2Do Review: Simple Powerful Task Manager for Mac

Are you a teacher who wants to get alerted when you need to prepare for a class, or a student who wants to be better prepared for the final? Or you are a project manager who handles different projects simultaneously? You need a good task manager app!

We all are busy and have so many things to take care of. It’s not easy for us to keep up with all things. You learned the importance of prioritization, you knew the importance of work-life balance and overworking could easily burn you out.

But how to better manage all these important and not-so-important tasks so you make no mistakes or miss any deadlines? A task manager app like 2Do is a solution.

2Do can help get your tasks organized and make you work smarter. Let’s see how it works to get the job done.

What is 2Do?

2Do is a smart task manager app for Mac that can make you more productive in multiple ways. Besides creating new tasks, it also has lots of options to customize the rules so they work for you.

For example, the sorting methods, advanced search, task customizations, cloud sync, etc. all of them are meant to get you organized and get more work done.

How Does 2Do Work?

2Do has a sleek and beautiful interface. It looks extremely simple and there’s no learning curve at all to make the best use of it. Here’s how.

Create and Manage Your Tasks

2Do offers a very easy way for you to create a new task. After you install the app on your Mac, you can see its main interface below.

See the “+” icon? Yep, that’s what caught my attention (and I believe yours too). When you click it, a new task will be ready to be added. It’s pretty quick and easy to get your thoughts down at any time.

Want to group different tasks into different categories? Take advantage of the lists in 2Do. Through the left pane of the interface, you can build your own lists and move individual tasks right under them.

What I especially like about 2Do is that it allows you to easily drag and drop tasks to the lists. So when you create a new task and write down some notes, all you have to do is drag the task to the best list and set a time.

Sort and Search

2Do also has a great tag system and an advanced search function. At the top right corner, with one click, you can quickly switch to the function you need or just hide the panel. See the screenshot below:

On the right panel, there are tags and locations. The tag system helps you filter the tasks, and sort and help you be more focused on what you want to see. You can do the same with the location system.

If 2Do has become your daily task manager, you will love the advanced search feature. There are lots of options to customize your search. What’s more, you can create a smart list with it. This will help filter your tasks automatically according to the rules you set.

Get Alerted and Be Focused

For each task created, 2Do offers a number of ways in order to make the task work for you. For example, you can set the start date and due date, or add a picture, audio note, location, actions (call, messages, google search…), set repeat, alter, and set duration. See, it’s very flexible to set rules for your tasks.

I love 2Do as it helps me get an overview of the tasks on each day or each week, so I can focus on executing them to the best I can. Also, I won’t be missing any deadlines because the app can alert me in advance.

Price & Platform Compatibility

You can get 2Do on your Mac, iPhone, Android, and Apple Watch. As of this writing, it’s not available for Windows yet. However, the Beehive (the company behind 2Do) team is working on the PC version, with no estimated time of arrival though.

2Do offers a free 21-day trial and you can buy the Pro version on Mac App Store here for $49.99 and you can use it for up to 5 Macs. The app is priced at $19.99 in the App Store (iOS).

Another way to get the app is to subscribe on Setapp (which is what I did) which has a free 7-day trial and then $9.99 per month.

>> Get 2Do at Setapp <<

Is 2Do Worth It?

Task manager is one of the productivity apps that I have to use daily. There are many one-time and ongoing things, from different projects and housework. I don’t want to miss any important items or rush to finish a task. 2Do gives me a delightful experience and I absolutely love it.

The cost ($49.99) could be a little bit expensive considering there are many free options available on the market but don’t forget the sleek user experience and the time/hassles it could save you, I think it’s well worth the price point. Plus, you can use the app on 5 different Macs.

So I have no problem recommending it to my friends and colleagues. It’s not easy to find a task manager app that fits you, and I believe 2Do is one of the greatest options worth trying.

Wrapping Up

2Do is an awesome task manager. If you know how to use the app and once you get used to it, it’s a productivity monster that will help you to be organized and get more things done efficiently.

The app is currently available for most platforms (macOS, iOS, and Android), with the Windows version underway.

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