Are Wallet Phone Cases a Good Idea? Pros and Cons

Wallet phone cases can be a good idea if you want to conveniently keep all your essential belongings in one location. But this is also a downside because if you lose your phone, then you lose your wallet as well.

This post will examine if wallet phone cases are a good idea. I’ll spotlight some of the pros and cons of this style of wallet to give you a better understanding of what they work and when they’re useful. The goal is to help you make an informed purchasing decision. 

Let’s get started. 

Wallet Phone Cases: Pros and Cons

Wallet Phone Cases: ProsWallet Phone Cases: Cons
Keeps all items in one location If you lose it, you lose wallet and phone
Convenient for shopping and travel Adds bulk to your phone
Many stylish options available More options for regular phone cases and wallets
Offers solid protection for phoneCase may affect Apple Pay, Google Wallet, etc. 

If you are considering getting a wallet phone case, it’s good to understand all of the pros and cons of having one. I’ll break some of those down in this section to help you understand why you might or might not want a wallet phone case. 

The biggest pro of using a wallet phone case is its convenience. You can keep all your important belongings like credit cards, identification, cash, and phone in one place rather than in several places. 

This can be good if you are prone to losing items. Some people would rather have everything altogether than separate, and that’s what happens when you use a wallet phone case. 

The downside to this is that if you lose your wallet phone case, you lose everything. If you don’t use a wallet case, you’ll only lose your wallet or phone. But when you use one, everything will be gone if it gets lost or stolen. 

Another pro of using a wallet case is that it’s convenient for travel and shopping. You don’t have to rummage around in multiple places to find everything you need. This streamlined approach can be great when you’re on the move. 

Another con of using a wallet phone case is that it will add bulk to your phone. This can be annoying if you like to keep your phone in your pocket. Even though there are some slim wallet case designs out there, they are still typically bulkier than regular cases. 

An upside of using a wallet case is that it can add some style to your phone. These cases look cooler and more stylish than regular phone cases, in my opinion, anyways. If you want to stand out a bit, you might want to get one. 

But if you are looking for the most options possible, you still get that with regular phone cases and wallets. There are many wallet case options, but just not as many as with standard phone cases and traditional bifold wallets. 

Wallet phone cases do an excellent job of adding extra protection for your phone. They can even add more protection because the folding-style wallet cases also cover your screen. This can prevent damage if the phone gets dropped and is another pro for these cases. 

But that added protection has a downside when using your phone for things like ApplePay and Google Wallet. The added material and bulk of a wallet case can sometimes interfere with payment apps and other sensor-based actions. 

How to Choose a Wallet Case for Your Phone

Here we listed several factors you should look out for before buying a wallet case for your phone.

Full Coverage

For the phone wallet case, there’s a standard rule; if the case protects more of the phone, the better. But, most people prefer wallet cases that protect every part of the phone except the screen.

When you decide to make your purchase, go for ones that provide button protection and possibly tactility that imitates the way the buttons feel on an iPhone.

Also, look out for cases that don’t expose the top or bottom edge of the iPhone. If you like the circular opening of the Apple logo at the back of your phone to get exposed, you can get one that has that feature.

Drop Fortification

When looking for a great wallet case, you should check to confirm that the wallet case can protect the case adequately without having unnecessary add-ons.

Also, look for super thin wallet cases because they tend to have a better drop protection feature.


It’s also essential to get phone wallet cases with simple and elegant designs, especially if you’ve got a thing for aesthetic appeal. However, it’s necessary to always go for sturdiness first before design. Don’t negotiate a sturdy build for design.

Front Lip Raised

If you are using an iPhone, you should beware about part of Apple’s case rules states that “an exposed glass on the Apple device shouldn’t have up to 1mm of a flat surface, such as a floor or table, in an angle where the case gets attached.”

One of the biggest challenges of smartphone users is that the phone display edge cracks. Thus, you must look out for a wallet case that can protect the sides of your phone, especially if you turn the screen in a downward position.

What’s the Best Wallet Case for iPhone?

Here is a list of our top recommendations, along with a quick review of each option.

1. Lupa iPhone wallet case

Are you looking for an iPhone wallet case made with premium and sturdy faux leather? Then, you’ll like the Lupa iPhone wallet case. The case provides sufficient protection for your iPhone, thanks to its lovely clasp closure and shock absorbing leather.

The case can store up to four cards and hold some of your pocket bills as you move out for your daily runs.

If you’re looking for a stylish and chic design, you won’t be disappointed with this case, as it comes with a wide selection of colors—there’re 11 to select from. Plus, it comes with a vintage-style design that gives it uniqueness.

There’s more! Lupa boasts of a 100 percent guarantee for your purchase for every purchase.

2. Smartish iPhone wallet case

You will like this wallet case if you plan on ditching your wallet to carry your ID, cards, and phone altogether. The Smartish iPhone wallet case is an affordable and reliable wallet case that gives enough space for your cards.

Moreover, the case comes with durable TPU plastic that makes it easy to install. Plus, the case is twice thicker than the average protective case, and it comes with angled edges that make its size less noticeable when you hold it.

Smartish boasts of the case being able to store up to three cards and bills. Plus, it exposes less of your cards, when compared to other wallet cases in the market—you’ll only see a thumbnail-size part of the cards. It also has a protective screen film, which adds to the protective feature of the case.

3. Snakehive Apple iPhone case

This Snakehive iPhone case offers high-quality leather at a reasonable price. The British accessory maker produced this wallet case with full-grain European nubuck leather material.

The inner TPU case clasps your phone safely, and it comes with a soft inner leather style that gives more functionality and protection to your iPhone.

The manufacturer boasts of making the case with pricey materials that deliver amazing craftsmanship and aesthetics. Plus, it comes with a soft velvety foot that almost resembles an ultra-suede.

If you’re in the corporate world, you’ll love this wallet case thanks to its professional looks—making it easy for you to use it from the boardroom to your home.

You can talk with the phone while the wallet case closed with ease because the outer front cover comes with a cutout space for the phone’s mouthpiece. Plus, it has other precise cuts and awesome button covers that ensure that all ports, buttons, cameras, and speakers work well.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to if wallet phone cases are a good idea. 

Why do people use wallet phone cases? 

Most people use wallet phone cases because of the convenience they offer. You can keep all, or most of your important belongings in one place, rather than keeping your phone and wallet separate. This can be useful in numerous situations. 

Do I need a screen protector if I have a wallet case? 

If you want the most protection for your phone, you should still get a screen protector, even if you have a wallet case. Even though a wallet case does offer more screen protection than a standard case, you can still damage the screen if you don’t have a screen protector. 

Do wallet phone cases scratch screens? 

Most wallet phone cases do not scratch screens. There is a potential that your screen can get scratched if the wallet flap gets dust or debris on it. But you can fix this issue by using a screen protector or keeping the wallet as clean as possible.

Are wallet cases for guys? 

There are plenty of wallet cases for guys available. Some are designed for men specifically, and others are not gender specific, so they will work for both men and women. You can easily find a wallet phone case to match your style, needs, or preferences.  

Tips to Clean Leather Phone Wallet Case

  • The best way to clean a leather wallet case is by using a mild solution with the following steps.
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth with a simple hand wash to gently wipe the leather case.
  • Next, wipe the leather with a mild cleanser.
  • Use a plusher microfiber cloth to dry it in the end.

When cleaning, ensure you rub in a circular motion. That way, you’ll not be stretching the leather. Also, note that the type of soap solution you use to wash the leather can affect the leather. Thus, beware of using anything harsh.

Final Thoughts

Wallet phone cases have a lot of benefits, but they also have some downsides. You should keep all these in mind before deciding if this type of case suits your needs and preferences. But you might not know for sure until you try one. 

I personally like to keep my phone and wallet separate. But that’s not because wallet phone cases aren’t good, it’s just a personal preference. Weigh the pros and cons listed here, and then decide for yourself if a wallet case is good. 

Have you ever used a wallet phone case? Did you experience any pros or cons that I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the comments below. 

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