Why is Your Lenovo Laptop Slow & How to Speed It Up

A slow Lenovo laptop is often due to issues like a full hard drive, too many programs being run at a time, or the presence of malware on the device. Thankfully, there are simple ways to deal with these issues to help your device run faster.

Is your Lenovo laptop so slow on Windows 10 or Windows 11?

Dealing with a laptop that randomly slows down during use can drag your productivity to a halt and be incredibly annoying. While it may be easy to identify the reason for a slow laptop at times, this isn’t always the case. 

Read on to learn more about the reasons why your Lenovo laptop is so slow, and how you can go about making it faster.

Key Takeaways

  • If your Lenovo computer is slow, it is often because the hard drive is full, there are too many programs opened, and the computer has malware or viruses on it.
  • Improving the speed of your device can often be done by clearing up some room on your hard drive by uninstalling apps/programs, reducing how many programs you are using, and running frequent virus scans to remove malware.
  • Making upgrades to your computer, such as upgrading RAM or getting a larger hard drive can improve speed, but not all devices will be able to make these types of upgrades.

Reasons Your Lenovo Laptop is Slow

Here are some of the most common reasons why your Lenovo laptop may be working slower than usual.

1. The Hard Drive is Full

The first reason your Lenovo laptop may be running slow is that your hard drive is full. During normal operation, your computer needs space to put new and temporary files from time to time. The more free space you have, the easier and quicker that your computer can find space.

If your device storage is maxed out, your operating system won’t have enough space to work efficiently, and will take longer to create these files, thus slowing down every aspect of your computer.

2. Too Many Programs Running at Once

One of the most common causes of a slow computer is simply having too many apps or programs running at once. Computers only have a certain amount of memory, and a computer with a dozen apps open is going to be more sluggish than one with a single app being used.

However, even if you didn’t open a program yourself doesn’t mean it isn’t running. When you start your computer, there may be a few apps or programs that will start to run as soon as you boot up your device.

These are a major problem as you might not even know that they are taking up computing power. If you want a clear view of all the programs running on your computer, open up the Task Manager.

3. There is Malware on the Computer

If your computer has malware or a virus on it, this could be contributing to a sudden lack of speed. Malware can use up a lot of the memory in your computer, and only leave a tiny amount of resources for the legitimate programs you are trying to use.

Your device can be infected by downloading or opening certain files, visiting questionable websites, clicking a link you shouldn’t have, and more.

In addition to potentially slowing down your computer, malware and viruses can also spam you with advertisements, lock files, infect USB drives, and more. Whether it slows down your computer or not, you certainly don’t want malware on your system.

Here is a great video to help you know if your PC has been compromised by malware. 

How to Make Your Lenovo Laptop Faster

Thankfully, there are ways to fix these issues that lead to poor performance. Here are a couple of things to try in order to make your Lenovo laptop faster.

1. Uninstall Some Applications

Freeing up some space on your hard drive by uninstalling some programs is a great way to get some more speed. This can be done in seconds by going to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program. Then, simply right-click the app from the list and click Uninstall.

This page will also show you the size of each program, so you know how much space you’ll save by removing it. In addition to programs, files can often take up a lot of space on a hard drive. Don’t hesitate to delete files you no longer need.

This is done by opening the File Explorer, finding the files you want to delete, right-clicking them, and clicking Delete. As far as how much free space you should have on your computer, we recommend you keep a minimum of 15% of the storage space free.

If you want to save time, you can also use a PC cleaning program to assist you in the process.

2. Reduce the Number of Programs You Run

A simple solution if you think too many open apps or programs is your problem is to simply run fewer programs at once. To close programs you have running, it’s as simple as opening the Task Manager, right-clicking a task, and choosing End Task to stop it.

The Task Manager is a great tool, and will not only show you what is running, but how much of your memory and CPU it is using.

If you want to stop programs from opening and running automatically when starting up your Lenovo laptop, all you need to do is head back to the Task Manager, navigate to the Startup tab, and Disable the programs you no longer want to start when your computer boots up.

3. Run a Virus Scan

With malware or a virus potentially causing your computer to work at a snail’s pace, you should run a virus scan. If you have a Windows 10 or Windows 11 device, you have Windows Security built-in to your computer, and this comes with the Microsoft Defender antivirus.

Using this antivirus software lets you run virus scans to identify threats, and remove them from your computer to ensure you always have optimal performance. To run a scan, go to Windows Security > Virus & threat protection, and then press Quick scan.

If any threats are detected during the scan, you will be notified and will be able to deal with them. You should run a quick scan frequently, as they generally won’t take more than a few minutes at most. Many people will run a quick scan every day for peace of mind.

Every now and then, you should also run a Full scan. This can take well over an hour, but will go through a lot more files and generally provide a more thorough scan of your computer to make sure it is free of malware.

Run a Quick scan or Full scan of your Lenovo laptop for potential virus/malware threats.

4. Upgrade hardware for a real performance boost

If you use your Lenovo laptop mostly for photo editing, video making, 3D modeling, or other types of design work, consider adding more RAM (random-access memory). RAM upgrades can give you more power to handle large programs. You’ll experience fewer system freezes or hangs.

On the other hand, SSDs are becoming more popular and affordable. Replacing the spinning HDD on your Lenovo with a new SSD is almost a guaranteed solution to increase the performance of your Lenovo.


Here are a few commonly asked questions about Lenovo laptop speed, as well as their answers.

Can I upgrade the RAM (random access memory) on my Lenovo laptop?

Insufficient RAM can be another cause of poor laptop speed. The good news is, you can often upgrade or improve the RAM in your Lenovo laptop to unlock more performance. However, keep in mind that some cannot upgrade and will be stuck with the factory RAM.

Can physical damage slow down a laptop?

Generally, damage won’t cause a computer to slow down, though it may stop it from working altogether. Of course, there are situations where damage to a cooling fan could lead to overheating, which can cause performance issues like freezing or lagging.

Final Thoughts

If your Lenovo laptop is running slow, a full hard drive, too many programs running, or the presence of malware could be to blame. Thankfully, clearing up some space, closing a few programs, and running frequent virus scans, can get your computer back up and running well.

Are there other things you do to speed up your laptop that we haven’t mentioned? If so, let us know in a comment.

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  • Sean

    Once windows had performance numbers, ones relating to display, hard drive and much else. Might have been a Win 7 feature.
    A raw unmodified E545 had numbers close to 1.
    I am trying to find the mod? extension? app? software thingy? that took those numbers to closer to 5 or 6. It does exist.

  • Samir Kashyap

    Hi Chris!!
    I am not a novice and understand all the fixes enumerated by you. However, as can be seen by posts above, Lenovo laptops seem to be having inherent issues which lead to freezing/hanging. Have used laptops of Dell, HP and Toshiba of similar or lower configurations but never had any issues with them.

    I am NEVER going to buy a Lenovo Laptop ever again.

  • Matt Hardy

    Lenovo Thinkpad is hot garbage. The slowest off-the-shelf computer I’ve ever seen. We upgraded RAM, removed as many startup apps as we could, ran several malware scans, and even took it into GeekSquad. It’s still SLOW AS HELL.

    We have bought over 15 computers for our business and this, even though it is brand new (and over $700), is the absolute worst. An abacus is faster, no bullshit.

    The keybard is nice but I wish it was connected to a different computer. Don’t believe Joe Rogan. These thinkpad computers suck. We are replacing it with a DELL. Please send me a refund.

    A professional in PA

    • Bibi

      Totally agree with you. My Lenovo Ideapad 320 is the slowest laptop I’ve ever used. I have installed no programs on it except for MS Office. I have gone through countless exercises in trying to make it consistent in reaction time and to improve the nasty “milky” looking graphics. I find it lacks crispness and clarity. I’ve had enough of this laptop and will never purchase another Lenovo.

  • Ab

    I could simply see how you are selling your product here without even saying you are selling. lol

    All the best.

  • nad

    can i change the intel core of my lenovo ideapad 320 to a i5

  • vijay

    Guys even i have this laptop, have decided not to go for LENOVO at all. Worst experience.

  • Sumitra Menon

    Wonderful. It worked. This was the first article that pulled up. Great work!

  • Mike

    For this configuration using windows 10 it really will not help a lot all that information, because 4 GB RAM is almost minimum limit but more important standard HDD (with a metal disk inside) is too slow for windows 10, cash memory it’s not enough for that operation system, you have to make an upgrade for your PC changing HDD to SSD Drive and I guarantee that your laptop will run much better

  • Maureen slater

    I have a Lenovo 80E5 2.2ghz i3 core. 4gb
    Super slow, love it tho, I’ve done everything but change SSD. But, is it even worth it?
    I mean that like nearly 200$ not to mention the dudes that will charge me to change it.
    Honestly, should just get a new computer?

  • George Nunya

    Run Linux OS cured all my computer problems when I left MS Win in the dust.

  • Jv potenciano

    It takes more than half an hour to run nicely then again it will lag i will never gonno buy lenovo models again it sucks it always froze then i will wait nothing change so i will hold the power button to shut it down ( i know its bad to use that holdin the power button ). I dont know how to recover my laptop it sucks lool

  • Jv potenciano

    It takes more than half an hour to run nicely then again it will lag i will never gonno buy lenovo models again it sucks it always froze then i will wait nothing change so i will hold the power button to shut it down ( i know its bad to use that holdin the power button ). I dont know how to recover my laptop it sucks

  • Kate Wilson

    I have a Lenovo 3pad T480. It’s one of the fastest laptops. Because of its battery back up and advance technologies. Through this blog, I am gathering so many information about the fastest Lenovo laptop. Its really helpful for my work.

  • Tara

    Would you know how to get the comptuer from shuting down every time you get in it. Example you go to open ot then about a couple minutes into it it come back omptuer is shutting down and then it does that and goes to the lock page where you put your password in

  • Marilyn B

    What does this mean …Pingms 2o Download mps 34.01 Upload mbps 10.5I

    I have a Lenovo windows 10 for a couple of months now. And I work from home. Lately I’m having problems with the company that I work for saying that it’s slow. So I decided to call the cable company and told me that the line is ok. So with the above information that I just posted and with the experience you have what do you think the problem is? I also wanted to mention I deleted the cookies and history. Thank you.

    • Leo

      That is quite a first connection, but download an app to test the wifi speed (on your phone) and then go to where you would normally do your work. Test the wifi speed where you normally work. 5+mbps download and upload should be enough for basic work, while 10 is ok, and should be enough for nearly anything

  • Marilyn B

    My lenova laptop according to my online job says it’s slow. What should I do?

  • Joanne Redmond

    Hi, I have a Lenovo ideapad Flex 4-1570. Every time I will be playing a game or something when I have to charge the computer I will plug it in and within seconds the program or game will freeze and I will have to push the button on the side to shut it down. Is there a way to stop my computer from doing this.


  • Ronald Prokopiak

    Tried to install my printer…
    Now the laptop seems to try to boot but no screen comes up…
    Any suggestions?

  • Mckeown

    Hi Chris, how are you doing?.
    I’m facing a problem where the space,N,Z and B keys of my laptop don’t seem to function easily and quickly as expected.Sometime they do not work at all and I will have to carefully hit the back of my laptop before they function.Please what is the problem and can help me out with a solution?

  • wayne Turner

    hope you can help
    my daughter has a Lenova lapton and once you logon and click on any icon it freezes instantly and stays that way – then have to shut it down by holding down the power button.
    This has happend at the worst time due to her exams.
    Do you have any ideas?

    best regards

    • Avatar photo
      AnySoftwareTools Team

      How old is your daughter’s laptop? And when did the issue first happen? In my opinion, it could be a sign of hard drive failure, so make sure you’ve backed up the data just in case. Another possible reason is that you’ve got too many startup items, disable them in Task Manager.

      – Chris

  • zeeshsan

    hi my laptop always take a time for opening program for surfing for schrol down even i got 90 percent space even a single program take a time

  • lenovo customer care

    It is a very informative post. It really helps us a lot.Thanks for sharing a nice article really such a wonderful site you have done a great job once more thanks a lot.

    • Sarnandu alex martin

      Thanks for such few tips well i knew it and i had alredy follow those steps earlier

    • shiva karthik

      i have buy a lenovo ideapad 330 has specifications 4gb nvidia,8gb ram,1tb hdd,i5 intel core processor, 8th generation.while i am using the everytime opening the laptop takes lot of time to open, sometimes it hangs,i really think if my decision is correct or not by choosing the choice lenovo laptop.kindly reply to me… i am just clarifying my doubt.my laptop did not face any issue right now. is any problem in any built software in progrm of lenovo laptop…………..

      • shaikali

        still slow performance the laptop Lenovo ideapad 330

    • Chong Shin

      i have issue computer is slow, its getting worse, i know i purchsased maintenance insurance.

    • les

      my laptopis frozen lenovo screen and says ir will take 1 1/2 hours to dianose problem, its been for almost a whole and has’t change..can’t open anything