Best Aluminum Laptops in 2020

Aluminum Laptops

Though Apple first started the trend, just about every company now makes their own aluminum laptop. The machines, while much heavier than traditional plastic computers, come with a range of benefits. They are more durable, have better temperature control, and tend to be more attractive than traditional models.

However, with so many great options to choose from, finding a good aluminum laptop is no easy task. This guide breaks down some of the best models on the market, as well as analyzes their specs, to show what makes them so great.

Quick Summary

  • The HP Spectre X360 is a fantastic 2-in-1 laptop. Though many models sacrifice quality for functionality, you will find no such compromises here. This machine has 8GB of RAM on top of an Intel 520 graphics card, full touchscreen display, and Intel Core i7-6500U processor. The natural silver looks slick as well.
  • If you’re looking for quality, look no further than the Asus Zenbook 13. This laptop has a solid frame, as well as a beautiful screen protected by Gorilla Glass 4. The HD display pops, the processor is enough to run all of your favorite programs, and backlit keyboard is incredibly responsive. It is quite thin as well.
  • Apple is known for their high-quality aluminum computers, and the Macbook MLHE2LL/A is no exception. This machine easily outclasses the company’s other devices thanks to its Intel Core M3 processor, 8 GB of RAM, Intel HD 515 graphics card and 256 GB of flash storage. While not great for playing games, the computer can easily handle any program you throw at it.

Who Should Get This?

Aluminum laptops are for people who don’t mind paying extra for a powerful machine. While there is nothing wrong with other materials, the metal outfits a computer with many benefits, including a strong chassis, lightweight body, and impressive look.

The devices, especially in today’s market, have all of the bells and whistles you could ever want. That makes them great for business, home, and school settings.

Aluminum options are also sturdy. If you find yourself in need of a more durable device, or if you live a hectic life, the devices can be a good way to ensure you get a protected investment that will last a long time.

It doesn’t matter why you go online or what programs you use, just about everyone with some extra spending money can take advantage of what aluminum laptops offer.

Best Aluminum Laptops: What to Consider in 2020?


When buying a laptop, aluminum or otherwise, you need to pay attention to size. Portability is an incredibly important aspect for any portable device, and that goes double for people who take their computer to work or school every day. Always check the screen size as well. Though some people don’t mind going smaller, it is important to have a big viewing space if you need one to work.


A laptop is only as good as its screen. Pay attention to your computer’s resolution to see how many pixels it can hold. HD options are fantastic, but they tend to be more expensive too. Non-HD options can still look great, especially when coming from trusted brands. You just want the lines to be sharp and colors to pop.


While not as obvious as other qualities, functionality matters. Many high-end laptops come with a lot of fun features or exciting upgrades. However, such aspects are not always easy to use. A streamlined interface is critical when it comes to usability, and it makes the entire device much more pleasant to operate. Always look for laptops that do their best to integrate functionality directly into the interface.

Best Aluminum Laptops: Our Picks for 2020

1. HP Spectre X360

For 2-in-1 options, it is hard to beat the HP Spectre X360. Beyond the sturdy aluminum frame, the computer has an impressive 12 hours of battery life, 8 GB of RAM, and an Intel Core i7-6500U processor. That gives it versatility other models lack.

What We Like:

  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Intel 520 graphics card
  • Processor strong enough to run any program
  • Extended 12 hour battery life

What We Don’t Like:

  • A tad on the expensive side
  • Frame could be more durable

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2. Asus Zenbook 13

Few aluminum laptops are as sturdy as the Asus Zenbook 13. This machine, while affordable, has a strong frame backed by a 13.3-inch full HD IPS display fully encased in Gorilla Glass 4. That prevents it from accidents, as well as general wear and tear. It is also thin and comes with great internal specs.

What We Like:

  • Thin, easy to carry
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Display comes with 178-degree viewing angle
  • Strong processing power

What We Don’t Like:

  • Outer case smudges easily
  • Performance can be inconsistent at times

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3. Apple Macbook MLHE2LL/A

The 12-inch Macbook MLHE2LL/A is yet another solid aluminum laptop from Apple. Not only does the device come with incredible specs, such as Intel HD 515 graphics and 256 GB of flash storage, but the sleek body looks great in any setting. A blend of style and function.

What We Like:

  • Intel Core M3 processor
  • Intel HD 515 graphics
  • Crisp, clear display
  • Impressive outer design
  • Extremely portable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not a solid option for gaming
  • Only one USC-B port

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Useful Tips and Resources

No matter what laptop you buy, it always helps to protect your data. There are many ways to keep your information safe, but the main ways are outlined in this handy guide.

It can also help to support your laptop with some fun or useful accessories. This video breaks down some of the best ones from recent years.

Final Words

Aluminum laptops are incredibly well-built machines. They have a great finish, look fantastic, feel great to use, and often come with benefits similar computers don’t have. Though many companies make their own, the above three models stand out from the pack.

When it comes to aluminum laptops, there are many ways to go. You can focus on one quality, or try to get the most versatile machine possible. At the end of the day, as long as you get one of the above machines, that choice is up to you.

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