4 Steps to Retrieve Deleted Pictures/Videos from a Kodak Camera

Last updated: Jun. 26, 2017

Tagged with "Take Pictures. Further," Kodak digital cameras empower us to take great pictures and videos of our favorite places and loved ones. No matter you hold a classic EasyShare, a professional DCS, or a modern PixPro Action Cam, you love the joy of shooting high-quality photographs.

But chances are those precious photos or videos can be lost due to accidental deletion, memory card corruption or for other reasons. If you are facing one of those data loss situations, we've got a file recovery solution for you.

It might not be too late to retrieve your lost photos provided that they are not overwritten. What do I mean? I'll explain later.

What you'll need:

  • A computer that runs under Windows or macOS.
  • Your Kodak camera (memory card)
  • The USB cable or a card reader (for connecting the storage media)
  • A photo recovery software (see reviews) that's able to retrieve images and videos.
  • A little bit patience.

Caution: once you realize your data are deleted or missing, stop using your Kodak camera and don't save anything new to the memory card. It's best that you also remove the memory card from your camera immediately. This is to protect the data contained in your lost files from being written over. Because once the files are overwritten, chances of recovery are very slim.

Kodak photo/video recovery: a quick step-by-step guide

Step 1: Connect your camera memory card to a computer (PC or Mac, it doesn't matter). Usually you can either use a USB cable or a card reader. Just make sure the card can be recognized by your computer.

Step 2: Get Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (it also restores videos and audio files) and install the program on your PC (or a Mac). Launch the program. Then click the blue button located in the center.

Step 3: Next, select the drive that your Kodak memory card stands for, and let the software scan the drive. Soon you'll see a list of recoverable items displaying on the software panel.

Step 4: Preview those images or videos the software finds, highlight those you want to recover, and save them to another disk drive.

Villa, done!


This Kodak photo recovery guide should work with all kinds of Kodak digital cameras including action cams, as long as the device uses a standard memory card to store files.

No matter you accidentally deleted pictures, or formatted the memory card without backup, or the camera card became corrupted making all data inaccessible, you can often retrieve the lost data as long as you act quickly. Also, remember not to use your camera to take additional photos once you realize you lose some data.

Hope you found this step-by-step tutorial helpful, and most importantly you've got back your lost items. If you have any questions during the recovery process, feel free to leave a comment and let us know. We'll try our best to help you out.

Meanwhile, you can also turn to the official Kokak support for help if you have technical questions specifically related to your model.

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