How to Fix BeatsX Not Turning On

Oh, the BeatsX! I have a complicated feeling about this wireless earphone.

After spending a few hours trying to fix this “BeatsX not turning on” issue but in vain, and calling Apple Support trying to find the solution, then visiting Genius Bar for device check…until finally receiving a “fixed” device.

black beats x earphone
My black BeatsX headphone, shoot with iPhone (Vivid Warm mode)

My BeatsX journey was a roller coaster, the initial excitement turned into frustration — all because of this annoying Beats X won’t turn on issue. More precisely – a defect.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the “working” steps to take if your Beats X also doesn’t work to pair or connect to your phone.

My goal is simple: save you time exploring the so-called solutions on the Internet.

My Personal Story

I didn’t buy the BeatsX. Instead, it was a gift sent by a friend. That added a bit more complexity to dealing with Apple support because technically I wasn’t the buyer.

Anyway, it took me a lot of attempts trying to fix the problem, not to mention the weeks of waiting for Apple (who bought Beats a few years ago) to mail me a new working device.

Here’s a light version of my journey:

  • Day 1: my friend told me she sent a gift for me (didn’t mention what it was)
  • Day 4: I received the gift. It’s a Beats X!! How exciting…couldn’t wait to open the package and tried it on. But it won’t turn on and can’t pair with my iPhone.
  • Day 5: Charged Beats X, I could see the blinking white light, but still couldn’t pair it with my phone.
  • Day 6: researched tons of online troubleshooting tips including this official guide…nope, didn’t work either.
  • Day 7: called Amazon customer support, and they asked me to contact Apple…called Apple, and they asked me for the invoice thing (which I don’t have obviously)
  • Day 10: finally, I was able to schedule a check with the Apple Genius Bar.
  • Day 13: visited Apple Genius Bar in the city and a technician checked my device, said it was defected and needed to return to the factory for repair he promised that the device will be fixed and mailed to me as soon as possible.
  • Day 25: received the new (fixed, not sure) working Beats X, which paired nicely with my phone.
beats X box (yet to uncover)

Fixing The Beats X Not Turning On Issue: 6-Step Guide

Note: I assume you’ve tried to press the power button for seconds, charge your Beats X in case it runs out of battery.

Step 1: Reset BeatsX

Just hold down the power button and volume down button at the same time for about 10 seconds. Release both buttons until the LED indicator light flashes. This video shows you how:

Now put BeatsX next to your phone, and press the power button for 2 seconds to connect.

Didn’t work? No LED light flashes? Go to Step 2.

Step 2: Update your phone to the latest OS

This is a tip given by the Apple Beats support team, at first, I wasn’t aware that the iOS version running on my iPhone might be the culprit, so I upgraded my iPhone to the latest iOS but it didn’t work either. However, it may work for you.

Still didn’t work after updating your phone to the latest OS? Go to the next step.

Step 3: Fix the loose wire

Pinch the base of the rubber connecting the power button of your BeatsX to the charger port, and then stroke it from the charger port to the power button.

I came across this technique from an iFixit thread, many users said it worked but not for me.

Step 4: Call Apple technical support

You can contact Apple Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775. More often than not, the support team will assign a technical person to assist you virtually on the phone.

They will first get your BeatsX serial number (learn how to find it here), then ask you to follow the instructions to reset the device (as introduced in Step 1), and perhaps they will ask you a few more questions.

For me, the techniques shared by Apple tech geek are nothing new, but they ended up helping me book an onsite reservation with Genius Bar, which I appreciated.

Step 5: Get an onsite reservation with the Genius Bar

You can do this through phone, live chat, or email. More info can be found here.

Step 6: Take your BeatsX to Apple Genius Bar for a check

This is very likely your last option. Listen to what the “genius” has to say about your device. Whether it does have a defect, whether it has to be sent back to the factory for repair, listen and take his/her advice.

For me, I ended up letting the guy take my device and once I filled out a form with my address info, I left the Genius Bar.

Two weeks later, I received a package from Apple. It’s the BeatsX and this time it works perfectly to turn on and pair with my iPhone.

BeatsX pairing with iPhone
Finally, I was able to pair BeatsX with my iPhone

Yeah, that’s pretty much my BeatsX journey.

I hope this step-by-step guide has helped you solve the annoying BeatsX not turning issues such as flashing red and white, the power button not working, etc. If you have other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below, and I’ll see how I can help.

Happy using your Beats X and enjoy the “beats”!

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  • Nishtha

    Year: 2021
    I have had my Beats X for the best part of 4 years now and loved them. Since last month, they refused to switch on. I’d only get the white light while charging, but the moment the charger was disconnected, it would switch off.

    Came to this article via a google search – and unbelievably… STEP 3 WORKED!!!! The headphone is switched on and humming now 🙂 thank you!

  • Patrick Koerner

    Hi there.
    I tried a lot of thise reset steps until found your article and tried (with more calm) re-checking all those steps.
    Suddenly Step 3: “Fix the loose wire” worked for me. Thank you.
    At least I found the problem that may result in a future “re-soldering” .
    But even I got used to those Beat X phones… would never buy them again. Since I had them Theu never made me very happy. Comparing to others I used before you never know wheter they are powering on or not. Just not userfriendly.

  • James

    Step three worked instantly! What a relief! Thank you!

  • JR

    Step 3 did the trick. Can’t believe how delicate these things are. Thanks!

  • Tammy

    Thank you for the info, resetting my beats worked perfectly! I love them and this is the first time I’ve had a problem. I have had them for about 4 years +- and have grown quite used to them! Appreciate the info very much

  • TonTon

    These headphones are useless. I am on my third pair after 2 replacements already. I think 2 replacements, it could be three. I can’t remember. I bought in the EU and they have to give you a replacement with a warranty of a year. I’m now living in Asia and the currents ones have lasted over 12 months anyway so I wouldn’t get another replacement. They are now just shutting down after five minutes of connection. I tried updating the firm ware to no avail. They are actually breaking down in nearly all areas. I was getting the flashing white lights when I tried to turn on. Red lights, and not resetting. Just going back to white lights. I can’t even be bothered remembering now. Just checked them charging now and they seem to be losing battery in the charger. It was at 80% when I plugged it in now at 24%. Such a flimsy device. When they worked, they worked well. but, when they go they are useless.

    I have gotten 2 years overall out of them which is a lot better than the one month I got out of the Philips blue tooth earphones I got before them. I had lost the receipt from that and the store wouldn’t replace them. They were only half the price anyway. I’m going to get the new OnePlus earbuds when they come out in a couple of weeks.
    My OnePlus phone is a beast and I have it over 2 years now. No issues ever. I had to get my Apple Keyboard fixed on my Macbook Air after a month when I got it at the end of 2018. What is with these people making useless products. I have electronics from 2004 that still work great if you want them to. I have a Pixel C that’s still working fabulously from the end of 2016 with the keyboard. Why is it so hard to make durable things? I think my Nokia 3310 would probably still work from 2002.

  • Asher

    This is the second pair and they won’t turn on out of the box. I’ve done your steps. The white light is on when I charge them but no lights come on when I try to power on.

  • Jamey

    The only thing I would add is that I also had to do the reset with the charging cable plugged in for some reason. I tried multiple times and it did not work. When I plugged in the device to find the white light and tried it again it worked great. I then connected it to the iphone and then it showed I was chaged at 100%.


  • Rahul

    My issue is just starting. These are my 2nd pair of Beats X. The first pair lasted me a few years. I think I’ve had this current pair for less than a full year.

    My current issue is that I try to turn them on and I just get a blinking white light, not connecting to my iPhone. Then after resetting it I’ll get it to connect to the phone, only to turn itself off after 10 sec of use either listening to music or on a call. Then I try to turn back on and it’s blinking white light again.

    This is a recent issue.

  • Joaquín

    Here, I’m also on my third pair of Beats x. Same issue all the time. I was serviced at the Genius Bar, Spain (I’m Spanish) and they just gave me a “new” pair instead of having a go on a fix…

    Now my warranty is over, so this time there will be no replacement. Great service, awful earpods… Never again, particularly when it’s clear I’m not alone in this plight

    Take care

  • Bobby Davis

    My wife bought me a pair of Beats x for father’s day they only lasted 8 months. They sent me a new pair that only lasted 7 months. But the replacement pair only had a 3 month warranty

  • Peter Astle

    Thanks, my left speaker was not working.
    Tried Step 3 and hey presto all ok.
    Thanks again and cheers Pete

  • ellen

    Just spent 40 minutes on chat support last night, and was disconnected, then called today and was left on hold for 15 minutes. I called back and got a different rep, who sounded like he was very aware of this problem, and said they would send me a new pair (will be my third).

  • Chris

    Apple is garbage. Just before a year mine quit working. I’m Just going to buy a new pair and switch out old ones. Then return to the store for my money

  • Toby

    Step 3! Can’t believe it worked!!!

  • Tiffany

    I agree! I am on my second pair and they stopped working. I cannot get them to charge, turn on or anything. So frustrating! This will be the last pair that I buy.

  • Matt Ferguson

    Just bought a pair for my daughter for Christmas (actually 2 pairs, 2 daughters). One works fine (for now), the other wouldn’t pair with anything. Did the whole reset thing (which lacks detail – hold until red flashing or white flashing, or is even supposed to flash). Based on all these comments, this pair is going back to the store and I am moving on to a different brand. Thank you all for the heads up on the poor quality of the product and customer service.

  • Rajwinder singh

    kindly send me the step 3 video, because i cant understand this. please help

  • Stacy

    Still on my first pair, that I have had for about a year and a half when it stopped powering on. Step 3 fixed it! Thanks Jessica 🙂

  • rhonda

    It did not work, all of a sudden it won’t charge..the light blinks red and white , but no charge

  • Ivy

    Step Three Work for me

  • Sir Haxington Geekus Bigus

    Loose wire fix did it for me. Thanks, OP!

  • Mary Lou

    Had someone tell me they; bought a new pair, removed them, placed old pair in box then, returned them. No wait little fuss. Annoying to those selling device and……

  • Alex

    While trying your Step 3 I almost ripped them apart xD
    I’ve tried the other steps too but nothing worked except different flashes of red, white, red red, white white white etc..
    Then I saw that there was a little bit of dirt in the charging slot. I took a needle, picked it out and it works now.
    Fyi, my PC still detected it, I could charge them and even update the firmware even though there was dirt in the charging slot they just didnt want to start ^^
    Anyways, big thanks :*

  • Magnus

    Apple gets away with to much ?. I have the same problem as most of the above. This I my last apple product ??

  • Trent Gamble

    beats x is a piecu5of delicate junk.
    The warranty covered the first pair and the replacement pair lasted even less time and how conveniently this set failed too.
    I learned a valuable lesson the brand don’t neccesarily mean better product and word of mouth is even worse.
    I could of bought a generic set and been just as content

    There is a saying you get what you pay for in this case I got nothing close in the ridiculous price of this product was a slap in the face.
    They fooled me once, fouled twice, shame on them, if i am foolish enough to be fooled again Shame on me!

  • Paul

    My Beats X worked wonderfully for over a year and then one day just wouldn’t power on. The hard reset and genius bar visit was worthless. After setting it aside for a few months (I just couldn’t bring myself to tossing them out), I decided to charge it and give it one more try…I happen to plug it into my Windows laptop for charging and watched Windows try to download a USB driver and ping the Beats X….I then did the hard reset again and this time it woke up!! I’m happily using my Beats X again….so the additional thing to try is to plug the headphones into a laptop and see if the computer will try to kick it and get it out of its non-responsive state.

  • Ella

    Thank you so much. I tried the rubbing from the power button back to the charger port. It worked straight away. Awesome.

  • BoBo

    Tried the stroking of the wire, all good ;0)

  • Andrew Nielsen

    Take them back to the store, FFS.

  • Lisa

    On my second pair and the same problem. Just stop connecting or staying connected. A fault in the product. Such a waste of money and the time they take to repair / replace. who would want a third pair?

  • Laura

    I spent hours trying to figure this out on my own.
    Step 3 worked! Can’t believe it.
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Mathew V

    Don’t do it!!!! I bought a pair of beats x they broke and wouldn’t power in. Had to send them back several times till I finally said I’ll eat the cost and upgrade to the power beats 3. Same issue won’t charge or power on, I had to send them in to apple for repair a few times and now it’s happened again. My warranty is ready to run out and even though this ongoing beats issue hasn’t been resolved, I will have to start paying to fix brand new beats!!! WTF. Are you kidding?!?! They wouldn’t do anything to help me. Extend the warranty since this keeps happening he’ll i was even stupid enough to think about upgrading again to even better ones and thought maybe a small discount for all my troubles. NOPE!!! Screw apple screw beats. I have been with apple since the first I phone, computers iPads new Apple Watch. After seeing how apple treats you when there’s a problem, I will no long buy one single apple product again. Thank for this happened before the new iPhone came out. Now I’m upgrading to an android. So long apple, way to take care of your customers.

  • Jay

    Red white red white red. No power on. This happened to me once 7 months in. I got the repacement. Over a year later on the second pair, same thing. Red white red white red. No power on. Called Apple and they made an exception for me and send me another pair (initial purchase was over two years ago). I really like the product, but the fact that they are finicky and just die is a real issue. When these die, im not sure what I will buy to replace them. I promised Apple I would not try to get them replaced again.

  • Jeff

    Thanks. I’ve tried everything you’ve done with no results. My Beatsx wouldn’t turn on. Like you I received mine as a gift and didn’t have the proper paper work. Apple said to send them and they would fix them for $89. They were less than a year old. I didn’t feel it was worth $89 to repair them. So I shelved them. A couple of months pass and my son lost an earbud on his, so I told him to get one of mine. He turned mine on and they worked for a couple more months. Then they stopped. I did everything again except send them back. I left them hanging on my rear view mirror and tried them periodically and they started again. Now they are off again after using them every day for a few weeks.

    I like them when they work but would not recommend them to anyone.

  • Pheny

    Dear Jessica,

    You don’t know how much of a life-saver you are!! I had almost lost hope on my BeatsX because one side of it wasn’t working.

    Then I tried step 3, by rubbing the wire as per your instruction. It worked! Thank you so much for this useful article.

    Best wishes for you. x

  • Rob Delaney

    I bought Beats X a little while back, despite my anti-apple nature (android, surface, etc.). Within the first month of purchase, they mysteriously stopped working, and I sent them in to Apple’s ‘fix’ team, although they sent me a brand new pair as a replacement. About three more months pass, and the same thing happened with the replacement pair (stopped working with no damage). After waiting for 107 minutes (actually timed it) at the apple store, they told me they could not fix them, and needed to be sent in to their ‘fix’ team, yet again; they sent me a second replacement pair. Now I am on my third pair of Beats X, and two days ago the same problem again. Apple will only issue a response if the warranty falls within a year of the initial purchase. So even though I got my third pair, the warranty does not last a year for such, rather a year from the initial purchase (which furthers my argument that Apple only cares about consumers’ money, and not actually about their consumers, although this comes at no surprise). Essentially, I have had this third pair for under a year, they broke [on their own, yet again], but Apple will not accommodate in any way shape or form. For anyone out there thinking Beats X are great, they are (when they work), but it has been 15 months having these headphones and I am on need of a fourth pair. Made to break, not last.

    • Tiffany

      OMG, I am on my third pair of Beats x and I agree with Rob. They work great when they work. As for apple, they only care for your money in their pockets, not the actual customer and product they are supporting.

    • Lisa

      This exact same scenario he happened with me.

      Except on my third pair I can’t get it working at all, so it hasn’t even started out working.

      How, could tho ”bug” be going on this long with no resolution?