3 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers in 2022

You may not be an audiophile, but we all know that turning your iPhone’s speakers to max isn’t going to bring enough volume to amp up that house party or convert your phone into a tiny movie theater.

The sound will inevitably become distorted, hard to hear over the people talking nearby, and ultimately kill your jam session, so it’s time to look at a loudest Bluetooth speaker that provides a better music environment whenever you are in a car, on a motorcycle or at a beach party.

These wireless devices bring forth the bass, the highest volume, and the clarity you need to truly enjoy your music without the cords, hassle, or bulk that you associate with a normal speaker.

Quick Summary

Best Overall Quality: JBL Flip 4 Waterproof

Offering the ability to connect to multiple smartphones and up to 100 other JBL speakers, the waterproof FLIP 4 is designed to go the extra mile and bring volume and quality to any setting that involves music. You won’t be disappointed by the sturdy design or clear, crisp notes.

Best All-purpose: OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

For a speaker that can do it all, the Oontz offers the best choice. Its versatility through a triangular design, waterproof exterior, good range of sound, and portability means you can use it for everything from house parties to an outdoor workout. It also boasts a 12-hour battery life, so you never have to worry if a song will cut off halfway through.

Best in Portability: Zosam Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Zosam is extremely small at only 2.4 x 2.4 x 2 inches and is equally light at just 8.2 ounces. The small speaker has brilliant LEDs that light up with your music, and it can last for around 5 hours on a charge.

Who Should Get This?

How often do you find yourself turning up your phone volume to max or placing it in a  car cupholder to try and get a few extra decibels out of it?

Are you always wishing your music filled the room instead of just your desk space?

Disappointed with the clarity of built-in speakers or simply want to be able to broadcast your music during a beach day with friends?

In all of these cases, a loudest Bluetooth speaker can be a great asset. Whether you tend to leave it in your room for when you want to host a private dance party or want to bring it with you to your friend’s boat or pool party, a Bluetooth speaker will provide the max volume and high sound quality you’ve been missing out on.

On the other hand, if you’re more of an earbuds/headphones person and don’t tend to play your music out loud, a Bluetooth speaker may not be worth it to you – consider upgrading your earbuds instead.

Loudest Bluetooth Speaker: What to Consider in 2022?

Sound Quality

The most important aspect of a speaker is of course, how good it sounds. Is there a good range of highs and lows? Do the mids come through well or is the bass overpowering? How loud can the speaker get before it begins distorting the music? Always check the spec sheet for a speaker to determine exactly what it can deliver, and look for a model with equalizer settings so you can adjust the bass and treble balance.

Portability and Size

Unless you want a speaker just for your desk, portability and size are also very important when determining which speaker is best for you. Some models can collapse and expand, while others are a little more rigid but come in interesting shapes that serve multiple purposes. You should also think about weight – a bigger, heavier speaker is typically more powerful but are you willing to put it in your hiking pack during your adventure outing with friends?

Battery Life

Bluetooth speakers are meant to be used wirelessly, so you don’t want to be caught in the cordless conundrum if it runs out of battery prematurely. While battery life lengths are improving dramatically, make sure to check how much your speaker of choice offers (and keep in mind that different factors, such as the volume you play your music at, can cause this number to increase or decrease).

Best Loudest Bluetooth Speaker: Our Picks in 2022

1. JBL Flip 4 Waterproof

Known for producing high-quality electronics, JBL has not disappointed with the Flip 4. From IPX7 waterproofing that allows it to be submerged up to 4 ft in water to JBL Connect+ that allows you to sync up to 100 speakers, this speaker was made to travel and bring the life of the party with it.


  • Sturdy and ready to take on anything in the environment with an IPX7 waterproof rating and 12 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  • You can pair it with two different smartphones for playing music with friends, or connect it to other JBL speakers to create a network of clear, crisp sound.


  • A bit heavy as it weighs just over 1 pound.

2. OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A 10W speaker ready to turn up the volume on your favorite tracks, the OontZ speaker boasts a striking and practical triangular design as well as clear sound and a 12-hour battery life. What’s more, it only weighs half a pound and is rated IPX5, or splashproof and dustproof.


  • At only half a pound, it’s easy to transport and can be positioned either standing on end or laying on one side.
  • You can listen to your music for around 12 hours uninterrupted, and the speaker is fairly weatherproof (just don’t purposely submerge it anywhere).
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth and charges with micro USB.


  • Lacks the strength of base a bigger speaker can provide.

3. Zosam Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you need something ultra-portable and fun to use as well, the Zosam Bluetooth speaker covers all the bases. The small 3W speaker weighs only half a pound and includes built-in LEDs that light up when you play music. It’s definitely a step up from using a simple built-in speaker.


  • Extremely small and light, with dimensions 2.4 x 2.4 x 2 inches and weighing only 8.2 ounces.
  • The battery life is around 5 hours, and if you don’t want to use Bluetooth you can also connect via 3.5mm AUX cord.


  • LEDs cannot be turned off, 3W of power is not enough to be useful outside of small settings.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Keep hearing words like “stereo” and “mono” but have no idea what they mean? Well, stereo usually refers to a set of two speakers that can be mixed to two channels, for example, left and right (like a set of nice headphones) while in mono speakers, all the sound comes from one source. Is one better than the other? You can read this article from CNET on the issue for a more in-depth look.

If you’ve never paired a Bluetooth device with your iPhone before, that’s not a problem either! The process is super simple and involves a few maneuvers in your iPhone’s settings, and you should be able to complete it in just a minute or two. Apple has a great step-by-step guide on how to do so.

So, are you ready to take your music beyond your iPhone’s tiny built-in speakers and play it how it was meant to be heard?

A Bluetooth speaker is ready to do that for you, and with their super easy setup, clear tones, and great volume, the part will be well underway in no time at all.

What is your preferred brand when it comes to speakers? Tell us in the comments below!

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