Q&A: What’s the Best PNY SD Card Recovery Software?

I have an 8GB PNY SD memory card. Just came back from a holiday trip and when I attempted to open it on my computer, it says the card is corrupted and shows a strange error. So I formatted the card without thinking that theere are still a few hundred images saved inside (stupid). Do I still have a chance to get back the lost files? I heard about third-party recovery software. What’s the best one for retrieving photos from PNY SD card in particular, and how to do so?

The first thing we’d recommend you to do is check out the PNY technical support or go to the user manual of your SD card (if you still have it) to see if you can find related information. As far as we know, PNY doesn’t provide recovery solutions or services.

Regarding the best PNY SD card recovery software, it’s hard to say because there are no industry testing results for benchmarking. Hence, our conclusion is: as long as the program works to retrieve your photos, it’s a good program.

We reviewed the best photo recovery software and found Stellar Photo Recovery good in quality and support.

We had much success using it to rescue media files (pictures, videos, audio memos, etc.) from many types of storage devices including memory cards. Its recovery rate is pretty high, and it offers both a Windows and macOS version.

Keep in mind though, it’s not 100% guaranteed that you’ll get back all your lost items. Especially if you have continued to use your PNY SD card and saved new data to it, chances are part of your deleted photos might have been overwritten.

And once overwritten, it’s impossible to retrieve the data.

PNY SD Card Recovery Guide

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that hopefully will retrieve the lost pictures from your PNY SD card.

Step 1: Connect your PNY card to a PC or Mac. It’s best to use a card reader for the connection.

Step 2: Download Stellar Photo Recovery and install the program on your computer. Launch it, and click on the blue button located in the center to get started.

Step 3: Let the software have a full scan of your PNY card for all recoverable files. It may take extra minutes. Be patient. Once the scan is over, you’ll see a list of files displayed there.

Step 4: Check the found files by previewing the content. If you find your deleted ones (lucky for you), save them to a desirable destination.

Kind tip: in order to avoid partial data overwritten, better save your pictures to another place instead of the original card.

We hope this helps and good luck!

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