Q&A: How to recover media files from a Nokia phone mass memory card?

Last updated: Jan. 20, 2017

I am using a Nokia mobile phone. Not sure how this happened, all my media files (including photos, videos, music) are now gone. The files should be on the 4GB mass SD memory card. But when I connected the media card to my computer, nothing was there. I guess it's probably because my son formatted the SD card to load some games. Anyway, is there a way to retrieve the data of my Nokia? Please help, some photos are really important to me!

The first thing we suggest you do is check your computer and see if you've ever backed up the files. If you do, great. Just go ahead and restore those items from the backup.

If you don't, then you probably have to try a third-party recovery software. We've reviewed the best photo recovery tools in another post. Don't be fooled by the names though, most photo recovery software also retrieve videos and audio files.

Very important — before you start using a recovery program. Stop what you are doing with your Nokia SD card. That means no more items should be saved in the card until you recover the lost items. Even if your son has formatted the card, chances of recovery are still high provided that the files are not yet written over.

Then, follow the steps below to recover your media files:

  1. Connect your Nokia mass memory card to a PC or Mac. Use either a card reader to load the card, or via the USB cable that comes with your phone.
  2. Then get a recovery program like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and install it on your computer. Launch the software, click the big blue button located in the center to get started.
  3. Now select the drive that represents your Nokia memory card, and have a scan of the drive.
  4. Once the scan is complete, preview the found items to see if your lost media files are there. If yes, recover and save them to another disk drive.

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Hope you find this tutorial helpful. Once you retrieve your lost files, remember to make a few copies of them in case any future data loss. Also, it's best to backup all your precious photos to an external hard drive or online drives like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

Update: this guide should also work in the following data loss situations with Nokia phones

  • Accidentally erased some images or videos off the gallery.
  • Formatted mass memory card without transferring the data.
  • All media files are gone due to phone system restore or reset.
  • Phone memory card became corrupted or crashed.
  • Memory card error showing the card is not formatted or initialized.
  • Unable to access media files due to forgetting Nokia phone password.
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