4 Best Business Card Design Software

Your business card needs to be high-quality. Not only does it need to look good, but it also needs to include key contact information so people can get a hold of you. If it lacks style or substance, the recipient might get a negative first impression and ruin your potential contact.

Some people may opt to hire a professional to design their business cards, but that’s often unnecessary. Rather, there are several great pieces of software for business card design that you can use instead.

This guide will walk you through some of the best. Let’s dive in.

1. Adobe Express

If you want a quick, professional way to make a business card, Adobe Express might be for you.

It allows you to create and completely customize a business card in minutes. Even if you aren’t a skilled graphic designer, you can easily create a card that’s sure to impress the next person you give it to.

With this, choosing the right size and shape is easy. The program also provides you with a ton of different templates to choose from. You can even add background, images, and text as you need.

In addition to letting you print the card, you can also instantly share it on social media to get it out to people in a different way. Spark is also great for making short videos, graphics, and other creative content.

2. Fotor


Fotor is used by hundreds of millions of people due to its great photo editing and design-making capabilities.

However, it’s particularly good for those looking to create gorgeous business cards. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance writer, makeup artist, or even a wedding planner, you can craft the perfect card on Fotor.

This program comes with many different templates if you need some inspiration, but it also lets you start from scratch if you have a certain idea in mind. They not only offer a number of unique and intricate designs, but a variety of incredible images to choose from as well.

You also have all the tools you need to make the card your own and give it the pop it needs to stand out. The interface is clean and clear, and your designs can be saved or edited whenever you want to make a small change.

3. Business Card Designer Plus

Business Card Designer Plus

While many business card designing tools and pieces of software come with other bells and whistles, some people may want something a bit simpler. If you’re looking for a pure business card program, Business Card Designer Plus is the way to go.

This tool lets you completely customize your card in any way you’d like to ensure you always end up with something that looks good. They have a variety of available sizes, give you access to tens of thousands of photos, and allow you to choose any style of card you’d like.

This program is easy to use, has great support, and allows you to choose either to print the card yourself or export it for professional printing.

From text effects to shaping tools, there are a lot of ways to make your card unique. There’s a free trial version, but if you want the full version you will have to pay a small fee.

4. EdrawMax


EdrawMax can help people build a wide range of different graphics from flow charts, to diagrams, to floor plans, and everything in between.

It also happens to be quite good at building business cards. The tabbed interface used by this tool is quite similar to Microsoft Office, so there’s a good chance it will be quite familiar.

In addition to many templates, there’s also a library of different icons, shapes, and text you can choose from when designing your card’s look. This software lets you freely move and maneuver all of your different elements to ensure they look the exact way you want them to.

Just know that this software, while impressive, isn’t free. You’ll have to pay a small fee to use it.

Final Words

While many connections begin online, there are still real-life business connections being made at meetings, conferences, or office halls all around the country. Those happen in different ways, but one of the key parts of any first impression is a business card.

When designing business cards, you want them to stand out and include all of the necessary information to help you build relationships and make sales.

Any of the above business card design software will be able to help you design an incredible business card in the style you want. No matter what you pick, you’ll come away happy.

Are there other pieces of software for business card design that you feel should have been mentioned? If so, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment about them below.

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