4 Best Autotune Software and Plugins

While it would be lovely if everyone had the voice of an angel, that, unfortunately, isn’t the case. However, there are some tools out there that can make people sound better when they sing or harmonize.

One of the most popular is autotune. The voice correction software or plugin helps anyone sound good by bringing their voice into tune and altering their pitch.

Whether you’re a professional vocalist or just a regular person who wants to sound better, autotune can often improve your voice as well as the quality of your singing.

If you’ve listened to music at all in recent years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard your fair share of autotune. This guide will break down the best ones and explain why they rise above similar options.

1. Antares Auto-Tune Pro

Antares Auto-Tune Pro

While many people use the word “autotune” when describing all types of pitch correction, there’s actually only one software that goes by that name. Auto-Tune Pro is a very popular tool that’s used throughout the music industry.

It lets you perform real-time corrections and helps you make extremely detailed edits. It can be done to sound natural and subtle, but can also make extreme changes if that’s preferred.

There’s a laundry list of features in the software including automatic format correction, time correction, scale editing, and Vibrato control. There’s even Auto-Key to help you save time and optimize your process as a whole.

Despite having all of these advanced tools, the software is quite easy to use. You can make a small change to a certain note, or even make pitch changes to an entire performance, the choice is yours.

2. Celemony Melodyne

Celemony Melodyne

Another popular option is Melodyne by Celemony. This one has a range of advanced features, including melody building, time-stretching, and the option to create background vocals.

The software has a number of different algorithms that were designed around different types of instruments. That enables you to always find the right sound.

This software also features an incredible workflow and allows you to maintain a lot of control over every aspect of your project. There’s chord recognition, as well as a fade tool and leveling macros so you can edit dynamics.

The audio can be manipulated in various ways, and it can also be revisited and changed long after the recording session has finished. However, be aware that this software doesn’t let you edit audio in real time.

3. Waves Tune Real Time (Plugin)

Waves Tune Real Time

If you want one of the most natural sounding autotune plugins on the market, consider Waves Tune.

It’s versatile but mostly used during live performances. That’s because it’s precise, accurate, and comes with low latency. It can make someone sound like they are in the studio while they’re out on stage.

This software doesn’t sound artificial and it gives you a lot of control when it comes to how extreme you want it to be. It can be customized according to the performer’s articulation, as well as the sound of the song.

Just know that the interface and software itself can be a bit confusing compared to other options. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it first before using it in a live performance.

4. Nectar 3 Plus

Nectar 3

Getting your vocals to be clear and professional has never been easier than with Nectar 3.

This incredibly easy-to-use program gives you great results and allows professionals to use all of the features they need. The learning curve is short and will have you editing audio or correcting pitches before you know it.

There are many tools here, all of which give you the versatility to handle any type of project.
The modules within the software are quite responsive, which always ensures a balanced performance. The UI is extremely intuitive and puts a lot of control at your fingertips.

The Vocal Assistant feature is especially cool because it analyzes the singer’s performance and generates effects that are form-fitted to their style. There are also several different pricing options, so you can be sure you’ll end up with the right software for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re making music, performing, or just having fun on the side, these pieces of software are the best autotune options on the market. Each one advances your voice and gives you a new and fun way to sing.

Is your favorite autotune software not listed here? If you feel that we missed one that deserved a spot here, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.

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