How to Add a Clickable Hyperlink on Canva

If you want to add a hyperlink to an element on Canva, select the object you want to insert the link to and click with the right mouse button on it. You will see the dropdown menu with the “Link” feature. Hit on it to call out an input field and place a link inside it. Press the “Enter” key to attach and save the link.

My name is Yana, and I use Canvas’s Free and Pro versions to make designs for blogs and social media for the last few years. I discovered the ability to add hyperlinks to Canva quite a while ago and was pleasantly surprised by this feature. I occasionally add hyperlinks to my design projects, so I have a good understanding of how it works in Canva.

Today I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to add a clickable hyperlink to an image, text, or any graphic elements of your design. I also will answer some of the common questions about this feature.

Key Takeaways

  • The feature to add clickable hyperlinks is free and available for every Canva user.
  • You can add a hyperlink to any type of element, including text, images, shapes, and other graphics.
  • Unfortunately, this feature only works for the PDF format, so make sure you save your design project as a PDF file in order for links to be clickable.

How to Add a Clickable Hyperlink to a Text or Element on Canva

When you have links in your design, it allows users to easily navigate to the source you mention or find more relevant information about the topic. Follow the simple steps below to add a clickable hyperlink to Canva.

Step 1. Select the Element You Want to Add a Link to

Open your design file and click on the text box or image you want to insert a link, with the right mouse button. Now you will be able to find the Link button at the bottom of the new dropdown menu. 

You also can find this feature by clicking on the More button with three dots next to the element or in the top right corner of your screen after selecting an element.

Step 2. Insert the Link

Once the Link feature is activated, you will see an empty input field to paste the link. Place your link there and hit Enter key to save it.

Step 3. Save Your Design

Now when you select the element with the inserted link, you may notice that the Link button on the top of the screen is activated. The only format that supports the clickable links is PDF format. PNG or JPEG won’t display your link correctly.

To download your file in PDF format, find the Share button in the right top corner of the page and click on it. Now select Download and choose the PDF file format and the number or the page, if you have multiple files in your design project. Click Download to save the file to your computer.

How to Add a Clickable Hyperlink on Canva Mobile

In just a few steps, you can also add hyperlinks to your Canva file using your smartphone or tablet. Check the short guide below.

Step 1. Select the Graphic Element to Add a Link to

For that, open a design file on your Canva application, and tap on the element you want to paste a link. Once the graphic element is selected, you will be able to see More button with three dots on it. Tap on it to call out a menu at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. Add a Link to the Element or Image

Now swipe left to find a Link button and tap on it to be able to attach a clickable hyperlink to the element. Insert your link into an empy field and tap on Done button. 

If you want to remove the link, follow the same steps to call out a bottom menu and open the Link tab, but this time choose Remove link action at the end.

Step 3. Save and Download Your Design

When your link is attached, you can download your design project to your mobile device. Make sure to download your file in PDF format, since JPEG and PNG formats do not support clickable hyperlinks.

To download your design, tap on the Share icon in the top right corner of application, choose Download tab and select the PDF file type. After saving the design, you will be able to find it in Downloads on your smartphone or tablet.


Make sure you also check the answers to the most popular questions that Canva users have about inserting clickable hyperlinks.

Why Is My Clickable Link Not Working in Canva?

There are a few reasons why your link is not working. First, check the URL of the link so it is in the correct format and doesn’t have any errors in the address. The link also may be not active, if the website is down or there can be simply some technical issues with Canva.

Do You Need Canva Pro to Add Hyperlinks?

No, you don’t need to have a Canva Pro account to be able to insert hyperlinks to your design. This feature is free and available to every Canva user.

Final Thoughts

You can easily include hyperlinks in your designs with Canva, whether you want to link to a website, social media account, or any other online resource. Just make sure you save your design in a PDF format, for the links to be clickable.

Have you tried to add a hyperlink on Canva before? Do you have any tricks on how to use it in the most proficient way? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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