Are Magnetic Cases Bad for Your Phones or Tablets?

Magnetic cases can potentially cause issues with your phones or tablets. Most cases are fine, especially those made by the device’s manufacturer. But some third-party cases can cause problems with performance and connectivity. 

This post will examine if magnetic cases are bad for your phones or tablets. I’ll explain some of the issues surrounding this question and tell you some important information to keep in mind if you plan on using a magnetic case. 

Let’s get to it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Not all magnetic cases are bad for your phones or tablets. Magnetic cases made directly from the device manufacturer are generally safe. 
  • Some third-party magnetic cases can cause issues because these weren’t designed with the proper functionality of the device in mind. 
  • Magnetic cases can cause issues with a device’s display, function, and connectivity. Although these issues are not common, they can occur. 

Are Magnetic Cases Bad for your Phone or Tablets? 

There is a long-known warning that magnets are bad for electronic devices. While this warning is justified, it doesn’t always apply to modern devices or cases built with magnets. Generally, using a magnetic case with your phones and tablets is okay. 

Magnets can affect electronic devices. This is especially true for strong magnets. Potential issues like damaging a display or interrupting function and connectivity are common when these devices get around strong magnets. 

But most magnetic phone or tablet cases use smaller magnets that don’t result in any of the adverse effects. This is why most cases, even if they have magnets, are safe to use with your phones and tablets. 

However, there always is a possibility that a magnet can affect your device, even in a small way. If that’s a concern, you might want to avoid using magnetic cases as best as possible. 

If you already have a magnetic case, you probably don’t have much to worry about. This is especially true if you use a magnetic case made by the same manufacturer as your phone or tablet. They wouldn’t make accessories that damage other products they offer. 

If you use a third-party magnetic case, there is an increased chance of issues. That doesn’t mean that all third-party options are bad, but more that there are no guarantees when using a magnetic case from one of these manufacturers. 

Magnetic Flip Cover Disadvantages

Magnetic flip covers are popular because they offer conveniences that other types of phone and tablet cases do not. Most cases won’t present any issues, but there are a few potential disadvantages of using a magnetic flip cover that you should know about. 

Using a magnetic cover can impact your service. To ensure you get the best possible cell coverage, you’ll want to avoid using a magnetic cover. Magnets can alter the signal, and this can cause a variety of issues. 

Really strong magnets can also potentially damage the screen of a phone or tablet. While most cases don’t use a strong magnet, avoiding the use of one is a good idea if you want to be sure your phone doesn’t get damaged. 

Not all of the disadvantages of using a magnetic cover involve your device. Magnets can also harm any credit or debit cards you use. The magnets in a case can degrade the magnetic strip on these cards, potentially preventing them from working properly. 

Are Magnetic Phone Cases Good? 

Magnetic phone cases do offer some benefits concerning function and convenience. But the risk of damage to your device or interrupted service outweighs these. I personally wouldn’t use a magnetic case for these reasons. 

If you are already using a magnetic case and not experiencing any problems, you most likely don’t have anything to worry about. But if you are shopping for a new case, it’s best to avoid magnetic options.

How to Choose a Magnetic Case: Things to Consider

Taking the following factors into account, your decision-making will be much easier.


Magnetic cases come in a wide range of different looks and appearances. Some are quite simple, while others are much more elaborate.

Many also come with a variety of patterns, colors, and designs. Understand that your case is a part of your wardrobe.

Do not just settle for a boring exterior because it’s the first one you find, do your research to get a color or look that best reflects you.


Any phone or tablet case, magnetic or non-magnetic, is made to keep your device free from harm. Most magnetic options feature expert construction crafted with heavy-duty materials.

As such, if you accidentally drop your phone or tablet, the case will protect it. Look for cases built with such protection in mind, and always pay attention to waterproof or shockproof items as well.


No matter what features your case has, it needs to be easy to operate. There are many cases on the market that look great but end up making your life harder.

A magnetic case is not only about magnets. It should easily slide on and off your phone, while also giving you easy access to your different ports.

Extra quality-of-life upgrades, such as being able to hold cards, are important as well.

What’s the Best Magnetic Case for iPhone?

Here is a list of our top recommendations, along with a quick review of each option so you understand its pros and cons.

1. Dockem Luxe M2

Few cases give you the versatility of the Dockem Luxe M2. The case is fabric, but it utilizes a unique metal plate and magnetic charging feature for maximum usability. It is also slim, sleek, and incredibly attractive. It is able to hold two cards as well.

2. Skech Vortex

The Skech Vortex takes magnetic cases to the next level. This device comes with a flip-out metal ring kickstand, soft-touch finish, and advanced protection. The car mount works well, the outside is scratch-resistant, and it can keep your phone safe in drops of up to 10-feet high.

3. JUQITECH Wallet Case

The JUQITECH wallet case gives you a little bit of everything. The shockproof RFID protection PU leather is incredibly sturdy, the card slot holder is tight and secure, while the fully detachable case is magnetic and supports wireless charging. The perfect choice for users who value extra features.


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if magnetic cases are bad for your phones or tablets. 

Do magnetic phone cases affect battery life? 

Magnets have no known effects on batteries, so using a magnetic phone case won’t have any impact on your phone’s battery. This is a common misconception that some phone owners believe, even though it’s not true. 

Does magnetic case affect phone signal? 

Some research indicates a magnetic case can affect a phone signal. The magnets generally have to be strong for this to happen, but if you want to ensure the best service, you should avoid using magnetic cases. 

Are magnetic cases bad for iPhones? 

Apple has stated that iPhone users should avoid using magnetic cases to get the best service possible. Magnetic cases shouldn’t cause damage to your iPhone, but they can affect the service. 

Final Thoughts

Magnetic cases for phones or tablets might not be bad in all circumstances, but the risk of damage and impaired service is real. There are plenty of other case options out there to explore, and avoiding magnetic ones is easy. 

Even though magnetic cases are available, they do present several potential issues. It’s essential to keep these in mind to protect your devices and get the best function from them at all times. 

Have you ever used a magnetic case for a phone or tablet? Did you experience any issues? Let me know in the comments below.  

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