AI Image Enlarger Review

The resolution of a digital image refers to its length and width, the metric also reflects the number of pixels the image has. A high-resolution image has more pixels so that you can see more details and vice versa.

Have you ever experienced this? You have a low-resolution image and want to enlarge it to a bigger size, but it’s so fuzzy and blurry that you’ll have to give up.

Usually, when we enlarge a low-resolution image, the enlarged image will lose a lot of details. Until I tried AI Image Enlarger, this web app impressed me.

What is AI Image Enlarger?

AI Image Enlarger is a handy tool that allows you to enlarge low-resolution images without losing quality.

The way how this app enlarges an image is different from the traditional methods. It is not just to upscale the images, but to use machine learning and AI technology to create high-resolution images.

Let’s jump in and see how it works.

How Does It Work?

AI Image Enlarger is more than just an online service, it also provides apps for computers and mobile phones. If you start with a free account, the main difference between online services and apps is batch processing.

In this review, we will show you how it works online.

1. Easy Upload

The first thing that jumps into your eyes is the place where you can drop your images. If you log in as a free account user, there are some limitations to your images. Before uploading, check your images and make sure that they are not corrupted.

After dropping images, you can see some options for enlarging.

AI Image Enlarger can only enlarge your images to 2x and 4x bigger if you are a free account. If you have the need for 8x, then you will need to upgrade your account. Click “Start” when everything is set up.

2. Intelligent Enlarge

As we mentioned before, AI Image Enlarger is different from the traditional way of enlarging low-resolution images. The traditional method of enlarging images is to stretch images to a bigger size. This way the details of the enlarged images will become worse than the low-resolution ones.

By using machine learning and AI technology, AI Image Enlarger can create high-resolution images. AI Image Enlarger can show more details of low-resolution images than using the traditional method.

Here we will show you our example images, and you can compare the quality.

Low-resolution Image
4x Enlarged Image

Really amazing result!

You can see the quality of the enlarged image is very good. It keeps a lot of details thus it looks way better.

3. Batch Process & Fast Download

If you want to enlarge images in batch, then you should upgrade your free account and download the app to your computer. The batch process is available for premium and pro accounts on desktop devices.

Processing and downloading are quite fast. Just in a few seconds, you can get the enlarged images.

Price and Platform Compatibility

AI Image Enlarger is free to use online. You can also download the software to your computer. It’s available for both Mac and Windows. Besides, you can use it on iOS and Android devices after you download their apps.

The free accounts come with some limitations for max file size, resolution, ratio, number of images, batch process, and contains ads.

If you have higher needs for enlarging images, you can think about upgrading to the premium (14.99/month) and pro account (39.99/month) for fewer limitations and higher efficiency.

Is AI Image Enlarger Worth It?

AI Image Enlarger is powerful thanks to its intelligent processing algorithm, you can get high-quality images effortlessly. Besides, it offers free accounts. We think it’s worth it.

If you are a frequent user who has the need for large-size images and efficiency, the cost of the premium version is also affordable. Plus, you can cancel the plan at any time when you don’t use it.

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