4 Ways to Get Back Deleted Videos from an iPad (updated 2017)

Last updated: Jun. 28, 2017

Your iPad was running out of storage, so you started to clean up those not-so-great videos as they tend to consume lots of space. Tapped wrong buttons, you also deleted some awesome videos that you never wanted to remove.

If this sounds familiar, then this guide is for you. I'm sharing with you four different ways to recover deleted videos from an iPad.

No matter you are using an old iPad 3, iPad Mini, or an advanced iPad Pro, as long as it runs under the iOS system (iOS 7, 8, 9, 10), chances are you can get back the lost vids.

1. Recover videos from "Recently Deleted" folder

Note: this method is for iPads with iOS 8 or newer version.

Since iOS 8, Apple has added a new feature called "Recently Deleted" — pretty much like Trash on Macs, which is mainly used to recycle items users delete before they are permanently removed. But the "Recently Deleted" feature is slightly different with regular Trash, we'll explain later.

If your iPad is with iOS 8 or later version, you'll find this feature easily. For iOS 7 or earlier, you won't see this function. To check which iOS version your iPad is with, go to Settings > General > Software Updates to find it out.

The "Recently Deleted" folder can be found under Photos > Albums. See the screenshot below. There is a Trash icon next to the folder. Tap on it, select your videos and click Recover. That's it. Your deleted videos will be immediately alive again.

iOS Recently Deleted folder

It's worth noted that photos and videos in this folder will only be kept for a certain amount of time — usually 30 days. After the period, they will be deleted automatically. So if you didn't find your videos here, they might have been removed by the system already.

2. Check your iCloud Photo Library

If you have enabled iCloud backup in your iPad, it can be quite easy to retrieve your iPad videos as well by accessing iCloud Photo Library. To do that, just log into the web app of iCloud. Here's how:

  1. On your computer or iPad, open Safari (or another web browser).
  2. Visit the official iCloud website: https://www.icloud.com/
  3. Now sign in using your Apple ID.
  4. Once login, click on the Photos icon and see if your deleted videos are there.

3. Restore from iTunes backups on your computer

iTunes is a handy tool to back up an iPad easily. If you have done so before your iPad videos got erased, you can retrieve the content without hassle.

Open iTunes on your PC or Mac (that includes the iTunes backups), then connect your iPad. Under Devices, find your iPad and the most recent backup file, select it to restore.

Watch this video tutorial for more:

4. Use an iPad data recovery software

If every method we've introduced above fails to retrieve your iPad videos, this one may be your last option. Read this post for the best iPad data recovery software review.

FoneLab, for example, is one of our favorite recovery tools for this situation, includes a few different recovery modes that may surprisingly find your deleted videos while other methods didn't work out.

Get FoneLab (Windows)          Get FoneLab (macOS)

Alright, that's all what we have for this iPad video recovery guide. We'd love to know what you think. Share this article if you like it, or leave a comment below.

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