3 Quick Ways to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy

It's definitely annoying or upset when you accidentally deleted text messages exchanged with your loved ones. It happens all the time no matter you hold a Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S5 phone, or a Tab or Note tablet.

Fortunately, it may be still possible to retrieve the texts! Today we're going to share you with three different techniques for recovering your Samsung Galaxy text messages.

Note: some of the options may not apply to your situation. If that is the case, just skip and go to the next one.

1. Restore from a backup app

Though Samsung or Google Android does not offer a default backup solution for text messages, there are some third-party apps available in the Android Market that can get this done and most of them free to use. Apps like SMS Backup & Restore, SMS Backup+, etc. claim to be able to quickly sync your Android text messages to Gmail or other places.

If you have installed such apps to back up your texts, that's great. Simply open the app, follow the instruction to restore the content easily. No backup? No worry, check out the next method.

2. Use a Samsung Android data recovery software

When it comes to technology problems, there are always solutions. Thanks to those smart developers, we now have a list of third-party Android data recovery tools, one of which is SmartPhone Recovery PRO for Android.

Here's a quick tutorial for undeleting Samsung text message:

  1. Download ´╗┐SmartPhone Recovery PRO and install the software on your computer.
  2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet to the computer.
  3. Launch the program, follow the instruction to enable USB debugging, select a file type to scan. In this case, click "Messaging".
  4. Now the software will scan your device for any recoverable text messages. Be patient as it may take extra seconds or minutes.
  5. Preview and recover your messages after the scan is complete.

3. Retrieve text messages from your service provider

Many of you may not know that your cell phone carriers or service providers (e.g. AT&T, Verizon, etc.) actually keep copies of your personal data, including text messages you received and sent out.

First off, log into your account online and navigate to the right section to look up history data. Some platforms list your Galaxy text messages sent and received during the previous billing period. If you don't find them, contact their customer support to see if they can pull it up. Note: depending on the terms of use, you may need to pay an extra fee to restore text messages.

Text messages are often more valuable than any other types of data, and we can't afford to lose them for whatever reasons. Sadly it does happen in our daily life, mostly due to accidental deletion. However, they may be still recoverable. Hope you find the above Samsung Galaxy text message recovery guides useful. If you've managed to retrieve your texts, congrats! If not, leave a comment below and let us know your situation, we'll try to help you out.

Don't forget to back up your messages via an Android backup app that we've showed you above. As we know, backup is easy, but recovery can be hard.

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