Are Gaming Headphones Good for Music?

Gaming headphones are not the best option for listening to music. While you can listen to music on them, they won’t deliver as good of audio quality as headphones designed for listening rather than gaming.

This post will explore if gaming headphones are good for music. I’ll explain why gaming headphones are better suited for gaming than listening to music and provide you with some important related information. 

Let’s dive in. 

Key Takeaways

  • It is possible to listen to music on gaming headphones, but you won’t get as good of audio quality with this style as you will with regular headphones. 
  • Gaming headphones and headsets are designed with different audio characteristics in mind, which is one reason they aren’t as good for listening to music. 
  • Gaming headphones can distort aspects of the mix that would sound better when listened to with regular headphones.

Are Gaming Headphones Good for Music? 

If you are a gamer, you probably used headphones or a headset while enjoying your favorite games. These provide a fun and exciting way to interact within the game or with other friends you might be playing with. 

But are these headphones good for music? 

Most of the time, they are not. This is because gaming headphones are not designed for the same purposes as regular ones, and you won’t get as good of a listening experience when you have music on. 

You can certainly listen to music with gaming headphones. They will work as long as you have a way to connect them to your listening device. But don’t expect the audio quality to be the same as a good pair of regular headphones. 

Gaming headphones are great for gaming but are only mediocre for listening to music. You won’t get as good of quality, which is a definite downside for anyone who loves listening to music often. 

If you are a casual music fan, you might notice less of a difference between the two headphones. And if you don’t really care about sound quality, it’s probably not that big of a deal, either. 

What’s the Difference Between Gaming Headphones and Music Headphones? 

While you might think there is little difference between gaming headphones and music headphones, there are a few key things you should know about. Much of this relates to the purpose the headphones are designed for. 

Gaming headphones are designed for gaming, and regular headphones are designed mostly for listening to music and other audio. That’s the obvious difference between the two. But what are these design elements? 

Well, gaming headphones don’t always have the same accuracy regarding the low, mid, or high end of a mix. When you listen to music through them, it might sound distorted or out of sorts. This is less than ideal when you want to jam. 

And regular headphones aren’t designed for gaming, so you can miss out on some of the cool features gaming headphones offer if you use them. Regular headphones won’t deliver a surround sound experience like some gaming headphones do. 

Gaming headphones also often come as a headset that includes a microphone. This allows you to communicate with other gamers and have an immersive gaming experience. Regular headphones don’t offer this, and you can only listen. 

If you take gaming or listening to music seriously, you shouldn’t mix them up. Getting a dedicated set of headphones for each purpose is ideal and will give you the best of both worlds when you want to dive into either. 


Here are a few quick answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to if gaming headphones are good for music. 

Can you use a gaming headset for singing? 

You can use a gaming headset for singing, but you won’t get as good of audio quality as you would with a headset designed for this purpose. Gaming headsets don’t always have the same audio quality and EQ as regular headsets for recording. 

Are gaming headphones good for everyday use? 

Gaming headphones are good for gaming, but you won’t get as good of audio for other purposes like listening to music. You can use them for everyday use, but if you care about audio quality, you should also get a set of regular headphones. 

Can you use a gaming headset as headphones? 

You can use a gaming headset as headphones as long as you can connect the headphones to your listening device. But you might get poor sound quality with them while listening to music or other things outside of games.

Do gaming headphones have bass? 

Gaming headphones can have added bass, which can provide a cool experience when you are gaming and allow you to hear surround sound better. But this can be a detriment when listening to music because it can distort the mix. 

Final Thoughts 

Gaming headphones are better for gaming, and regular headphones are better for music. These headphones are designed for different purposes and sound different when you try to listen across platforms. 

While it is possible to listen to music on gaming headphones, it will result in less-than-ideal audio quality. Keep that in mind if you are a music fan, and consider getting a set of headphones for music. 

Have you ever used gaming headphones for music? What was the experience like? Let me know in the comments below. 

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