How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPad

Your iPad was running out of storage, so you started to clean up those not-so-great videos that take lots of space.

Tapped wrong buttons, you accidentally deleted some awesome videos that you actually wanted to keep.

If this sounds familiar, then this guide is for you. we are going to share with you four different ways to recover deleted videos from an iPad.

1. Recover iPad Videos from “Recently Deleted”

Note: this method is for iPads that run iOS 8 or newer versions. To check which iOS version your iPad is with, go to Settings > General > Software Updates to find it out.

Apple iOS has a new feature called “Recently Deleted” — this feature is pretty much like Mac Trash, which is used to recycle items users delete before they are permanently removed.

But the “Recently Deleted” feature is slightly different from Mac Trash because it only keeps items for up to 40 days.

The “Recently Deleted” folder can be found under Photos > Albums. See the screenshot below. Tap on it, select your videos, and click Recover. That’s it. Your deleted videos will be immediately alive again.

iOS Recently Deleted folder

Note: videos in “Recently Deleted” will only be kept for a certain amount of time — usually 40 days. After that period, your videos and other files will be deleted automatically. If you didn’t find your videos here, most likely they have been removed by the system already.

2. Recover iPad Videos from iCloud Photo Library

If you have enabled iCloud backup on your iPad, it can be quite easy to retrieve your iPad videos by accessing the iCloud Photo Library. To do that, just log into the web app of iCloud.

  • On your computer or iPad, open Safari (or another web browser).
  • Visit the official iCloud website:
  • Sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Click on the Photos icon and see if your deleted videos are there.

3. Restore iPad Videos from iTunes Backup

Important update: since Oct. 2019 (when Apple released macOS Catalina), iTunes has gone away, this option may not be available if you have updated your Mac to the latest macOS.

iTunes is a handy tool to back up an iPad easily. If you have done so before your iPad videos got deleted, you can retrieve the videos very quickly.

Open iTunes on your PC or Mac where your iTunes backup files are saved, then connect your iPad. Under Devices, find your iPad and the most recent backup file, select it to restore.

Watch this video tutorial for more.

4. iPad Video Recovery Software

If you don’t have a backup or the above methods don’t work for you, then using a third-party iPad data recovery software is probably your last option.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone (also works for iPad), is our top recommendation. It has a few different recovery modes that may surprisingly find your deleted videos, give it a try and see if it works.

This software is available for Windows 10 and macOS. A trial version allows you to evaluate whether your iPad videos can be found. $59.99 to buy.

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