7 Best 3rd-Party Playstation 4 Controllers

Buying a DualShock controller for your PS4 can be expensive. However, there are many great options out there if you want to get something that isn’t made by Sony.

In this article, we have listed a list of great alternatives to the DualShock controller, and why we think they are great replacements for lost or broken Playstation 4 gamepads.

PS4 Controller

The following sections will break down each third-party controller by showing what it has to offer and what makes it such a good purchase.

1. CHENGDAO Galaxy Gamepad

While the standard DualShock controllers are very plain and boring, CHENGDAO decided to spice up the look of their controller by printing it with an awesome galaxy design.

This whimsical paint job will have your friends drooling, and you will be the envy of the neighborhood as you game on your awesome new controller.

The Galaxy Gamepad is slightly larger than the stock Playstation controller, which is ideal for those with larger hands. The joysticks feel nice, while the D-pad is just okay.

This controller is wireless. If you’re looking for a perfect controller to use from across a room, this is the one to get.

2. Hori Mini Gamepad

Playstation controllers are already smaller than their Xbox counterparts, but what if you want something even smaller? The Mini Gamepad by Hori is the way to go.

This controller will blow your mind with its small size, and impress you even more with its sturdy build quality.

This is a wired controller, so keep that in mind when making your purchase. If you don’t mind the cord, this is a responsive, compact controller that feels great to use.

The layout is somewhat cramped if you have large hands, making this a better option for women and children.

3. Etpark PS4 Gamepad

If you want a controller that looks and feels similar to the DualShock 4 controller, the Etpark PS4 Gamepad is almost identical.

The button layout, size, and joystick location are all very close to the same. The main difference here is the touchpad has a different size and shape, but that’s something most people do not care about.

This controller is wireless, so you can enjoy gaming from the comfort of your couch without having cords pulled across the walking paths.

While the build quality doesn’t feel quite as premium as an original Playstation controller, the Etpark is still fun to operate and use.

4. PICTEK PS4 Controller

If you’re a fan of the Xbox controllers, PICTEK has made a PS4 controller with the same button layout and design.

While it isn’t a 1:1 clone, it will still feel familiar to anyone who prefers the Xbox shape. The offset joysticks, mushy directional pad, and curved trigger buttons are great in the hand.

This controller’s build quality is quite high. It feels much more premium than the affordable price would suggest.

While the layout can be a bit off-putting for those who enjoy the DualShock 4, this is designed to give fans of the Xbox controllers an option with their PS4. For that purpose, this controller works extremely well.

5. ROTTAY PS4 Controller

If you’re pressed for cash and need an affordable controller for your Playstation 4, the ROTTAY Controller is a great choice.

The build quality and materials are obviously not as great as the original controller, but the overall function still works extremely well.

The look here is lackluster at best, with a cheap plastic frame and ugly design choices.

Even so, if you need a controller in a pinch, the looks are the last thing you’ll be worried about. For a great price, you get a functional controller that allows you to play your favorite games for hours.

This is a wired controller, so no need to worry about the batteries dying. You’ll be connected to the console at all times.

6. ORDA Wireless Gamepad

Finding an affordable wireless third-party PS4 controller is not an easy thing to do.

However, ORDA has made one in their Wireless Gamepad. The price is only a small bump up from the wired bargain bin options, and the design here is much better.

This controller’s look may put you off, it is quite different than the stock PS4 design, but there are multiple colors and textures on the device.

In terms of performance, it works just like a DualShock 4, and the battery lasts a long time.

7. Joytorn PS4 Controller

The Joytorn PS4 Controller is not going to win marks for any looks. However, it performs so well that hardly matters.

This device is a well-rounded alternative to the classic PS4 controller, and the wide size is perfect for those with big hands.

This controller is wireless, has responsive buttons, and has well-constructed triggers. If you can get over the off-putting looks, this is indeed one of the better third-party PS4 controllers on the market. Don’t be afraid to give it a chance.

Final Words

All of the above options are wonderful, and the one you pick comes down to personal preference.

Any of the third-party PS4 controllers above would give you or your kids great results, and they all work extremely well.

They may appear a bit different than your normal DualShock controller, but they function in the exact same way.

Have you used a third-party controller before? Let us know in the comments below!

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