Best Projector for Artists

Projector for Artists

Enlarging an image or projecting it onto a wide surface has a lot of applications that cover many different disciplines.

Best Tablet Under $200

Tablets Under $200

A tablet is a handy tool that allows you to work, play games, and watch movies all on one compact device.

Best Tablets for Travel

tablet for travel

When bringing a tablet on your travels you need a premium model that’s light and easy to move around.

Best Router Under $100

routers under $100

A router plays an incredibly important role in getting your various devices connected to the internet.

Best 12-inch Tablets

12-inch tablet

When picking out the best 12-inch tablets, there are many attributes to keep in mind.

Best Laptops for Linux

Laptops for Linux

Get an already-great machine that can run Linux typically gets you better results in the long run.

Best Windows 10 Tablets

windows10 tablet

Windows 10 is a solid operating system. However, as it’s associated with PCs many people assume they can’t get it on their tablets.

Best GPS for Geocaching

GPS for Geocaching

Finding a good GPS is easy, but finding a good GPS with all of the necessary accessories needed for geocaching is not.

Best Slow Motion Camera

Slow Motion Cameras

Slow motion is one of the coolest camera effects on Earth, and being able to do it at home makes it even cooler.