Are Samsung and LG The Same Company?

They both hail from the same region of the world, but Samsung and LG are two completely different companies with no relation other than their location and the type of products they create.

I am a long time tech user who has plenty of experience with all of the big electronic companies on the market. That includes Samsung and LG. It is my knowledge of both brands that allowed me to write this guide.

All of the following sections analyze the differences between Samsung and LG to show, not just how they each operate, but that they are their own companies with their own strategies and goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Though they share many similarities through both manufacturing and production, Samsung and LG are two distinctly different corporations that both happen to sell similar types of electronics.
  • Both Samsung and LG are currently conglomerates, which means they are owned and operated by a group of people rather than one single figurehead who makes all of the decisions.
  • Samsung is a high-end company with a large focus on cutting edge technology and pushing the limits of new personal devices, while LG is a brand that creates reliable, long lasting electronics for home or casual use.

Two Distinct Electronic Companies

Large corporations rule today’s world, especially when it comes to electronics. There are plenty of brands on the market, but most of them merge at the top. In fact, almost all of them are either owned or operate under a bigger company. That’s not the case with LG and Samsung.

Both companies are massive entities that create a wide range of products. They are some of the largest corporations on Earth, they each specialize in electronics, and they are both based out of South Korea. Despite that, they are completely separate.

The above similarities lead many to assume both are connected in some way. However, that could not be further from the truth. They are direct competitors in the electronic space. That leads to a lot of conflict and causes them to release similar products.

Their electronics aren’t even made in the same place. Samsung’s main design studios are located in Seoul, South Korea and their major distributor is located in Vietnam. In contrast, LG has a wide range of factories all over the world. They range from Korea to China to Russia.

The two companies aren’t just different, they are separate in almost every way.

Who Owns Samsung and LG?

Samsung and LG are household names, which is why so many assume that they share ties. A lot of people think they own each other too. The truth is a bit more unique.

Samsung and LG have a lot of smaller companies under their umbrella, but no single person or entity owns either one. Rather, the companies are currently conglomerates.

That means there is no single owner who makes all the decisions. Rather, a team of people (such as shareholders) do what they can to get everything to run as smoothly as possible. That’s not the norm for big electronic companies, but it’s worked extremely well so far.

While LG is a strict conglomerate in both form and function, Samsung is only that way because the previous owner, Ken-Hee Lee passed away in 2020. His family is currently working to take ownership of the company he built.

Samsung and LG: Key Differences

Samsung and LG have plenty of similarities, but they have a range of differences as well. The biggest is their specialization. Samsung is most known for making some of the best phones on the market, where LG casts a much wider net.

Both companies have a long line of products, but LG makes most of their money from items like home appliances and televisions. In contrast, Samsung relies heavily on Android sales to generate revenue.

Something else that separates both brands is that Samsung is trying to lead the charge on “smart” at-home devices that anyone can use. They put a lot of value into simplicity, but do so without sacrificing quality. In fact, they have a large focus on high-end products.

That’s a distinct difference from LG. Though the other tech giant strives to create great products, they do so at a much more affordable price point. They also make high-end devices, but a lot of their focus is on cheaper items with more accessibility.

Samsung is a more expensive company looking to provide cutting edge technology. LG, on the other hand, is a brand that tries to bring solid, reliable products to its users. Each brand has a niche that it’s trying to fill without stepping on too many toes.


The following answers cover some of the biggest questions users ask about Samsung and LG.

What Companies Are Related to LG?

Though many link the brand to Samsung, LG is its own company with plenty of subsidiaries. That includes LX International, LX Pantos, LX Hausys, LX Semicn, and LX MMA.

What’s Better, LG or Samsung?

It depends. Both companies have their pros and cons. Picking one over another comes down to what type of electronic you want, your personal budget, as well as what features you’re looking to get with your device.

Is Samsung More Popular Than LG?

Yes. While both companies are international electronic giants, Samsung has a much larger market cap. That pushes them ahead of LG in terms of both revenue and popularity around the world.

Final Words

LG and Samsung are often lumped together. However, despite their many similarities, they are two separate entities. They both make good electronics, and they often overlap, but their focuses are quite different. In today’s vast market, there’s enough room for both of them.

Do you prefer Samsung or LG? Why do you favor one over another? Let us know in the comments below!

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