiful high-resolution color. This features extremely high-quality print speeds, as well as one of the more compact designs around.

What truly makes this stand out is the unique 4-cartridge system that actively helps you save on ink. Being able to cut on costs in the long run is always welcome. You also have two connection options: USB and Ethernet. While there’s no WiFi, two choices are better than one.

Unfortunately, this is another smaller label printer. That means you can only get options that are 4-inches or less. If that works for you, it’s a quality purchase.

4. Primera LX500

  • Best For: Compact
  • Key Features: Lightweight. Easy to set up. Affordable. Wide label variety. High quality. Flexible and fast.
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Weight: 12.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.4 x 13.8 x 12.6 inches

There is a range of great printers on the market, but many of the top models are bulky or take up too much room. The Primera LX500 is a smaller printer that, while still hefty, manages to be lightweight and enables you to print a wide variety of different labels.

That’s then complemented by some of the best label resolution on the market. All of your finished products come out in vivid color and with stunning detail. That perfectly melds with the smaller footprint to create the perfect option for a tighter space or at home office.

Though this isn’t the most expensive option on the market, you are going to need to purchase extra ink cartridges down the line. Be sure to factor that into the upfront costs.

5. Primera LX910

  • Best For: Versatility
  • Key Features: Quick and sturdy. Prints wide labels. Built-in cutter. Single interchangeable cartridge. Water and scratch-resistant.
  • Connectivity Technology: USB
  • Scanner Type: Sheetfed
  • Dimensions: ‎17.2 x 17.2 x 9.1 inches

Another reliable option from Primera, the LX910 is a solid color device that allows you to print in a few different ways. You can go with smaller labels, but the maximum size of 8.25 inches ensures you can get large or wider ones too. Perfect for users who need options.

On top of that, the device is quite durable. Not only does it come with a scratch-resistant shell, but it’s water-resistant. That ensures you’re getting a quality purchase. There are many label materials available, as well as a built-in cutter and USB 2.0 connectivity. 

Do note that, while this printer is more than serviceable, it doesn’t have the best finishing quality. This is perfect for anything except large high-resolution jobs.

6. Epson TM-C7500

  • Best For: Premium
  • Key Features: Fast. Great high volume printing. Special pigment ink. High resolution and smudge-free. Four ink cartridges. 
  • Connectivity Technology: USB 2.0, Ethernet
  • Weight: 81 pounds
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 23.5 x 15.51 inches

If budget is no concern and you’re in the market for a high-quality color label printer, it’s hard to beat the Epson TM-C7500. This compact model comes with some of the most impressive specs around. It has a blindingly fast print speed, superior color quality, and great 1200 DPI resolution.

On top of that, it creates smudge-free labels that will never fade or crack. Everything you print with this will stay exactly as you envision. The special pigment ink, which works specifically with glossy paper, is another large bonus.

Just be aware that this is not a frivolous purchase. This printer costs a ton when compared to other label options. It’s only for users who are serious about their labels and won’t settle for anything less than perfection.

How to Choose a Color Label Printer for Small Business

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

When printing labels, resolution and image quality are important. A faded or ugly label doesn’t just defeat the purpose of making one, it can also turn people away.

To avoid that, you want to get a printer with high dots-per-inch. That metric tells you how many dots of ink there are per square inch.

A higher DPI is critical for those who want detailed images or small text, but you can get away with a lower one if you only need basic designs.

Label Size

Label size is also important. It doesn’t matter how well your printer works if it’s not compatible with the label paper you need.

To avoid that, know what size labels you need going into the purchase and be aware that certain printers can only print specific widths.

A great printer that can only handle a four-inch width might be great for making wine labels, but it’s not going to do much for barrels or chemical drums.


No matter how you cut it, a color label printer is going to run you a good amount of money. How much money, however, is up to you.

Always do your best to get a device that offers a good amount of features at a reasonable price.

Try to stay within your budget but if there’s a feature you truly need, don’t be afraid to go for it and try to save money on other items.

Useful Resources

Printing labels is not as easy as it first might seem. While creating a document is one thing, getting the right final product is something else entirely.

If you want some extra tips to ensure everything goes smoothly, check out this in-depth article.

A printer is an important and advanced piece of technology. As such, you need to do what you can to keep it in tip-top shape.

There are several ways to make that happen, but this video covers the best ones to make sure your device runs at its full potential for an extended period of time.

Final Words

If you need labels, adding color goes a long, long way.

There are quite a few machines that make your prints pop off the page, but none of them are as reliable or as well-rounded as what we covered here. If you want great results, pick one of the above choices.

What do you use your color label printer for? Are there any models we missed? Let us know below.

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